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The chote nawab of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan has managed to make it quite big and left his big marks in the world of fashion, style, glamour, and of course Bollywood. He is one star who has managed to hog the limelight for his family and genes as well. He is father to four kids namely Ibrahim, Sara with his first wife and Taimur and Jehangir with his current wife, the Bollywood heartthrob Kareena Kapoor Khan.

All four of them are his children and are known to be blessed with the best looks and this has often brought Saif’s genetic beauty to the limelight. That being said, who can discount the fact that he hails from the royal family and that his mum happens to have the quintessential Tagore connection?

His home, the Pataudi mansion is known to be quite a significant place for movies, tourism, and real estate alike. A lot of movies and shows have been shot here and it is often frequented by tourists who simply want to behold the royal magnificence and eloquence that it has to exude.

Currently, the power couple resides in their house in Bandra, Mumbai which the two of them have made by singly picking out every minute detail and paying in-depth attention to it.

The Saif Ali Khan House

Let us now first talk about his Mumbai residence which is his true seat of living. Of course, the whole family can be often spotted vacationing or simply having a party at the Pataudi palace, but Saif truly calls his Mumbai residence his own home.

After Saif married Kareena, the couple together stayed in Fortune heights. This flat too was really lavish and very well done with the finest elements you could have asked for: however, the couple chose the building next door to build their dream home pad. They have now moved to the Satguru Sharan building which is just next door to their previous flat.

Kareena took particular interest in designing the new home as she left no stone unturned to make sure that the place could reek of true elegance. She wanted every corner to spell perfection and so it does. If you want to look at one of the top Bollywood celebrities’ homes that will spell luxury, fashion and taste in every single and smallest corner, it has to be the Saif Ali khan house. Of course, Mannat isn’t too far behind either after all Gauri Khan is one of the most celebrated interior designers in the country at the moment.

Mumbai Home

Their new Mumbai residence has a rooftop swimming pool that was quite the talking point when the couple moved. Along with this, there is a green terrace and the place believes in the concept of open air. You will find tons of open spaces here and the interior has been done after careful assimilation of all kinds of details.

Most people believe that the only reason they chose to relocate here is that right before the birth of their second child, they wanted to have a bigger place and something they could truly call their own.

Kareena believes that her current home is her dream house as she conceptualised every single thing and it has been planned in her mind and it was as if the vision was put into reality. They chose their friend Darshini Shah as the interior designer.

The Designer’s Mouth

The designer said that the couple wanted their new house to evoke a blend of old and new. They were extremely comfortable in their old home and so they didn’t want to let it go completely. They wanted to build something new and fancy while holding on to that which allowed them to grow and evolve and become the couple they have become.

Being their friend, she knows their aesthetics, preferences and tastes very well and therefore could come up with the kind of layouts and ideas that she knew both of them would love. Darshini was also assigned the task of redoing the Pataudi palace and she did a gem of a job there too therefore Kareena knew she didn’t want to try out anyone else.

The new home was designed keeping the needs of both the kids in mind. They have a room that truly speaks the vibe of the child: at the same time, emphasis was put to make sure that Kareena could truly have a place to unwind and become one with herself. She wanted to have a relaxing place where she could unwind and tune with nature and this is what this house gave to her.

Taimur has a larger room that gives him plenty of space for exploration. At the same time, the nursery is spellbinding and beautiful and something that truly allows the younger child to be at peace.

Their outdoor living space is mighty spacious and this is the reason, they have been hosting some of the best parties in town. Both Saif and Kareena are big party animals and know the who’s who of Bollywood. They often like to throw big parties and therefore their massive outdoor space gives them the perfect setting to do that.

The Vibe

Okay so if you want to know about the vibe of the place, it is important to understand that the palace is elegant and sophisticated at the same time. Kareena didn’t want the insides to be very loud as she believes in the concept of less is more.

They did pay a lot of emphasis on the kids’ room and the nursery but they have surely accommodated their needs too. The Khans made this home as much about them as it is about the kids. The couple has beautifully done their master bedroom and it is sure to keep them excited and young in love.

There is no denying the fact that they are the true power couple that Bollywood knows they can’t stop raving about. For a long time, Taimur was the paparazzi’s favourite until the parent decided to step their foot down and stopped him from always being in the limelight.

We believe that it is very important for children to be slightly grounded from the very beginning or else the troubles begin.

So, this is all about the current Mumbai residence of the nawab. Now, we will shift our focus on the Pataudi palace and what makes this once-upon-a-time royal seat of power so magically captivating for people all over the world.

Several rumours are circulating about the house with one of them stating that Saif paid a very handsome amount to get his house back. He did later confess to this rumour is true.

While the Mumbai residence is their primary home, they often frequent the Pataudi palace too. This bungalow is mainly famous for the huge expanse of greenery that surrounds it. It is hard to pinpoint the worth and value of the property mainly because it has a great emotional quotient and a history that has become quite the legacy.

The Lesser-Known Facts

Here are some of the lesser-known facts about the Pataudi palace. These facts are all an indicator of how amazing this palace is.

