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Every year, you must pay property tax to Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPalike (BBMP), a civic body that provides services in your city. If you’ve been late with property taxes, the BBMP will label you as a delinquent homeowner.

The commissioner of the BBMP recently warned that your moveable possessions would be seized if you don’t pay your taxes. The BBMP estimates that about 20,000 property owners in Bangalore haven’t paid their taxes for more than one year.

BBMP Property Tax Guidelines

In Bangalore, property owners can pay their property tax online or offline. Online payment options include credit cards, debit cards, and internet banking. You must enter the property ID, Site ID, Name, and Property ID to initiate the payment process.

After a successful payment, you will receive a receipt containing your payment details. Once your payment has been processed, you can download or print it. The late fee on property tax is based on the state you live in.

However, some states waive penalties on property tax. For instance, Bangalore has recently decreased its interest rate from 20% to 10%.

The amount you are required to pay will depend on your property type. If you own a home in Bangalore, you will have several properties and movable articles attached to it.

This tax will help fund public infrastructures such as roads and sewer systems, parks, and other important amenities. Property owners should pay their property taxes in a timely manner to avoid heavy penalties and qualify for tax discounts. Here’s how to pay property tax in Bangalore.

You can submit your application form to the Assistant Revenue Officer’s office, or pay it online by submitting it at BBMP’s website.

You can also pay the property tax offline with a demand draft or payment card at any one of the designated banking branches throughout the city. To check the status of your payment, you can access the BBMP property tax portal.

Once you’ve signed in, you can click on the retrieval button to view your payment status.

Guidelines on Calculating BBMP Property Tax:

On the off chance that you are another citizen, you ought to keep the accompanying subtleties prepared while ascertaining BBMP’s local charge.

  • The yearly worth of the property
  • Property type private, modern, or business
  • Property aspect
  • The developed area of the property
  • Floors in property, including storm cellar
  • The developed area of individual floor

BBMP Property Tax Rates

Bangalore has been divided into six zones for the BBMP property tax calculation and collection by the BBMP. Primarily, there are six zones, and the rates are different for both tenanted and self-occupied properties. The BBMP Bangalore property tax rates are as follows:

BBMP Property Tax Rates 2021-22 (Zone-wise)
Zones (as classified by BBMP)Self-Occupied Property (Rs per sq ft)Tenanted (Rs Per Sq ft)
ARs 2.80Rs 5
BRs 2Rs 4
CRs 1.80Rs 3.60
DRs 1.60Rs 3.20
ERs 1.20Rs 2.40
FRs 1Rs 2
Tax Rate Chart
BBMP Bangalore Commercial Property Tax Rates 2021-22 (Zone-wise) 
Zones (as classified by BBMP)Self-Occupied Property (Rs per sq ft)Tenanted (Rs Per Sq ft)
ARs 10Rs 20
BRs 7Rs 14
CRs 5Rs 10
DRs 4Rs 8
ERs 3Rs 6
FRs 1.50Rs 3
Tax Rate Chart
BBMP Bangalore Property Tax Rates on Vacant Land 2021-22 (Zone-wise)
Zones (as classified by BBMP)BBMP Property Tax on Vacant Land (Rs per sq ft)
ARs .50
BRs .40
CRs .30
DRs .25
ERs .20
FRs .12
Tax Rate Chart

BBMP Bangalore property tax zones are as follows:

  • Yelahanka 
  • Mahadevapura 
  • Dasarahalli 
  • East 
  • West 
  • South 
  • Bommanahalli
  • Rajarajeshawri Nagar

How to pay BBMP property tax online? 

If you’re wondering how to pay property taxes in Bangalore, don’t worry. There are several methods available to help you pay your property taxes.

BBMP calculates property taxes using the Unit Area Value (UAV) system, which takes into account various factors such as your property’s location, use, and size. You can make your property tax payment online or offline by providing your PID and completing the online property tax calculator.

BBMP property tax is due every year for all types of properties in Bangalore. It varies depending on the region and includes independent buildings, flats, shops, and vacant land. You must pay your property tax whether you live on the property or not.

You also need to pay property tax if you rent out your property or allow others to use it for free.

To pay BBMP Bangalore property tax online, Follow the below-mentioned steps:

1: Log in to the BBMP Tax website i. e.,

2: Fill in the SAS (Self-Assessment Scheme) application number or PID or 2015-2018 Renewal Application Number, whichever is available on the last receipt, and click on the Retrieve button. (BBMP property tax online)

3: Check the details displayed and select Proceed which will redirect to Form 4.

4: In case of any changes in the property details, click on the checkbox and select Proceed which will redirect to Form 5.

5: Check if all the entered details are correct and proceed to BBMP property tax online payment.

Step 6: Once the payment is completed, an e-receipt will be available on the portal after 24 hours and the receipt can be downloaded from the official site.

How is the Tax Calculated?

BBMP Property charge is determined in three distinct ways:

Yearly Rental Value (ARV) System – It is otherwise called Rateable Value. It is determined in view of the conveniences given the size, and area of the property. The city body of a state fixes the gross yearly lease of the property and forces a charge in view of the assessed esteem. Chennai follows this framework.

Capital Value System (CVS) – The assessment is resolved in light of the market worth of the property. The market esteem is fixed by the area’s stamp obligation office. Mumbai follows this framework.

Unit Area Value (UAV) – It is otherwise called Unit Area System (UAS). It is determined in light of the per square foot charge rate each month (Unit) which is fixed in view of the area, the road of the property (Area), and duplicated by the ongoing property rate (Value). Bangalore follows this framework.

BBMP Property Tax Forms

The citizens can pay BBMP local charges both on the web or disconnected modes. Here are the subtleties:

1 – It is material for properties with Property Identification Number (PID). PID is a remarkable 15-digit number doled out to every property which is a mix of the ward number, road number, and plot number.

2 – Property with Katha’s number. Katha Number gives the subtleties of the landowner and the property. It is accessible in the Katha testament.

3 – Property without khata number nor PID

4 – A white structure that is utilized when there is no adjustment of property subtleties like developed region, utilization, and so forth.

5 – A blue structure that is utilized when there is an adjustment of property subtleties. For example in the event that the structure is crushed, in the event that another floor is added, and so forth.

Structure 6 – Is utilized when the property is absolved from local charge. It is utilized to pay administration charges.


What kind of properties in Bangalore are charged with BBMP property tax?

Flats, Factories, Offices, Residential houses (both occupied and rented), Go downs, and Shops.

What is the BBMP tax calculation formula?

Property Tax (K) = (G-I) * 20% + Cess (24% of property tax).

How to download or print BBMP property tax receipts on the BBMP website? 

You can download or print from the official Karnataka government website i.e., The complete guideline is available on their website.