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PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is an excellent material option for constructing doors in your bathroom. These contemporary doors made of man-made materials help reduce the amount of work you have to do while increasing the return on your investment.

PVC doors give the appearance of painted wooden doors, while they do not necessitate the level of maintenance that wooden doors demand due to the absorbent and natural fibers of the wood. Here we will be sharing PVC bathroom door design ideas for you to choose from. 

Because of its durability and strength, one such raw material is generally an excellent option for exterior doors. However, installing it on interior doors, where it is protected from the damaging effects of the environment, results in a significant reduction in the required maintenance.

Using PVC as a material mimics frosted glass shower doors one step further to make the shower easier to clean while also giving the battery a more contemporary appearance.

pvc bathroom door design ideas
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Why PVC for Bathroom doors?

PVC doors won’t deteriorate in a moist environment, even though bathrooms are typically the most humid rooms in the house. This is true even when ventilation systems or ceiling fans provide ventilation.

Even if you presently have just a moisture issue that needs to be resolved, replacing the door to your bathroom with such a door made of PVC will at least maintain door rot and warp difficulties off your mind. At the same time, also your work to resolve the humidity issue.

You are free to be creative regarding the design of your PVC doors, even though you do not have to worry about them warping, fading, or rotting. 

Most preferable PVC Bathroom Door Design Ideas

1. Traditional Light Oak

PVC bathroom doors with a light oakwood finish are the best option if you’re looking for a traditional style. The appearance of wood can be achieved in several different color ranges, depending on the color scheme that is already present in your home. This alternative for the door in the bathroom is the one that offers the most significant degree of protection for your house.

traditional light oak
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2. Designer Bathroom Doors

Why settle for an ordinary door once you have spent significant money on luxurious bathroom fittings? A designer bathroom door is precisely what you need to step up your fashion game and become the envy of all your friends. A pretty floral pattern is stained into the glass of this PVC panel door that has stained glass panels.

It is possible to use the entry in such a way as to provide oblique clues about the attractiveness of the bathroom. Choose a bathroom door made of stained glass and any other artistic PVC material if the look of a creative design is what you’re going for. You have the option of selecting something similar to the example that is provided below, which is a combination of a wooden appearance and artwork that is framed using stained glass.

designer bathroom doors
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3. Small Door Design

Do you need a door to conceal a small bathroom but find it challenging to find one that will fit the opening? To make the most of the available space in a small room, you might want to think about installing a bathroom door design made of PVC that can be folded in half. This would allow only one person to use the bathroom at a time.

You also can maintain a fully accessible entrance to the region by maintaining its current state of total openness. One of the novel possibilities involves constructing the door to your compact restroom out of a combination of wooden and glass panels. It is among the most popular PVC bathroom door design ideas. 

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4. UPVC Bathroom Door Design Ideas

Unplasticized PVC doors are used for sliding, folding, and swinging shutters. These doors can be used in any configuration. These uPVC bathroom doors can be purchased in various colors, surface finishes, and other options; the feature stands out as the most advantageous about these doors. Because these doors are water resistant, they are typically installed in areas directly subjected to the adverse effects of the elements. Installing one of these doors in a bathroom is relatively straightforward.

upvc doors for bathroom
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5. Teak Wood Bathroom Design 

This one among the top PVC bathroom door design ideas, crafted out of teak wood & features engravings on the door panel, is currently on trend and quite elegant. The door to the bathroom has a classic finish with a rustic look that dates back to the time of Queen Victoria, and this helps the style to stand out from the other options available. This design demonstrates your classic taste in home décor and assists in earning your guests’ appreciation.

teak wood bathroom design
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6. Folding PVC Bathroom Door Design Ideas

The most effective way to use the space you have while also contributing to the overall aesthetic of your home is to install a bathroom that can be folded up. Utilizing this wooden bifold door is just a space-saving and ingenious method for closing off your bathroom.

The slim wooden panels with glass insets can be stacked on top of the other to make the door any length you like. This is essentially a door that acts as a curtain to your room and is in the form of a door.

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7. Aluminum bathroom door design

If you don’t want a bathroom door design that uses plastic and you’re looking for a replacement option, aluminum doors are a great option. This is because they are lightweight and resistant to corrosion. They are specifically tailored for use in exterior bathrooms, where more delicate materials. Like wood or glass would not have been able to withstand the elements for an extended period.

This door has been constructed out of several separate panels made of aluminum. All of which collaborate to produce an overall functional appearance. The lower set of slats not only allows for increased ventilation into the area. But it also helps to remove stale air from the room.

aluminum bathroom door design
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8. White Door Design

PVC bathroom door design ideas are the white PVC door designs because of the beautiful nature of the material. Its use with an accent color painted on a wall would render the bathroom area. This is to have an attractive appearance.

If you can keep it clean, white seems to be the color of elegance & aristocracy. However, this only applies if you can keep it clean. White is the best color for your home’s PVC doors, which you should try to get instead of other colors.

white door design
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9. Glass Bathroom Doors 

Go for a glass sliding door in the bathroom if you want to draw attention to the lovely shower enclosure. It is possible to acquire this door with just a metal frame and total glass panels. Both of which prevent water from escaping through the door. Maintaining one’s privacy while using a shower curtain is as simple as selecting it as the choice option.

Glass has always been a premium material frequently used in building bathroom doors. This substance is commonly utilized in the construction of shower stall enclosures. Therefore, select a design for the bathroom door that is up to date in terms of theme. Also, check whether it is long-lasting in design and affordable in terms of cost.

glass bathroom doors
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Benefits of PVC doors

It can last for quite some time. PVC has a high resistance to both abrasions and shocks (for example, banging), making it an excellent material (from rough use). When raw PVC is combined with impact modifiers, heat stabilizers, thermal modifiers, & fillers, the resulting panel acquires the properties necessary for use in domestic settings.

PVC doors that have been treated appropriately and installed correctly are durable. They have the potential to last for a long time. In contrast to metal and wood, PVC sheeting possesses a chemical resistance to acids, bases, and salts. Thanks to the coating of a thin plastic film applied to the material’s surface. Consequently, it does not run the risk of rotting, rusting, or fading in high-humidity environments such as bathrooms.

Low maintenance on PVC Bathroom Door Design Ideas

Polishing and repainting the surfaces of wood and metal at the appropriate intervals is necessary. It is important to maintain their attractiveness over time. Additionally, if they are used in damp environments, they have a propensity to warp and rust.

Because it is resilient to damage caused by moisture and mold, as well as chemical cleansers and detergents. A PVC surface coated with an impenetrable plastic film doesn’t really stain or discolor easily. It is sufficient to wash the door only occasionally to maintain its cleanliness.


If you become overwhelmed by the numerous design options available on the market, select the ideal door. This way, you can choose the best for your bathroom can quickly become a source of frustration for you. It is up to the individual to decide whether they want to go with glass or wood bathroom door designs.

PVC bathroom door design ideas or something else entirely. PVC doors, on the whole, are more cost-effective than other door materials. They also contribute to the breathtaking aesthetics of interiors.