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Whenever you are designing a home, the importance of roofing sheets is undisputed. There is no way you can work on the home without spending some time wondering about the best roofing sheets to incorporate.

The roofing sheets act like a layer between the external world and the inside of the homes. Thus, they’re important as they shield the house from external factors. At the same time, they also help in improving the overall aesthetics of the house too.

This is why you need to be mindful of the different roofing materials and the possible designs you can pick from. The knowledge will come in handy to decide on the best roofing sheets that will beautify your home and be constructive too.

What Are The Roofing Sheets Type?

A lot of advancements have happened over the years as far as roofing materials are concerned. A lot of new products have come up and even green concepts are being put to use. The need has been felt to eliminate the use of carcinogenic materials as they tend to be very harmful and are not sustainable either.

roofing sheets
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Previously, materials like galvanized steel sheets and asbestos were used for the sake of roofing. However, the materials seem to have been replaced these days with aluminium zinc-coated sheets.

When the right sheets are used for the house, it tends to prolong the life of the roof significantly. So, it is important to explore the different points and then choose the right roofing sheet that could be of the best use.

Here are some of the commonly used roofing sheets that can be implemented.

The Plastic Roofing Sheets

This is probably the most common type of roofing sheet that you can find. This is used for both commercial and domestic purposes. You will find them in abundance in parking garage spaces, bungalow claddings, and even farmhouses and other temporary structures as well. How long this sheet will last depend largely on the type of plastic that has been chosen for making the sheet.

The merits

These sheets are extremely easy to install and they are light in weight. Apart from this, they are also known to be resistant to corrosion and so won’t require too early replacement. They are flexible and can weather even adverse climatic conditions. They also offer insulation for extremely high temperatures and can be partly soundproof. The overall cost will depend on the type of plastic chosen and can therefore vary considerably.

The Corrugated Roofing Sheets

These roofing sheets are mostly used in industries and even in the medical sector. You will also find the corrugated sheets being used in the packing and printing sectors. They can also be found extensively in the field of architecture and construction.

corrugated roofing
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The merits

These sheets are known to offer the best protection against adverse weather conditions. They are known to add a great deal of strength and durability and it is the structure that is to be credited for this benefit.

Even when a large and heavy object falls on the roof, the roofing sheet will be able to offer the right protection. Further, you do not need to put in a lot of maintenance effort either. So, they are the most economical to handle.

These sheets are once again classified into several subcategories. Let us see what they are.

The bitumen sheets

Bitumen is the natural element used for corrugated sheets. These sheets are designed to be extremely long-lasting, durable, and waterproof at the same time.

The polyester-painted sheets

Mostly used in the agricultural sector, this one tends to be the most affordable of all. However, your will need to put in some maintenance for the sake of upkeeping the roof and ensuring it lasts long. It is also very prone to scratches, especially during the time of installation.

Galvanized steel sheets

There is a specific process in place for the sake of making these steel sheets. Carbon steel is coated with zinc by making use of the continuous hot dipping process. They are pretty sturdy and useful.

PVC plastic coated sheets

When steel sheets have PVC and primer rolled on them, it leads to this kind of sheet. They are known to be light in weight and are weather resistant as well. It helps in offering the right protection.

Metal Roofing Sheets

These are a great eco-friendly choice and you can choose to recycle the material. Mostly, they are made of zinc, tin, copper, and aluminium. They do have a resemblance to corrugated sheets but lack extensive curves.

metallic roofing
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The merits

You can customise them based on the kind of rooftop you have and installation is usually free of hassles and not very time-consuming. They are mostly found to be resistant to pests and even weather conditions. They work as great insulators and thereby will protect your house from snow, rains, and even fire.

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Usually, these roofing sheets have large-scale applications. You will find them being used extensively in the commercial and industrial areas. These roofing sheets are great for those structures that tend to need adequate exposure to sunlight. This is why you will find these roofing styles in gardens, lawns, swimming pools, patios, and even warehouses.

polycarbonate roofing
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The merits

It is light in weight and resistant to fire, and UV. Further, it doesn’t come with a great deal of maintenance charge and can also help in regulating the temperature too.

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Can roofing get very expensive?

Yes, based on the chosen material and the design, the cost of the roofing sheet can vary considerably.

What is the best roofing sheet?

There are several options you have and no particular best. The best sheet will be decided based on your purpose and need. Polycarbonate sheets come in handy for outdoor roofing, corrugated are usually long-lasting and very durable.

How often do you need to change the roofing?

When the right materials are used and it is done well, you will not need to change the roofing very often.