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The type of room door designs that you choose holds a lot of importance. It is critical to choose some of the smartest room door designs because it helps you ensure that your home projects the right vibe.

The kind of massive variety you will find when you are picking the room door design is whopping. Sometimes the options are so many that it will confound you as to which will be the better-looking choice. This is why in such cases; you need to hire the services of an interior designer.

We are going to share a wide variety of room door design ideas. You can take inspiration from these ideas or choose something entirely different. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the design should gel with the theme of the room as well as the overall house.

For instance, having a huge metallic door for your balcony room would be a total misfit and it will be considered a complete design flaw. This is why you have to be sure regarding the type of design you are picking and in which room you will integrate the design.

The Best Room Door Design Ideas

Now, let us show you the endless options as far as room door designs are concerned. We want you to take your time as you peruse through the options and then decide as to which one seems to be the choice you will like to have in your home.

1. The Balcony Door

balcony door
Source: Arnaud Vigne / Pexels

This doing is perfect for your balcony. No matter whether you have a small or a big balcony, this door comes with the right accents and detailing. It is great for traditional and old houses too as it has an antique charm. If you are looking to integrate something modern into your home, you can simply choose to change the colour tone a little and you will be all set. Your balcony door is one of those doors in your home that will be externally visible.

This is the reason; you have to put in the extra effort so that even those who happen to cross your home on the street end up being amazed by the overall scenic beauty. So, for everyone who is very particular about the way their home looks, choose this winning design and be all set to be truly in awe.

2. Bright Red Door

bright red door
Source: Craig Tidball / Unsplash

Now the colour can be too loud for everyone’s choice but it is surely the colour of the season. A lot of people are choosing to do their doors in the most vibrant of shades as it is believed that bright shades tend to add a touch of happiness. It doesn’t let your place get gloomy.

This can be an excellent entrance door design or you can also choose this door design for the patio area. You can paint this style of door in the living room as well. If you want to tone down it a little, you can choose a slightly more subtle shade of red for this design too.

Usually, the red is going to complement well with white interiors but when you are toning down the brightness, you can look for another similar colour palette as well.

3. The Checkered Room Door Designs

Checkered door
Source: Njyn Kilinc / Unsplash

Who doesn’t love symmetry? If you want to have the kind of room door design that spells symmetry and shows how organized you are in your planning and execution, this is surely the style to opt for. Look closely at this photo and you will see how the windows and door have overlapping symmetry. The rest of the tone of the door is wooden.

It isn’t too loud and isn’t very minimalistic either. Every element of the door blends well to impart the complete or finished image. This room door design can easily be implemented even in the master bedroom but make sure to gauge the rest of the décor. The last thing you want is the door to look like a complete misfit.

If the door seems to match with the rest of the interiors, you can surely integrate it easily. There is provision for a lot of changes and customization in this design and you can freely do so.

4. Minimalistic Doors

minimalistic doors
Source: Bailey Alexander / Unsplash

No matter if it is the living room, the master bedroom, the second bedroom, or any other room for that matter; this is the type of design that will go well with all your rooms.

The design is very minimalistic and it is simply the play of copper that wins it for this piece. Look at the cuts and patterns and the doorknob and handle. Each one of them speaks of excellence and simplicity. If you are someone who likes simple and elegant designs that truly spell perfection, this is the right option to choose.

This simple design can be chosen in as many colour shades as you want. Feel free to pick the colour pallet that seems to blend with the overall colour and décor of the home. We are sure that this door design will go well with twinning shades and even contrasting shades. For instance, if your room is done in a pastel shade, you can choose an olive green colour for this door design. The contrast is going to kill it for you.

5. The Door With Detailing

Groovy Door
Source: Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

If you need the door to your lawn, garden, porch, or even the play corner, this is the design you can go with. The winning point of this excellent design lies in the grooving and the style. The door has a very modern look to it and if you have a very fancy architecture and home, you can integrate it into your main door as well.

Art lovers with an extra fancy room can also have the design for their main bedroom, though this design is likely to look good in study rooms more. So, pick some cues from it or lift the overall design and be all set to cherish the true vibes and enjoy how the room looks.

6. The Double Doors

double doors
Source: Jacob Culp / Unsplash

This is perhaps one of the most majestic of all room door design ideas. There are several ways you can choose to integrate this. If there are two homes located side by side, and both belong to you, you can choose to have this articulately done design. Not only this, but you can also integrate the design into a single door and choose to blend the colours well.

