There has been a lot of discussion around cell towers and cell tower leases recently, which may be attributed to the development of 5G networks and the rising demand to extend mobile service to more rural areas. Knowing all the pros and cons of installing a mobile tower on your property is essential before getting one.

The number of leases signed for tower space increased during the previous year, and based on projections made for the next year, this trend appears to continue.

Daily, landowners are being contacted about the possibility of adding cell towers to their properties, and leases for existing buildings are being prolonged. In most cases, this has prompted them to search for possible areas and approach property owners and business owners to discuss the possibility of installing telecommunication towers in their territories. 

Suppose a mobile tower installation firm in India has come to you, intending to erect a portable building on your property or in your neighborhood. In that case, there are a few things that you need to be aware of before proceeding with the project.

Pros and cons of installing a mobile tower on your property-


#1 Better cellular service

One of the numerous advantages of allowing a telecommunication tower to be installed in your neighborhood is the opportunity to enjoy improved cell phone service, which is also one of the many advantages. 

Even while these benefits would only accrue to customers of that particular cellular provider, it will nevertheless make it possible for those customers to hold conversations free of disruptions and enhance the general operation of the region where they reside. 

It is also possible that this may make the area safer for people trapped somewhere during an emergency because they will have a greater chance of contacting aid through their cell phones.

#2 Income

The steady flow of revenue is the benefit that stands out as both the most significant and the most evident. They will ask to lease the land from you to construct a tower on your property. They are required to pay a monthly fee on the location of the cell tower and the adjacent maintenance area, and the organization is in charge of collecting those checks. This can be a sizable boost to your annual budget and an opportunity to distribute the savings among the members.

Selling the Lease (Temporarily) You also have the choice to “sell” your lease to an aggregate provider, who will collect the rental income but will pay you a lump sum that is likely to be more significant. 

This option is only available for a limited amount of time. The new lease becomes a default to the neighborhood whenever the lease expires.

 Whenever the current lease expires, the community will take up the responsibility of negotiating a new lease.

The money your organization makes from the cell tower can either be put toward lowering the monthly dues or alleviating some of the financial strain that the subsequent extraordinary assessment expenses will cause. Inform the people in your community about the timing and location of any expenditures made for their benefit, including the funds.

#3 Easily manageable

Sure, you should have heard nightmare stories and watched videos of people moaning, especially about the self-storage guy. Give us a break; they probably utilized one of our competitors, now that I think about it. 

They were rarely given the appropriate direction or direction at all. Cell tower companies are a minor bother if you have done your homework and your cell site lease agreement is written correctly. Wireless carriers and cell tower management companies are fantastic tenants, mainly if your cell site lease agreement is constructed perfectly.

#4 Long-term benefit

The length of the mobile tower agreement might range anywhere from twelve months to a few years; however, the owner can prolong the lease to take advantage of long-term advantages. In addition, there is a possibility that the property prices will increase as a result of the tower being constructed. 

According to recent observations, properties with mobile tower installations see an increase in their average capital values of 10–15 percentage points more than other properties comparable to them in the neighborhood.


#1 Associated Dangers to Health

The long-term health risks that telecommunication towers provide to the people who live in the areas around them are the subject of a great deal of concern, and installing these towers has generated a great deal of that concern. 

Numerous studies have demonstrated that exposure to the energy released by cell phone towers could increase the risk of developing cancer and congenital abnormalities. 

When deciding whether or not to authorize the building of a cell tower on a piece of property, it is necessary to take into consideration the potential adverse effects on people’s health.

#2 Opposition from members of the community

Many people are concerned about the potential adverse effects on their health from living near a cell phone tower or rooftop cell-site equipment. Many people continue to object to the installation of cell towers in their neighborhoods, even though the American Cancer Society has said that it has not discovered any direct connection between cell towers and cancer development.

Your neighbors may object if you want to install a mobile tower on your property, and they see it as an eyesore. On the other hand, you can negotiate provisions inside the lease that will offer evidence that you have specific inspection and compliance standards in place. 

This will assist relieve community concerns and may eliminate any negative influence that could have been had on the value of your property.

#3 Aesthetics

Towers are not aesthetically pleasing, and their presence can have a detrimental effect on the rest of the property, particularly when they are located in residential neighborhoods. 

In the past, a few of our customers have informed us that their tenants have voiced concerns regarding the existence of a tower on the premises of their rental properties. Because of the health concerns that the building may pose, some people looking for a place to rent will avoid landowners who have one on their property.

#4 Selling the house will be more difficult

Not everyone may find this an inconvenience, but if you’re only renting a place close to a cell phone tower, at least you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you can leave reasonably quickly. If, on the other hand, you own your own home, your luck might not be quite as good.

Along with other factors such as power pylons, cell phone towers are one of the primary reasons why people lose interest in purchasing a particular piece of real estate. Whenever asked about this, one of my friends with a real estate career confirmed that many potential buyers would walk away from a house if it is close to a cell phone tower.

Whenever asked about this, one of my friends who has a career in the real estate industry confirmed that a significant number of potential buyers would walk away from a house if it is located near a cell phone tower.

#5 Visual pollution

Putting up a cell phone tower might not be the most excellent choice for someone who lives in a region that is well known for the scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere of its surrounding environment. 

Towers are specifically tall, functional structures that contribute nothing to the visual appeal of their surroundings. Buildings can be seen in a variety of settings. The vast majority of people believe that they are unsightly and so oppose the installation of cell towers in their communities. 

Despite this, telecom tower installation businesses in India have access to various methods that make it possible to construct disguised buildings in neighborhoods.

A cell-tower lease is the same as any other transaction in that it has both positives and negatives. You must know that the standard agreement binds you for over thirty years and does not provide any way out of the commitment. 

While it is vital to understand how much rent you should receive, it is equally as crucial to have a good deal of exactly what it is that you agree to both in the present and the future.

These are the main pros and cons of installing a mobile tower on your property for your reference.