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One of the biggest Bollywood stars, Salman Khan has made a name for himself. The industry respects him a lot for his generosity and sincerity towards work. The actor has been in the industry for around 30 years and he has done more than 120 films in his career.

When it comes to fan following, Salman Khan in itself is a brand and people are crazy for the actor. To get a glimpse of their favourite superstar, fans keep waiting for him for hours beneath his apartment. Salman who resides in Mumbai’s Galaxy Apartment has a lavish 1BHK flat. The actor does not believe in staying in a lavish bungalow unlike Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and others. 

Counted amongst the highest paid actors in the Bollywood film industry, Khan is believed to charge a whooping 100 crores for a film. Fans crazily wait for his movies to release. It is a blessing for fans to see him on the silver screen. He is also seen on the television screen as the host of Bigg Boss and has been ruling the show season after season.

A true family man, Salman has always been very close to his parents and brothers. He also dearly loves his sisters. To live close to his parents, Salman decided to go for a 1BHK flat on Galaxy apartment’s ground floor. His parents live just above him on the first floor.


The appartment housed in Bandra West’s Bandstand area is a centre of attraction for millions of fans. Khan’s fans regularly visit the place to see just one glimpse of the actor. The building has 8 storeys wherein Salman lives all by himself on the ground floor. The first floor is his parent’s abode and the place where Khan as well as his siblings lived together as children with Salim and Salma Khan. Galaxy Appartment is not a very luxuriously designed building when compared to the bungalows of other B-town biggies. Even then, it has made a name since the Khans have been staying there for years.

Salman Khan can be sometimes seen waving at his fans from his apartment’s balcony and that is the moment every fan lives for. On special occasions, one can see millions of fans gathering around the building to see the superstar for a second. For those who wish to know the exact address of the superstar’s abode here it is:

Address: 3, Galaxy Apartment, Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Road, Bandstand, Bandra West, Mumbai- 400050


Where Salman’s net worth is believed to be somewhere close to INR 2700 crores, the 1BHK Apartment he dwells in has a market value of around INR100 crores. The building is one of the prime spots in Mumbai and is an attraction for tourists.

The Salman Khan House: A Look Inside

Dine With Love

Featuring an L-shaped dining area, Khan who is very close to his family is often heard throwing lavish dinner parties for his family members and the entire family to dine together. The dining area is kept simple and sober as Salman does not believe in overdoing every corner of his abode.

His house also has an open kitchen just beside the dining area. Finger-licking food is cooked with love in Khan’s kitchen and the family enjoys several meals together. The kitchen is designed keeping a modern taste in mind and it looks great. Khan’s close friends and family have always said all things nice about the food cooked in there. We have often heard people mention the biryani cooked at Salman’s house.

There is also a touch of nature outside the kitchen. It features logs of wood placed around a wooden table and the setup looks aesthetic and appealing.

Keeping It Light

The interiors of his house are predominantly white and there are neutral tones to add to the beauty of white. The actor is not a lover of a super luxurious home and prefers to keep everything simple and low-key at his place. There are some gorgeous decor pieces and the lighting at his place does perfect justice to the beauty of the art pieces. 

Everything is minimalistic and looks gorgeously sophisticated. The few pieces of furniture that are smartly planned and arranged in the apartment look surreal. Since the house is not overcrowded, the space looks cleaner, and mess-free and adds to the class. 

The Bedroom

Salman’s bedroom in his 1BHK flat is an epitome of sophistication. Covering floor space of around 170-190 square feet, the bedroom also has an attached washroom. 

Salman’s beautiful abode is also home to his lovely pet dogs Saint and Mowgli. His fans often get to see pictures of the two having a fun time in different sections of the house.

The Khan family has been residing on the Galaxy Apartment’s first floor for 40 years. Salman shifted to the ground floor later in his life as he wished to always stay close to his parents and brothers. 

The Panvel Farmhouse

Along with this gorgeous home in Galaxy Apartment, Salman Khan’s Panvel farmhouse is also a much-talked-about house. Fans got to see this farmhouse a lot on Salman’s Instagram page as the actor spent much time here during the pandemic. Khan also frequently hosts Bollywood parties in this farmhouse and thus it is often visited by B-town biggies.

The farmhouse has 3 lavish bungalows and a swimming pool. There are loads of activities one can get indulged in like swimming, cycling, farming etc. There is also a gym in his farmhouse as Salman believes that working out is an important part of his life. He does not choose to skip it even when he is at his farmhouse for a day.

There are several animals at the farmhouse and this shows that Salman loves animals. We got to see many pictures and videos of Salman playing with the animals and also feeding them during the pandemic lockdown. His love for horses was pretty evident and fans were rejoicing seeing Salman having fun at his farmhouse.

The farmhouse has a market value of around INR150 Crores and is a much-loved place by Salman’s B-town buddies. The actor spends many weekends at his farmhouse. He also keeps inviting his friends for a staycation there.

Spread across 150 acres of land, the farmhouse is named ‘The Arpita Farms’. It shows Salman’s love for his sister Arpita. 

Other Properties:

We have told you enough about the places where Salman loves spending time. He also has a few other properties :

Another flat housed in Carter Road

A triplex decorated with luxuries housed in Bandstand Bandra

An Apartment in Sterling sea face (Worli)

The actor also has a house in Dubai’s Burj Pacific Towers.

Even though he has these many houses and properties, it is the apartment in Galaxy where Salman spends the majority of his time. This house is the closest to his heart. Salman and the entire family have so many memories attached to this place. They are never in the mood to shift to a new, better-designed luxurious bungalow.


How many rooms does Salman’s house in the galaxy apartment have?

Salman’s apartment in the Galaxy building is a 1BHK apartment. Salman loves spending time in this house.

Why does Salman Khan stay in a small house?

Salman Khan prefers staying in Galaxy Appartment because that is the place he lived in during his childhood. He prefers staying close to his parents and brothers thus he loves his appartment just beneath his parents’ appartment in Galaxy.

Where is Salman Khan’s home?

Salman Khan lives on the ground floor of the galaxy apartment. It is housed in Bandstand, Bandra West.

Is the Galaxy Appartment owned by Salman Khan?

No, Salman Khan owns an apartment on the ground floor of the Galaxy building. His parents reside on the first floor just above his space.

What is the net value of Salman’s galaxy apartment house?

The net value of Salman’s galaxy apartment house is estimated to be around INR100 crores.

What is the name of Salman Khan’s Panvel farmhouse?

The Panvel house is named ‘The Arpita Farms’. It is named after Salman’s sister Arpita whom he loves a lot.