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We all go back to one place, no matter how tiring the day at the office or how classy your vacation was- HOME. That’s why we put so much effort and money into beautifying our living space. Besides our reaction, we would also like a response from visitors. From furniture to accessories, tiles to lights, we try to blend everything perfectly in our space.

But one thing that has gained all the attention in recent years is Roof POP designs. It elevates the décor to a new level with some stunning designs that range from traditional to modern. Not only this, but POP roof designs are evergreen and versatile with all types of interiors. So if you are someone making a new abode or thinking of redecorating a space, this blog will give you admirable ideas. We have compiled a long list of roof POP ideas that range from affordable to luxury price range and from personalised pieces to large area patterns.

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Why Are Indian Households Choosing POP Roof Designs?

Roof POP Designs for an Aesthetic Vibe
Source: Media_works/ Shutterstock

You will find a false ceiling in almost every Indian home due to their effectiveness in wire concealment, soundproofing, fire safety, energy efficiency, moisture and sag resistance, and energy efficiency. They are not just functional but decorative too. Depending on your budget, anyone can get a beautiful POP roof ceiling for your home, from simple designs to highly decorative ones.

Almost any material, including wood, glass, fibre, and plastic, can be used in a mix and match to get the desired design for making a POP roof. Instead of using hanging tubes and bulbs like in old times, they can insert lights, fans, chandeliers, etc., including sprinklers, in case of an emergency. Besides, they can hide many other fittings like wires and centralised ACs.

Also, not only in homes but we can now see the trend in stores, hotel rooms, offices, restaurants, and many other places. Let’s see what the significant advantages of a POP false ceiling are.

  • Because of their lightweight, they are easy to install.
  • You can get the desired shape by creating unique and trendy structures.
  • It gives a luxury and smooth finish to your ceiling, which can be further coloured and painted easily according to the interior.
  • It protects against noise and enhances energy savings.
  • Increases the appeal of your interiors and the value of your space

Trendy Roof POP Design For Your Contemporary Homes

From simple to artistic, traditional to modern, this is a list of famous roof POP designs you can get done in your bedrooms, living rooms, offices, stores, etc.

1. Layered Roof POP Design

Layers in POP Roof Design Ceiling
Source: Felipe Hueb / Pexels

You can add layers to your ceiling according to your room’s space and size. If it’s a bedroom, you can go for a single or double-layered false ceiling and for a duplex or living room false ceiling, add a multi-layered roof design. This way, you can get multiple options for space, details, and patterns.  

2. Glass And Stained Glass Pop Design

Choose a pop design for the roof with a mirror or stained glass if your area is low in height. By reflecting what is on the surface, it gives the impression that the room is taller and more spacious than it is. Additionally, it provides the area with a premium feel and makes it appear abundant and beautiful.

3. Coloured Pop Design

Source: Archi_Viz / Shutterstock

We have seen white making up most handcrafted designs, but that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with other colours. You only need to add a colour of your choice to the white plaster. Even though pastel shades are ideal for POP roof designs, you can still use contrasting shades to bring out the vibrancy of your room.

4. Chandelier Roof Pop Design

Source: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII / Shutterstock

These designs are not just for large chandeliers but are placed in the middle of the roof. Depending on your preferences, it can be as grand or muted as you wish. This room’s roof design can be completed with decorative wall borders or as a stand-alone ceiling element.

5. Wooden POP Roof Design

Contrast Decor POP Ceiling
Source: Hendrickson Photography / Shutterstock

If you have a high-end budget, opt for a blend of wood and POP for your false ceiling. It adds texture and colour and can do wonders as a complete design. After that, you can add a chandelier and yellow lights to make it look more appealing to the eyes.

6. Coffered Roof POP Design

Coffered Ceiling Design
Source: Artazum / Shutterstock

Coffered ceilings look chic, traditional, and majestic with a series of squared or lined rectangle grids and recessed or sunken panels.

7. Floral POP Roof Design

Floral POP Roof Design
Source: Murugesan Sundaram/ Shutterstock

Flower designs and petal-style popping decorations for spaces provide simple statement ceiling options in contemporary architecture. Combining a complex arrangement of coloured tiles and flower patterns with the proper lighting to emphasise the curves and edges or a colourful floral garden theme can result in a work of art.

8. Victorian Roof POP Design

Dainty Flowers Roof POP design
Source: Anne Ponomarenko / Shutterstock

With its heavy and intricate designs and commitment to leaving no space unoccupied, ancient roof designs are inspired by English palaces and other regal settings.

9. PVC-POP Roof Design

If you want a wooden and POP design but at cheap rates, you should opt for a PVC roof design. It doesn’t get damaged even with the weather change.

10. LED Roof POP Design

Layers with Lighting Roof POP design
Source: Dandapani U. Maharana / Shutterstock

Lighting is essential for defining interiors and expressing moods. Use bright lights and try to find abstract or curved patterns; this will highlight the ceiling design and bring a lot of brightness and elegance into the room.

11. Fibre POP Roof Design

Want to give your house a quirky feel? Then it would help if you chose this creative Fiber optic ceiling, which uses optical fibres to fill primary POP design openings. It offers your roof a starry appearance. Isn’t it lovely?

12. 3D Roof POP Design

If you want to enhance the look of your interior, paste high-quality 3D wallpaper on your roof. You can decorate it with simple white lights to add beauty and grandeur.

13. Textured False Ceiling Design

Formerly forgotten, this design is back in style and makes a small space look larger.

14. Abstract and Geometrical False Ceiling Design

Circular Design Ceiling
Source: Yarlander / Shutterstock

We have seen many circular, rectangular ceilings in homes. But how about we divide it into curves, waves, shapes and lines? This below image is an example of how it looks with lights.


Now you know why a ceiling décor or makeover requires a lot of engagement. You might get through a list of extensive tasks and budgets according to the style, design, and pattern you choose for your roof ceiling. Ultimately, all the effort will be worthwhile.