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The Hyderabad Regional Ring Road project is a 340 km long project. This project has been developed under the Bharatmala Pariyojana. This route is going to cover as many as 125 villages. Here, we are going to share the details of this road and the project status and more.

By knowing the details of this regional ring road project, you will be able to gauge how far along this expressway is. Here we are going to familiarize you with the different details and there is no denying the fact that this expressway will allow you to connect to different routes.

This is going to be one of the largest ring road projects in India. The approximate cost of this project is going to be Rs. 17,000 crores. This development is going to be spearheaded by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). This will be a four-lane semi-greenfield expressway. There will be as many as 17 national and state highways that will be a part of this project.

Now, let us get down to further details associated with the regional ring road.

The Project Halves  

This expressway is going to be access controlled and it will span a total distance of 340 kilometres. There are two halves in which it will be constructed, namely the northern half and the southern half.

regional ring road
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All the villages and different zones that this regional ring road project is going to cover will be located in these zones.  It is also going to cross as many as five reserve forest areas. The budget allotted for the northern half is approximately Rs. 9,500 crores while the southern half has a budget of Rs. 6,480 crores approximately.

The Regional Ring Road Project Timeline

  • The Telangana government proposed this project in 2017
  • The Union Road Transport And Highways Ministry sanctioned Rs. 5500 crores in May 2018
  • In December 2018, the Union Transport Ministry gave an in-principal approval for the regional ring road project
  • The ministry raised concerns about the finical viability of the project in 2019. A fresh DPR was then demanded to further analyse the project
  • In February 2021, the centre approved this ambitious project

Acquiring The Land

Once the national highway authority approved, the state government kickstarted the work of acquiring the land. Plans are in place for acquiring as much as 1785.5 acres of land for this prestigious project alone.

They have made it a point to hire a private company whose job is to conduct the survey and thereby pinpoint the areas from where the regional ring road is going to pass. All the latest survey instruments are going to be used and satellite mapping will be put into place for the sake of constructing the road.

The Impact On Real Estate

This project is likely going to increase the demand for real estate because it will bring in way better connectivity. New satellite cities will also be created. The best modern amenities are being used for the sake of laying the road.

The Hyderabad property didn’t see a drastic slowdown even during the pandemic and there continues to be a good demand for the housing units. This can be largely attributed to the improved infrastructure. When this project is completed, it is likely to steer the right form of industrial growth and will bring in great employment opportunities as well.

It can also start setting up new townships, IT parks, agro-processing units and more. Therefore, real estate is likely to benefit from this. To gauge an idea of the cost of living in Hyderabad, read here.

The Regional Ring Road Project Updates

Here are some of the updates in the chronological sequence regarding the regional ring road project and how far along it has come. There is no denying the fact that there is a lot of hype for this project because it is going to revamp the way villages and cities are connected in the Telangana state.

The June 2021 Update

  • The NHAI needs to prepare a detailed project report and they invited tenders from different consultants.
  • The date for technical opening was postponed to June 2nd, 2021 to take into account the requests from different bidders given the unprepared pandemic that hit everyone.
  • 20 consultants lined up and these included some big names like Global Infra Solutions, Aarvee Associates, STUP consultants, Infrastructure Development Corporation (Karnataka), and MSV International.
  • All these firms submitted their bid for the northern part of the regional ring road project. The NHAI announced that they would need a month after which they would finalize the firm to start the preparation for the project report.
  • The state government also announced that they will be sharing 50 percent of the cost that was incurred in land acquisition. In the budget listed in 2021-22, they had allotted as much as Rs. 750 crores for the project. No mention has been made of the official completion date for this ambitious project.

Update on February 2022

The authorized officials have kickstarted the process of doing the land survey. The area being surveyed is Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district.


What is the date of completion for the RRR project?

No formal completion date has been announced yet

What is the budget for the regional ring road project?

The approximate budget for this project is close to Rs. 17,000 crores.

How many kilometres will this project cover?

This project is going to be a 340-kilometre-long expressway.

Will it impact the real estate market?

This project is likely to bring in more demand for housing units and thereby have a positive impact on the real estate sector. The city is also well connected with Hyderabad metro as well which is a huge bonus for real estate.