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Have you heard about the Samagra portal and the umpteen benefits it has to offer? It is a useful government tool and we are going to share a lot of information here.

Make sure to understand the details so that you can access the Samagra portal and thereby make the most of it. 

What Is The Samagra Portal?

The Samagra Samajik Suraksha Mission or the SSSM is a government initiative that was launched in Madhya Pradesh. The key aim of this mission is to help disadvantaged people in society. This mission wants to give them access to different social security schemes based on their needs.

Another great government initiative is the MP Bhulekha for finding the land records in the state.

There are different categories of schemes that are available. Some of them are for girls while others are for labourers, those who belong to BPL (below the poverty line), elderly people, and more. 

Every family that lives in Madhya Pradesh need to register on the Samagra portal and they are allotted a unique ID. This ID is known as the SSSM ID. One has to use this ID for the sake of applying to different government schemes. The different details will be mentioned on the portal and one can access the site to know the right information. 

The Types Of SSSM ID

The SSSM ID can be broadly categorized into different heads. Let us see what they are.

  • The family SSSM ID: This is an eight-digit number. As the name implies, this ID is allotted to the whole family. 
  • The member SSSM ID: This is a nine-digit number and it is allotted to a single family member. The person should be a part of the family that has been allotted the family ID.

What Purpose Does The SSSM ID Have To Offer?

If you want to avail the benefits of the different programs; you must have your SSSM ID. The main aim of this program is to ensure that the different schemes are well promoted and the necessary facilities are offered to those who need them via one single platform. The overall monitoring and assessment can be done via the Samagra portal. 

When you register yourself on the site, the IDs will be automatically generated and one can therefore find all the details on the Samagra portal. 

If you are a beneficiary, you can head to the Samagra portal and check out the basic information about your family. If you find that any of the data is incorrect, you can approach the nearest authorized body to have it rectified. 

The biggest benefit of this portal is that it has made everything easy to access and transparent as well. The state government can now access the full data of every citizen in Madhya Pradesh via the site. 

Documents To Register On The Samagra Portal

If you are looking to register on the Samagra portal, you can do it both online and offline.

Make sure to have all these documents ready before heading to get the registration done. 

  • Passport size photograph 
  • The Aadhar Card 
  • Mobile number 
  • Marks sheet of Class X (if applicable)
  • Ration card 
  • Permanent resident certificate 

How To Login To The Samagra Portal?

Here are the steps to follow for logging in to the portal 

samagra home
Source: Official Site
  • On the top right corner, you will find an option that reads ‘Login’. Click on that 
  • Enter the credentials offered after registration along with the captcha and then click on Login 

How To Apply For The Schemes On The Website?

Here are the steps to be followed if you are looking to apply for the different government schemes on the website. 

  • Head to the Samagra portal and choose the option that reads ‘Services for citizens’
  • Under this, choose ‘Register family/ members as a whole. Choose the ‘Register the family’ option underneath it 
  • On the page that pops, fill in the required information and make sure to double-check the details entered 
  • Now upload all the supporting documents as requested 
  • Click on the option that reads ‘Add family members. Make sure to enter all details 
  • Now click ‘Add member in the family’ and keep adding details for all the members of the family 
  • This will complete the registration of all the members of the family on the portal.

How To Get The SSSM ID No.?

Here are the steps to follow to get your unique ID. 

  • Head to the official website and click on the ‘Services for Citizens’ option 
  • Choose the option that reads ‘Know the Overall ID’ 
samagra id
Source: Official Site
  • You can choose the option ‘know the entire family and member ID’ and the details will then be displayed for you 

How To Check New/Temporary Registered Families?

  • Head to the Samagra portal and then choose ‘Find new/temporary family members 
  • Now click on ‘New/temporary registered family’
register family
Source: Official Site
  • A new page will pop up where you need to fill in different details including district, local body, panchayat zones, village, date and list type as well 
  • A code will come, submit that and then click on ‘Show Records’ 

Steps To Find The Samagra Ward

  • Head to the home page of the website and then click on ‘Urban bodies- find colony/ward’
  • Now choose ‘Go to your ward’
  • Now you can click on search and you will be able to find the ward information 
Source: Official Site
  • If you want to see the list of colonies, you can choose the option that reads ‘See the list of colonies under ward’
  • Enter the details and then click on search 

Methods to get the e-KYC done

  • Head to the Samagra portal and then click on ‘Services for citizens’ section
  • Head to the option that reads ‘Update overall profile’ 
  • Now click on the option that reads ‘Update date of birth, name, and gender through E-KYC
update profile
Source: Official Site
  • Enter the details as required and then submit the code and then click on the option that reads ‘Request to get OTP on’
  • Your mobile number will receive the OTP and then you can enter it and complete the e-KYC process 

Several options are present. You can choose to identify duplicate members or even duplicate families. You can also choose to opt for family migration and even search the registered applications to update the member profile details as well.

How To Print The Samagra ID Card?

  • Head to the Samagra portal and then click on the ‘Services for Citizens’ option 
  • Now choose the ‘Know the overall ID’ section 
  • Click on the option that reads ‘From family ID’ 
  • Submit the family ID along with the captcha code
  • Click on see and the information will be visible to you 
  • When the details are visible on the screen, you can choose to take a printout of it. 
print samagra card
Source: Official Site

Contact Information 

Here are the details you need for getting in touch with the Samagra portal 

Email address: 

Address: Samagra Social Security Mission, Tulsa Tower, Tulsa Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

So, if you will like to benefit from the different schemes and you will want to make use of the government offers, you should explore the different government-approved schemes that are available. 

There are several options based on the categories that are most likely to need help. For example, labourers could use help from the governments as this will benefit them. Similarly, a lot of underprivileged girl children could use the help too.

The government of Madhya Pradesh has put in a lot of thought and by choosing to have a dedicated and single unified portal, one can access all the details easily and the whole thing becomes easy to monitor and widely transparent at the same time.