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Whenever you carry out any renovation work, one of the important things you need to bear in mind has to be the false ceiling design. You have to be sure that you are putting in your best efforts for deciding on the perfect false ceiling design to beautify your place in the right manner. There are plenty of different designs that you can find.

Based on the overall theme of your home and the design you love, you can choose the right false ceiling designs for your place. The PVC false ceiling designs are one of the very best options at the moment. If you too have your mind set on PVC false ceiling designs, we will be sharing plenty of details here. This will give you the right details and prepare you into designing the best false ceiling.

One of the key reasons why people prefer false ceilings is because they help in concealing the wiring and thereby enhance the beauty of the place.  There are several benefits of using the false ceiling and you can choose from a plethora of materials. We will be shedding light on all these aspects to paint the right picture for you.

What Is PVC False Ceilings?

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is the material that is often used for making the cladding for false ceilings. There are several merits of this material. It is light in weight and has a very strong hold. It comes in several sizes and therefore you can choose to customize the length and designs and there is a lot of scope to fiddle with the ceilings the way you want.

PVC is also waterproof and they are space efficient. They also aid in conserving energy and are mostly preferred over POP, wood, and even gypsum. The moisture-resistant nature makes it a great choice even for balconies and washrooms as well. These ceilings come in a plethora of different designs and based on the overall style and theme of your home; you can choose the one that you deem fit.

So, whenever someone tells you about PVC false ceilings, you will be able to now understand that they are referring to the material.

Advantages Of PVC False Ceiling

Here are some of the advantages that PVC false ceilings have to offer.


If you compare PVC false ceilings to those made of gypsum and even POP, you will find that it is PVC that will be the most economical out of these options. PVC is usually priced from Rs. 40 to Rs. 70 but a lot depends on the variety chosen. You can choose a colour-coated design or even galvanized design; the pricing will differ based on the details.

Long Lasting

PVC false ceilings are much more likely to last longer. They are not brittle and are not likely to get damaged soon as they can last for several years. You won’t find a bend in these ceilings easily as they are made of strong materials and even when huge chandeliers are hung, they won’t give way easily. This is why if you don’t want to make changes now and then, choosing PVC false ceiling might be the right thing to do.

Minimal Maintenance

Simply wiping the ceiling with a damp cloth will help you clean up the false ceiling. You don’t need varnish paint or any other kind of coating for the sake of cleaning the false ceiling. This makes it very easy to maintain and so it is good for those who don’t have a lot of spare time at hand.

Quick Installation

The PVC false ceilings can easily be cut into desired shapes and sizes. This makes the installation process super quick and easy. One can have it installed in no time as the right sizes can be obtained and fit.

However, there are some drawbacks too and when you want to use PVC false ceilings, it is important to be aware of the possible pitfalls as well.

The Drawbacks Of PVC False Ceiling

Not environment friendly

The PVC material is not eco-friendly. It releases chlorine compounds along with moredioxins when disposed of. These compounds are harmful to the environment. These days you will find a circular economy and it helps in recycling the PVC on a global scale.

Not heat resistant

The PVC material can be damaged if they are subjected to extreme heat. They are not heat resistant and so one has to be careful while using lights. Do not put heat-emitting lights on false ceilings made of PVC. Also, avoid the use of PVC in the kitchen or else the ceiling can be easily damaged.

Overall, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages and this is why PVC is the material of choice as far as false ceilings are concerned. You should factor in these details and decide on the right material and design to opt for.

Things To Keep In Mind

When you are looking to get a false ceiling in your home and thereby want to have PVC panels, here are the details and important tips you need to bear in mind.

  • Always choose professionals for installing PVC false ceilings. They will be able to use the right equipment ad will be able to customize the panel based on the size of your ceiling. This gives the perfect fit. The professionals also know the best ways by which they can fit the ceiling easily and in no time.
  • The theme: It is always important to decide the theme of your home and then choose the design of the false ceiling. Always choose an apt design that will blend well with the overall design of your home.
  • The space constraints: The key to good design is to choose one based on the overall space that you have. Having a false ceiling infers that the height of your room will drop by a couple of feet. So, you should understand and assess the height of the room, the ceiling space, and the type of false ceiling that will suit you best, and then go about and plan the final layout.

Vital Tips For Designing The Ceiling Meticulously

If you want to be sure that the false ceiling looks flawless and perfect, here are some of the tips that you can use. These are not rules and are just suggestions and tips that are likely to be of use.

  • The ceiling is the fifth wall of the room and deserves all the attention and design. Make sure that you are paying heed to it and designing it right.
  • It is perfectly okay to choose the same colour for the walls and the ceiling. This lends an air of sophistication. However, don’t choose too bright a shade or else the room may appear extra vibrant.
  • 3D design in false ceilings is a rage and you can use it too. You can choose colour pop in the mound of ceilings too. While doing so, keep the rest of the walls simple to balance the effect.
  • One of the popular and common designs is to have geometrical shapes or mandalas in the false ceiling. It helps in drawing attention to the design and looks alethically pleasing as well.
  • If you have a small room, we will suggest having the walls and ceilings done in a light shade. Doing so will give a false illusion of the place being bigger than what it is.
  • When you want your ceiling to be truly integrated into the room theme, you should try to have some elements of the ceiling in the rest of the room. This will unify the overall theme and make it look pleasing.

PVC False Ceiling Design Ideas

Now, we are going to share some of the most amazing PVC false ceiling design ideas. Make sure to check out these ideas and they will serve as an inspiration to allow you to come up with the right designs. You can choose any of them or take some points from each of them and then decide on the right option. The good thing about PVC is that you can customise it the way you want, both in terms of shape and colour.