If you remove some of the detailing and don’t use the knock handle, you can easily integrate it in your bedroom as well. The simple design of this door is such that no matter which room of your home you want to integrate it, you can choose to do so.

7. The Sliding Doors

sliding door
Source: Shannon R Philips / Pixabay

If you want a really beautiful door that could spell ease in your home, this is one of the perfect room door designs you can choose from. The main charm of this door is the overall ease and modern touch that surround the door. If you observe closely at the door, you will find that the design is simple and super minimalistic. There is a simple door handle and there are no additional elements on top of it.

You can easily choose this door theme for almost all rooms in your home. Choose the colour as per the overall theme and décor of your home. This shade of blue looks cool and nice and with the right paint texture, the door is surely going to infuse the best of interior vibes and the right décor sense in your home.

8. Wooden Room Door Designs

wooden room door design
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

The good thing about this wooden door design is that you can add a glass panel to it. There are also several markings on the door and the symmetrical design makes it a great choice even for bedroom doors.

You can also choose a darker shade of wood and this will accentuate the overall designs and themes even more. If you want to make the door look even more ornate, you can choose to add different types of accents and detailing. Here, you have plenty of room for a plethora of choices to pick from. Feel free to get the services of an interior designer and they will be willing to share several tips and will help you make the most of these awe-inspiring designs.

9. The Metal Panelling

metal panelling
Source: Marina Reich / Unsplash

This is one of the top room door designs you can pick from. The good thing about this design is the metal panelling. The grooving and the edges give the door a royal look. This wooden door is amazingly well built and it is the perfect choice for big homes.

This door is likely to work well for the entrance of your home. Always make sure to use the finest quality of wood in such cases because the inferior quality will not be able to hold up so many grooves and metallic detailing. When you have a big bungalow and you want your entrance door to project the same aura as your massive home, this could be one of the great ideas to pick inspiration from.

You can fiddle with the colours based on the theme and colour tome of your overall home. However, if you want to settle for a royal look, we want you to settle for this design specifically.

10. The White Room Door Designs

Source: Rodrigo Santos / Pexels

The best thing about this design has to be the colour. A lot of people prefer the overall furniture and colour tone of their home to be white. This is because white is safe and it has the best royal vibes too.

When you are not too experimental in your approach, you can choose to settle for white colour. The good thing about choosing white colour is that you will be able to integrate several elements into it. Almost all other colours will go well with white and so no matter what you choose, you will be able to add that element to your room.

The integration of this door into your room will allow you to weave the right magic into your place. So, hire the services of a skilled interior designer and then see how you can revamp the place and make it look stunning.

11. Yellow Door

yellow door
Source: Kenny Eliason / Unsplash

Yellow doors are a rage these days owing to the type of flashy colour pop door designs that are trending at the moment. You can choose to opt for this door design especially for your kids’ room or if you have a girl-themed room. The bright pop of yellow is also likely to lend an air of happiness.

While this door simply has a knob, there is plenty of scope for several things to be added. The best way to design your home is by checking out the different elements of the room and analyzing the colour tones and schemes and then choosing the elements and detailing that can be added to the door.

So, these are some of the different styles of room door designs that you can incorporate. Based on what you need and the preferences you have, you are free to choose what you want.

Let us now dive into more details with regards to room door designs and the related aspects.

Room Door Designs Types

Timber Doors

If you want a door that is going to be sturdier and it will last pretty long as well, you should choose timber or wooden doors. These doors are very easily available in the market and even the finest carpenters will be able to work on them and design them as per your demand and needs.

These doors come with a lot of quality options and if you are using them for your home and you can afford the pricing, you should always try and opt for the best quality of timber. There is no denying the fact that high-quality timber is going to cost you considerably but it is surely going to be worth the money as well.

Steel Doors

While they aren’t very trending at the moment, a lot of people still choose to opt for steel doors. The reason is that they don’t require a lot of maintenance and they are likely to last very long. These come in several beautiful shades and they too can be modelled a great deal.

You will find an abundance of designs using steel doors, however, if you are looking to have a modern-day home, you are not very likely to opt for steel ones. There are better and more modern options available.

PVC Doors

When you are looking to get a door that has all the useful features, you can choose PVC doors. A lot of interiors these days are opting for PVC doors as they are light in weight and are also resistant to moisture. Apart from this, these doors are also resistant to termite and they will not corrode easily.

Even when it comes to installing the doors, you will get the right ease with these materials. These two can come in a plethora of different design options and therefore they will allow you to have the kind of home that is sure to leave you impressed.