Saif Ali khan didn’t inherit his family’s house

It was Neemrana Hotels that leased the property from the year 2005 till the year 2014. The real owner of the property was Saif’s father Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. Once his father died, Saif was given the room but he had to pay a massive price for the sake of getting it back. He agreed to pay the amount and gained back the rights to what should have otherwise been his property. There is no denying the fact that the Pataudi palace is one of the most iconic spots in the whole country and something that a lot of people desire to visit and tour.

The best architects and designers were hired

If you look at the Pataudi palace minutely, you will find that it has been inspired by the colonial houses of imperial Delhi. Said took the help of her designer friend Darshini for the sake of ensuring that the property could be restored to its formal glory and still evoke an aura of its own.

The palace has been used for filming several movies.

A lot of Bollywood movies chose the Pataudi palace as their preferred shoot location. Tandav, one of Saif’s latest web series on Amazon was shot entirely in his house. The Pataudi place seemed to fit the script well and was therefore chosen for this series. Mangal Pandey, Eat Pray Love, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and even Gandhi, my father and Veer Zara were shot at the Pataudi palace.

Some of the finest opulent amenities can be found at this palace

The palace is truly royal in this way and you will be amazed at the kind of amenities you can get here. Apart from having more than 150 rooms and seven bedrooms, there are as many as seven billiard rooms and seven dressing rooms as well. There are a lot of drawing and dining rooms as well and each one of them is linked to the other with the help of some kind of passageways.

Weddings and birthdays

A lot of family weddings and birthdays are often celebrated here. Taimur’s much-hyped first birthday party, Kareena’s 39th birthday party and their annual Christmas celebrations are always a lot of fun and hype and have all been celebrated here with a lot of pomp and grandeur.

The Khan family often chooses this location for all their celebration as the place surely reeks of elegance in the right manner.

The History

If you try to track the history of the palace, you will find that this place can be traced back to the twentieth century.

It was at that time that the Nawab of Pataudi married the Begum of Bhopal. They believed that their current house was not large enough for the new wife and her children. So, they wanted to have a new palace which will be made keeping the colonial era places in mind. The top-notch British architect namely Robert Tor Russell was appointed for this project along with an Austrian architect called Au Molt Von Heinz. The result is there for all of us to behold and marvel at. The palace is a true piece of architectural excellence and evokes the right sense of pride and Magnus design. It is sure to leave the viewers in awe as it goes on to show how buildings too can look like art and demand the right praise and adulation.

It is said that Mansoor Ali Kha had leased out his castle to the Neemrana Hotels Group who left no stone unturned to take really good care and maintenance of the property. After he died, Saif Ali Khan was given a chance to claim back the property and add it to his list of residences. He decided to take up the offer. The market is buzzing with the report that he paid as much as Rs. 800 crores to a third party.

Quarantine during the pandemic

During the unforeseen pandemic-induced lockdown, when everyone was forced to stay indoors and businesses were shut, Saif Ali Khan with his family chose to quarantine in the palace itself. They stayed here for more than a month and it is said that Taimur fell in love with the palace.

Saif also shared several pictures and videos of doing different types of activities here along with his son Taimur. They went swimming together and also cooked different meals, read books, and played games as well. He also gave cookies to the little squirrels every morning and therefore the place did a great job in helping the dad and son duo bond in a really good manner.

Soha, Saif’s sister along with her husband Kunal Khemu and their daughter Inaaya also stayed at the palace and had a wonderful time here.

The Insides

Here are some of the details of the insides of the palace and how it spells perfection and awe in every single way.

The living room is warm and has a rustic vibe to it. You will find the right blend of old and new here and you will be pleased with the striking colour combination. There are dark and melancholic colours and also subtle neutral shades. The combination is sure to work like magic. They chose to go with hardwood floors as this tends to meet the perfect royal vibe and also have antique lamps to go with the rustic touch. This is not all as the Turkish carpets that look perfectly out of the world are incorporated and so are the couches.

One of the key things to keep an eye on has to be the art corner. One can find several old and new family portraits along with the top artist’ pieces lying in their home. It just goes on to show the refined taste that the nawab has. You can check some of the best penthouse designs for inspiration too.

The Balcony

You should keep an eye out on the balcony as it spells nothing but perfection. There are endless rows of succulents along with tropical plants. The couple decided to settle for the evergreen black and white flooring. This allows them to unwind and rest in the afternoon while sharing a cup of tea. They also could enjoy some daytime drinking as well.

Kareena just couldn’t do without the hanging lights. This helps in transforming the place into something a whole lot more romantic and intimate, especially during the evenings. You can find the couple cooking love on the balcony and enjoying their cosy time under the moonlit sky.


Does Saif Ali Khan own the Pataudi palace?

Yes, Saif purchased the complete palace and now owns his ancestral property

How big is the Pataudi palace?

The Pataudi place is spread well over 10 acres of space. It has endless rooms, dining rooms, guest rooms and more.

Does Saif Ali khan own multiple properties?

Yes, he has several properties to his name, including two homes in Bandra and the Pataudi palace as well. Another great property with huge value is Galaxy Apartment, The Salman Khan House.

What is the value of Saif’s Mumbai home?

It is estimated to be valued at close to Rs. 15 crores

Did Saif have to pay money to regain the Pataudi place?

Yes, as per market reports, Saif paid as much as Rs. 800 crores to gain back the ownership of his beloved ancestral property.