1. 3D Flower Design

3D flower design
Source: Murugesan Sundaram / Shutterstock

As we said, 3D designs are in trend everywhere. No matter whether you are exploring 3D wallpapers or 3D wall tiles or anything else, the concept of 3D design is in vogue. So, you can also choose this 3D style of false ceiling. The floral patterns look good and as you can see, you can choose to integrate different patterns of light in the leaves and twigs. It is a great way to make the ceiling extremely attractive. You can also choose coloured hues to bring in a dramatic effect.

It is upon you to settle the colour. You can also choose to decrease the density of the design as well. This will make the ceiling appear more relaxed. As we said, you have the option to customize the ceiling exactly the way you want.

2. Box Style With Bulb

box style with bulb
Source: Chettarin / Shutterstock

False ceilings get their complete look after you embed lights onto them. One of the advantages of a false ceiling is that it gives you plenty of options to incorporate lights and thereby jazz the whole room and the space.

This is an excellent design which follows a geometrical check square style. To add something extra to the overall design, you have several bulb-style lights. If you observe closely, the design is like a bulb but it is illuminated by LED. So, you can see that mix and match of different options are used. The overall effect of these lights is very impressive and it adds to the oomph of the design. You can choose the arrangement and the alignment of the light. The underlying idea should be to illuminate the whole place with ease.

3. Designer Block Ceiling

designer block ceiling
Source: NL Digital / Shutterstock

Those who like their home to be extra fancy and want minimal but designer elements can take a leaf of inspiration out of this design. As you can see, there are several boxes on either side of the column. The lights fitted inside the ceiling adds to the glow. Here, you can choose coloured lights if you want to add more drama to the overall design.

The design is highly symmetrical and it exudes a great vibe and appeal. This design is very well suited for galleries and alleys as it will go with the overall long columnar style. We won’t encourage having a coloured ceiling for this style become the look lies in its minimal touch. Adding too many colours or elements will take away the sophistication of this piece.

4. The Box Styles

box style
Source: Kuprynenko Andrii / Shutterstock

If you are not in the mood to experiment and you would like to simply have a false ceiling design that is versatile, elegant, and will serve the need, go for the perennial box style PVC false ceiling. The addition of the chandelier is a representation of how this design looks stunning. To make the most of this design, you should try and incorporate a heavy chandelier. Make sure that the chosen light isn’t the one that emits heat or else the false ceiling may be damaged. You can however choose heavy lights as PVC is durable and has a good amount of strength.

5. Check Box Style

check box style
Source: Davinsi / Shutterstock

This is a great choice among art lovers as there is something too fancy about this style. The way the wooden panelling is added and how the two elements merge is something to be applauded.

The good thing about this design has to be the smart incorporation of lights. You should have such small sizes of light fit into the panel. This will glow the panel and bring out the best of the colour hues as well. Having a big centrepiece of light is a great way to make things count too. So, this particular design makes use of several elements and is a classic example of how the different elements fuse to create the right impression.

6. Geometrical Design With Lights

geometrical design with lights
Source: NL Digital / Shutterstock

This design makes use of a geometrical structure that isn’t symmetrical. You don’t necessarily need to have a symmetrical design as far as a false ceiling is concerned. There can be random geometrical structures and even the lights can fit into it at random. There is no definite rule book as far as a false ceiling is concerned. The idea simply is to have the kind of pattern that is bound to look good and will improve the aesthetics of your home.

While rope light is used in this design, it is upon you to decide the kind of light you want for your false ceiling. You can choose from the endless options at hand. As this design in itself is pretty unique, we don’t want you to have too fancy lights in every part. Too much of fancy lights can end up making the ceiling look a bit overdone.

7. Swirl Style

swirl style
Source: sur pur / Shutterstock

You can choose to have swirls in your ceiling as this will create the right impact too. The swirls can come in different styles. Those who don’t want too much design can choose a simple and single swirl style. Others can choose to have multiple layers of swirl as well. The idea simply is to ensure that the overall design must look complete and nicely done.

Most people choose to have lights fit inside the swirl. However, if you have several layers of swirl, don’t end up having too many lights as it will take away the glory and shine completely. So, you have to decide where to draw the line and remember that often in the world of designing, less is more. This makes you understand the importance of choosing the right style of ceiling and lights and matching them to get the perfect overall image.

So, these are some of the common and popular designs. You should have found some elements in all that were nice and in tandem with your taste. Take the right cues and then finalize your false ceiling design accordingly. You can also check out gypsum ceiling designs too.


 Are false ceilings mandatory?

No rule book says a false ceiling is mandatory. However, owing to the role they play in improving the aesthetics and looks, these ceilings are an absolute must for homes.

Is PVC a popular choice for the false ceiling?

Yes, PVC owing to its high durability and low maintenance character is a preferred choice for most people. It doesn’t need a lot of care and is least likely to get damaged unless exposed to high temperatures.

What is the drawback of PVC false ceilings?

The two major drawbacks are its lack of resistance to heat and the fact that it isn’t environment friendly. One can put the PVC into recyclers to minimize the environmental impact.

Can I also use PVC for my walls?

While it isn’t very common even now, there is no harm in using PVC for walls. You find them in several different styles and designs that can be implemented on walls as well.

Is PVC safe to be used in the kitchen?

The kitchen is the only place where we will suggest avoiding PVC as the ceiling can get damaged if exposed to high temperatures.