Row House Meaning | Distribution | Advantages | Pricing | UDS | FAQ

Have you heard of row houses? They are a trending housing option and offer a very premium lifestyle. There are several benefits of row houses and we are going to share the details of the houses and what to expect out of them as well.

Row houses are known to be the premium segment in the real estate world and are often termed luxury housing. These houses are known to be truly luxurious and they offer loads of breathing space. If you will like to dissect more details, we are going to talk of row houses and their associated benefits here.

What Is A Row House?

Row houses are almost like a bungalow as they are single-family homes. The major aspect that differentiates them from a bungalow is that for row homes, a lot of similar homes are arranged in a row pattern. This gives them the name of the row house. A minimum of three properties needs to be present side by side but they shouldn’t share the same stair path or even exits. These will then be categorized as row houses. The layout for all houses is uniform and home buyers have the option of customizing it the way they deem appropriate.

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The Row Houses Distribution In India

As you can understand that these houses will require a lot of area as they are present in a cluster, so, you will find them mostly in the suburbs and the upcoming areas. As there aren’t a lot of such houses that are present, the supply is limited. This helps in creating a huge funnel of demand and therefore the sales number for such houses is mighty impressive.

Some people have a strong preference to complex and apartments as they find them to be safer and more useful. On the other hand, some people who prefer a little solitary environment and would like a relaxed and luxurious lifestyle, tend to incline more towards the concept of row houses.

Not just metro cities, tier 2 cities are also very popular as far as the row house concept is concerned. These cities have better sales numbers.

The Advantages Of Row Houses

If you will like to check out the top benefits of staying in row houses so that you can make up your mind if you would like to stay in one, here are the top points.

  • You don’t compromise your privacy
  • They help in offering a premium lifestyle and are mighty spacious
  • They come with the best of amenities like dedicated parking, solar power, electricity maintenance, and more
  • The homeowners will be able to benefit from the higher undivided share of land
  • It gives you the feeling of living in a community as well as having your own separate solitary space. So, it offers the best of both worlds.

The Price Approximation For Row Houses

Let us now give you a rough approximation for the pricing of the row houses and what charge it is likely to incur if you think of buying one.

CityMin PriceMax Price
BengaluruRs. 15 LakhsRs. 20 Crores
ChennaiRs. 10 LakhsRs. 12 Crores
GurugramRs. 29 LakhsRs. 18 Crores
HyderabadRs. 39 LakhsRs. 9 Crores
NoidaRs. 12 LakhsRs. 10 Crores
PuneRs. 20 LakhsRs. 16 Crores

UDS Of The Row House

Even in the apartment style of housing, every unit comes with an associated UDS. This is the part of the plot that the homeowner is entitled to as per his/her share.

When you are asking for payment for an apartment, you end up paying the cost of the land along with the property. Now in case a redevelopment work kickstarts and you will then have to be compensated by the authorities.

This compensation will be calculated keeping the UDS in mind. As the row house is built on a single plot of land, you end up getting a higher share of land than if you choose to buy a densely packed apartment. So, you are sure to enjoy better benefits.


What do you mean by row house?

Row houses are known to be bungalow-style houses but they are present in a cluster of at least 3 houses. They share a common plot of land.

Are row houses and townhouses the same thing?

Row houses are identical in their plan and configuration. Townhouses need not share the same configuration.

Are there a lot of row houses in the market?

As they need a huge expanse of land, they are currently in limited supply. They are more abundant mostly in Tier 2 cities as compared to Tier 1 cities owing to excessive demand

Are row houses affordable?

Row houses are usually not affordable as they hint at a more luxurious and premium style of living. They are also scarce in number and this pushes the pricing mostly.

Are row houses like bungalows?

They do offer the privacy of the bungalow but as these houses are present in a cluster of at least 3 homes, they offer the community spirit as well.