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The Bhai of Bollywood, Salman Khan is one of the most popular celebrities of all time. His fandom is beyond comparison and his home, the Galaxy Apartments is frequented by way too many tourists every single day.

Galaxy Apartments is sprawling big and his entire family stays in that building. Each one of them has its own dedicated space inside the building.

Who Is Salman Khan?

Salman Khan as a name needs no introduction. He has been ruling the hearts of Bollywood fans for more than two years now and continues to rule the silver screen even today. He has delivered some of the biggest hits of all time. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun made him a household name and the boy next door that girls and even aunties couldn’t stop talking about.

He has had his share of controversies as well. Salman is infamous for the black buck shooting case and also ramming his car and running over several people who were sleeping on the footpath.

Bhai is one of the highest-paid actors in the film industry even today and his movie Antim is all set to hit the theatres after a gap of almost two years. Such a huge gap happened because of the pandemic.

Another great show of his that keeps him in the limelight has to be The Bigg Boss. It is rumoured that Bhai charges nearly Rs. 7 to 8 crores per episode but he surely knows how to keep the TRP cracking as he has managed to keep the fans glued to their seats.

Salman Khan House Details

As we have already told you, along with his family, he stays in Galaxy Apartments. Salman resides on the first floor and has a humble 1 BHK. Some others are of the opinion that he has two floors to his name and he has built it very lavishly and loves to spend his free and leisure time here.

There is no denying the fact that he could have easily chosen to live in a posh bungalow in even more upscale areas of Mumbai, but Salman consciously chose to live close to his parents. His parents reside on the upper floors while Salman chose the lower ones.

As per the market estimates, it is believed that the current market value of his building stands close to Rs. 100 crores.

The House Address

If you will like to visit the Galaxy Apartments which is the residential address of the actor, here are the details.

3, Galaxy Apartments, Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Road, Bandstand, Bandra West, Mumbai- 400050, India

Those who visit Mumbai make it a point to at least visit two homes of star celebrities. One is Salman and the other is Shahrukh. These days, even the home of celebrated Indian tycoon Mr Mukesh Ambani has been added to this prestigious list of big houses as well.

The Inside Pictures Of Salman Khan’s House

While there aren’t too many pictures on the web regarding Salman khan house, still one can steal a few from his posts on social media. Salman often likes to invite family and friends to his home for dinners and other get-togethers.

It is believed that in Salman Khan house you will find an L-shaped living room cum dining room.

The dining area evokes a sense of cosiness and it has been built keeping his close friends and family in mind. Bollywood is abuzz with reports that Salman often hosts meals for his family and friends at his huge, simple, and elegant dining space.

Designing Aspect

The design has been kept open as the place has an open small kitchen but the dining space is pretty big. This has been specially done to make sure that it can accommodate a lot of people with ease.

From the inside details that the actor seems to share with his friends, it is believed that when Salman was young, he used to live on the first floor along with his three siblings namely Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, and Alvira Khan. Later on, he decided to take the whole floor and his brothers subsequently moved to the other floors as they have a massive home to segregate the spaces.

The overall tones of the home are mainly neutral and mostly white. It is believed that when it comes to colour or even decorative items, the overall tone of the house has been kept simple and minimal. None of the brothers believes in overdoing things as they go by the rule ‘less is more.

The Living Area

As we told, the overall house has very neutral tones and simple colours. White is the colour of choice and you will find a super simplistic touch all across the room. However, in order to add to the right contrast, the doors and the window panes have been made dark. This sharp and striking contrast of light and dark has made things appealing and adds a touch of magic to the overall place.

Another great element that one needs to talk about has to be the décor aspect. The right décor elements have been very neatly integrated into the home to make sure that it reeks of magic and perfection. One can find that the cushions and flowers present beside the couch have been very intricately chosen. This has been done to add the right touch and magic to the room.

Anyone who has been here having been really impressed by the overall vibe that the living room space seems to emit.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most special corners of the house. The Khan family loves to gorge on food and they are all food lovers. This is why Salman made it a point to devote extra attention and emphasis to the way he designed his kitchen.

The theme of the kitchen design is modern and contemporary. The biryani of this Khan household is famous all over Bollywood for being one of the very best.

The kitchen has been very intricately designed and emphasis has been put on every minute element as well. As the overall voice of Salman’s place is minimalistic, you can find that the whole place tends to emit this minimal touch. The kitchen is modern but minimal.

One of the most striking and often applauded elements in Bhai’s kitchen has to be the wooden table. This table comes with a very unique design as you can find logs of wood. They have been made to function like a stool. The stylish house has smartly integrated elements of rustic and traditional touch. This truly makes it contemporary in the right manner.

The Pets Corner

Salman is the parents of two pet dogs who he has named Mowgli and Saint. He absolutely adores them and his Instagram feed often has several pictures of the two of them sprawling around all over the house. Salman is of the opinion that the house is as much theirs as his. Bhai loves to play with both his dogs and is a great pet parent.

The Pavel Farmhouse

If you want to see a true Bhai party, you are not likely to find it at his home. Rather it will be at his farmhouse. The Pavel farmhouse has been the home to some of the biggest and the craziest parties in Bollywood.

You will find a huge swimming pool and three big bungalows here. During the pandemic-induced lockdown, Salman spent a large part of his time here. He used to participate in tons of different activities including cycling, farming, and more. He gave his fans a slice of all of those by uploading different videos on his social media profiles.

As Salman chose not to marry so far, his farmhouse is often touted as his bachelor pad. You will find the best of parties being hosted here quite often. It is estimated that his Pavel farmhouse is valued at somewhere close to Rs. 150 crores. The gym at this farmhouse is something that is often spoken about. It is packed with the finest state-of-the-art equipment and Salman loves to work out here.

He had released videos with Jacqueline Fernandes here during the lockdown which kickstarted rumours about him dating her. Nothing was confirmed after that though.

Salman Khan House: His Other Properties

Apart from these two big properties, Salman does own other properties too. He knows how to make the right investments and therefore owns an apartment in the Burj Pacific towers in Dubai. This is one of his most luxurious properties and has the best views to die for. Located in the posh area of Dubai; this property is more of a statement maker possession. He also owns a triplex flat at Bandra Bandstand, a flat at the Sterling Sea face at Worli and another one on Carter Road.

All these are proof of his good business skills and show how amazingly well spread his investments are. There is no denying the fact that all his houses are worth quite a fortune. He has managed to make quite a huge money and value for himself.


What is the price of Salman Khan’s house?

His house is valued to be approximately Rs. 100 crores

What is the value of Salman Khan farmhouse?

The Pavel farmhouse is rumoured to be valued at close to Rs. 150 crores

Does Salman live on the first floor?

Yes, it is believed that he stays on the first floor but also has one more floor for himself.

Does he own more property?

Yes, he owns three more properties apart from his house and farmhouse. One of these is located in Dubai.