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Leaky roofs are a common concern in Indian households!

A leaking roof inside a house is nothing less than a disaster. It may cause damage not only to your property but also to your health. Of course, no one would want to see water dripping from their roof.

In such a case, the first step you must take if you find a leaking roof is to find its cause. Once you have found the reason, you must take necessary preventive measures to help you solve the issue. In most roof leakage cases, you can resolve the problem independently, but for the worst leaks, you might also need to seek assistance from a professional.

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Nevertheless, the article is for you if you are unsure what to do if your roof leaks. Here you will receive a detailed guide on how to solve roof leakage issues and the solutions for fixing them.

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Ignoring roof leakage

A leaking roof would not happen instantly; it takes years to form the leak, resulting in a patchy and damaged wall due to the constant dripping water.

But why?

Because most of the time, you neglect a leaky roof or place it on the least priority level. Ignoring a roof leak may result in severe damage not just to the ceiling but also to the inside of the structure.

Mold growth and wood decay are only two of the adverse effects that might occur. In severe cases, calling to have your roof examined or repaired is your wisest choice!

How can you find leakages in the roof?

Are you on the lookout for roof leaks? Begin your search in the regions near the stains and molds. Firstly, you need to find the roof penetrations, if any. Items that can make a hole in the roof are the primary sources of roof leakages.

The penetrating substances responsible for roof leakages mainly include roof vents, dormers, chimneys, or other substances that can come across the roof. The most optimum method of tracking down the crack is to check the attic with a torch and track down the damage. 

DIY Leak roof repair

If you have found a leak in your ceiling, and the condition didn’t worsen yet, the first thing you would do is fix it before it gets even worse. Of course, you may call a contractor who can fix your leak, but if you are on a budget, you can patch your roof yourself.

Nevertheless, when you decide to fix the roof yourself, you must study and ensure that you are repairing the right spot. With some investment, you can improve your leaky roof with just a little effort and time.

How to prevent water leakage in asbestos roofs?

Asbestos is a mineral found naturally and is resistant to chemical degradation. Although, there are several safety hazards in selecting asbestos for roofing your house. But, you must know about the immediate measures that can help you fix the water leakages on the asbestos roof that might damage your home and cause issues. 

Here are some ways to resolve the problem:

  • Look for the seepage area in your roof from where the water is dripping.
  • Prevent the leakage immediately and cover the cracked region with a plastic sheet.
  • The next step would be to replace the old sheet with a new one.
  • Finally, seal all the junctions in the new sheet, and you are done!

To ensure longevity, you may also use a water-resistant paint coating on the asbestos roof.

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Steps to protect RCC roofs from leakages

Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) is a category built with metal slabs to bring durability and strength to the substance. Standard cement isn’t enough, so adding metals to it makes it stronger and makes the roof stronger.

However, despite the advanced technology of improving the durability and strength of the cement, leakages on the RCC roofs are not a wonder! They can also attract cracks on it that might lead to water seepages. 

If the RCC roofing of your house is not maintained correctly, it might get damaged, leading to hazardous issues. In such cases, you must find the exact location of the cracks on the roof. Then, remove the mold or dust by using a broom.

Next, replace the worn-out shingles with a new one. Next, apply mortar and waterproofing agents over the RCC roof and seal it with a coating to get long-lasting solutions. Even if you are replacing the old one with a new sheet and repairing the cracks, ensure that you maintain the roofing timely to prevent further hassles. 

Treating cement sheet roof leakage

Cement sheet roof is another popularly used material for roofing purposes due to their enhanced durability and strength. Treating the leakages of the cement sheet roof is straightforward. You only need to look for the exact spot causing the water seepage.

Next, clean the dirt around the leakage region and apply water-resistant materials to that portion. Once the water-resistant material is added, put tape on the edges to seal it. Finish the entire treatment procedure with a waterproof coating. 

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Prevention is better than Cure!

To stop roof leaks, you must first understand that a ceiling fracture or damage often causes roof leaks. So you must examine and identify the source of the leak. Remove any dust or mold from the area and use mortar to repair the fracture.

A concrete roof attracts water leakages more frequently, forming cracks and scales quickly. While building your house, you might have a question about why you should prefer a concrete roof, as it is prone to water seepages! In addition, concrete roofs are resistant to fire; they are cost-effective, durable, and easily cleaned without much hassle. 

All you need is to maintain the concrete roof from time to time to avoid problems. Therefore, if you have opted for a concrete roof for your house, make sure that you make timely investments in its maintenance to improve the material’s longevity and prevent frequent leakages. Also, waterproofing the concrete roofs are effective as it will help you quickly find the exact leakage spots. 

Tips to prevent leakages in the roof

Now that you know the various ways to find leaks in the roof and ways to treat them quickly, make sure that you don’t ignore any leaks in the future.

Furthermore, it is essential to follow preventive measures rather than curing the roof leakages at the end when the damage has already occurred. Regular and proper maintenance is the key to protecting your roof from water leakages and preventing water from seeping down the pretty walls. 

Here are some tips to remember to prevent any leakage in your home:

  • Inspect your house roof frequently, at least once every month. Roof leakages occur due to a lack of maintenance and negligence over a prolonged period. 
  • When you plan to roof your ceilings, always try to waterproof the roofs, walls, and ceilings of your house. 
  • Make sure that the region of the ceiling remains clean, and never allow water to gather over the roof. Inspect the areas around the tank regularly and keep them clean.
  • If there is any crack in the ceiling, try to repair them immediately before any further damage occurs. 
  • If you are unaware of the solutions for treating the cracks of the ceiling, never hesitate to contact a professional who can deliver you the best solution.

If you can follow these simple steps, you are sure to prevent any significant damage caused due to leakage. Although roof leakage is a common problem, most people ignore it and end up in a messy situation. However, proper maintenance and frequent check-ups can help resolve the issue.

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What is the most effective and durable method for repairing roof leaks?

It is, of course, roof waterproofing! Waterproofing the surface of your roof is a common and helpful way to keep leaks from happening. After repairing a roof, you must apply a waterproof coating to make it more durable and resistant to weather and chemical influences.

The best part about waterproofing is it effectively prevents internal harm to your interiors, and the additional layer provides complete protection. It is undoubtedly one of the excellent ways to avoid water leakages.


Leaky roofs in Indian households are a common problem, but they need your attention. If you ignore it, you will likely end up in a mess with damaged and molded walls. However, following these simple roof leak remedies can help you improve any damage to your roof and promptly stop the flow.

A leaking roof often results from a ceiling crack that needs to be patched as early as possible. Well, you can choose to fix it yourself, but for more complicated cases, you may also seek help from a professional.