Glass Doors 

They look the most beautiful, don’t they? The beauty of living in a glass house is unmatched but we all know, that not all doors can be made of glasses. Several factors come into play. First of all, glasses, despite being durable and strong, tend to break easily. Despite all of this, glass doors are very expensive and also hard to maintain.

Usually, the glass doors are installed in the garden area or sometimes on the balcony. So, this allows you to get a complete and unhindered view and therefore it will help you steal some of the finest views. This is why if your place has some very austere view or if you have a pretty scenic balcony, you can choose to have a glass door installed.

So, these are the broad category of doors that are present and you can choose to opt for any of them. The selection of the right material and type is very crucial because it will give you the right headstart in making a perfect choice.

Now, let us see some other trending options.

The Designer Room Door Designs

If you want your home to emit the perfect shine and have the most designer-looking doors, here are some more options to pick from.

Folding Doors

These doors are best used in smaller spaces as they end up saving money. They can also be used for kitchen dividers or even for laundry rooms and closets. These doors look stylish and save up a great deal of space. They can work like invisible partitions and have several versatile uses.

French Doors

If you have heard of French doors, you would know that it means doors that are packed with layers of transparent panels. The whole frame in turn is surrounded by translucent glass. These doors help in maximizing the amount of light that can enter the room.

The best place for these doors will be the music room and living room. These doors mostly have the sophistication of their own and are sure to lend the designer touch to your home. They are usually designed to be two hinges hung doors.

Pocket Doors

These are the preferred option when you have major space issues. The pocket doors end up folding into the wall itself and therefore they will take up very limited space in the home. They cannot pack a lot of designing elements as they will end up retracting and sliding back, but it still seems to be a very smart and decent choice as far as designer doors are concerned.

Flush Doors

If you are a fan of designer doors with minimalist design so that they can project an impression but do nothing more than that, go for flush doors. These doors don’t create a huge hype but do their work silently. They will always lend the aura of sophistication and elan without being too flashy. They have smooth surfaces on both sides of the doors and are pretty simple and affordable at the same time.

The Single-Leaf Door

Perhaps, one of the most popular options in the field of designer doors, these are also sliding doors. They help in saving a lot of space and can be used for the living room or even the kitchen. You can also find frosted glass doors that are pretty simple.

In some homes that have a walk-in wardrobe, you can find these doors being used. Make sure to iron out the details of how the door will look like and then have it in the kind of space wherein you will like to have a little privacy.

Now that we have the design elements underway, we want to help you have the pointers to narrow down the door selection.

How To Narrow Down The Best Room Door Designs?

If you are still not sure as to which room door design is going to be the right choice for you, here are some of the key factors you need to keep in mind.

The Door Positions

First of all, decide the places in your home where you need the door. The living room will of course have a different door selection criterion as compared to the entrance door or even the kitchen door.

So, you need to have a demarcated list of the different door positions and then you can filter your choices subsequently.

The Materials

The type of material you are choosing is always going to assume gargantuan importance. No matter which room it is, your doors should always be of the best quality because you don’t rework the doors now and then. Whether you will like PVC doors, glass doors, wooden doors or something else should be sorted. Make sure to put the details in the respective columns of door selection.

For instance, glass doors cannot go into the entrance door field.

The Door Maintenance

Of course, you have to factor in the maintenance aspect too. Some door types need a lot of maintenance and you need to know whether or not you will be able to put in that much maintenance work.

In most cases, people tend to choose entrance doors that won’t require a lot of maintenance. So, make sure that you explore this point well before settling on the final call.

The Budget

This has to be one of the most important factors. You need to have the right budget in mind and this is why you should size up the net cost. If you want to have a fixed budget in mind, you can hire an interior designer and finalize the cost beforehand.


How many doors should be present in a home?

As per Vastu, the number of doors present inside the house should be an even number. Also, all the internal doors need to be of the same size, but the main entrance door has to be slightly larger to signify the entrance to the home.

Can I have a door that doubles up as a safety feature?

Technology has come a long way and you can install smart cameras and doorbells on entrance doors that will offer you the right security and safety.

Can I have glass doors?

Yes, you can but they are usually towards the rear end of the house, say walk-in wardrobes, balconies, gardens and more.

What is the best material to use for entrance doors?

Most people choose wood as per Vastu, but for main entrance doors, steel is also often used as it has better safety and security aspects.

So, go ahead and make your pick now!