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Whenever you are designing a home, there are so many elements that you will have to closely monitor. It is believed that while designing a home, you should always be mindful of the right Vastu elements. If you don’t, your home will fail to have the right energy funnel.

Vastu is an ancient science of architecture that focuses on a plethora of aspects. Some of these are the magnetic fields of earth, the precise location of the rooms, the directions of the bedrooms, the colour tones used and more to determine the right energy wavelengths for your home.

What Is A Septic Tank?

A septic tank is an underground pit that is meant to flush out the waste generated from the bathroom and the kitchen. These tanks are filled with negative energy. Therefore, it can hinder the overall positive vibes that are otherwise present in the home. So, you should always make sure to check out the details of the septic tank Vastu. Make sure to follow the right directions and placement rules for it.

The Importance Of Correct Location

A septic tank is an important item as it helps in collecting waste in the right manner. Earlier, people didn’t use to pay a lot of heed to where the septic tank was placed. This is because it wasn’t heavily populated. But things have changed a lot these days. Now, every house needs to have its septic tank. It helps in disposing of the waste in the right manner.

The waste matter is filled with anaerobic bacteria and this ensures that the solids in the waste are converted into gases. This is why the tanks are almost always filled with negative energy and if you don’t place it in the right direction, it is likely to lead to Vastu dosha. It is also important to make sure that there is no error in construction because the presence of leakage is likely to trigger a foul smell.

A wrong placement when interfered with solar and magnetic radiation will create a great deal of negative aura in the home.

The Preferred Direction

If you are looking for the right direction of a septic tank, it will always be the northwest side. If you will like to get the precise coordinates, you need to divide the north area into nine segments. When the segments have been demarcated, you should then place the septic tank in the third part.

The Directions To Avoid

Apart from this, you also need to know some of the directions you have to avoid at all costs.  The southeast and the west directions are not preferred at all; as far as septic tank Vastu is concerned. You should never place the septic tanks here as this will lead to several financial woes and can trigger mental instability as well.

Another crucial point is that you should always make sure that the water and excretory matter get separated in the septic tank. The water should head to the eastern side and the excretory waste should head to the west.

Further, if you end up having waste outlet pipes in the south direction, it is absolutely important to shift them to the east or the north direction. If your home is a multi-storeyed building, make sure that the drainage pipes are not positioned towards the southwest.

Septic Tank Vastu For South Facing Home

If your home is in the south direction, steer away from the southeast, the northeast, and even the southwest corner while making the septic tank.

The right position would be the north of the west direction.

Septic Tank Vastu For North Facing Home

If your home faces the north direction, make sure that the septic tank is not placed at the entrance. The northwest corner is the most appropriate place in such cases. You can choose the northeast corner as well.

Septic Tank Vastu For An East Facing House

If your house faces the east, you can choose the northwest corner. If this is not possible for some reason or the other, you can also choose the northeast area.

Septic Tank Vastu For A West Facing House

The west or the northwest direction is the most preferred choice for the septic tank if you have a west-facing house. If this is not possible, the south of the southwest direction is the right option to have.

Impact Of Wrong Placement

If you are wondering what would happen if the septic tank is placed in the wrong direction, here are the details you need to be aware of.

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Never have the septic tank towards the south. This is likely to lead to legal cases and court matters. It can impact the overall goodwill of your firm as well.


If you place the septic tank in the southeast, it can lead to issues in married life or even trigger childbirth problems as well.


If you end up constructing the septic tank in the north, it is likely to trigger career-related woes. This will therefore bring in financial problems for the family and therefore is a bad direction.


If you place the septic tank in the northeast, it is likely to impair health adversely. People in the house are likely to fall ill often and some can also get very serious.


If the septic tank is placed in the west, your desires are likely to stay unfulfilled. You can also find yourself in a legal brawl about property matters.


If the septic tank is placed in the east, you are likely to face different types of health disorders. You can also find yourself facing social abandonment in such cases too.

The Top Tips To Follow

Here are the key guidelines you need to follow when making a septic tank. These are the top septic tank Vastu guidelines that you should adhere to.

  • Always make sure that the septic tank and the wall of the compound are not attached. There needs to be a distance of 1 to 2 feet
  • Make sure that the septic tank is constructed at the ground level.
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  • The tank outlet should never be placed in the south. The preferred regions are the east and the west
  • Place the tank in such a way that the length of the tank should be on the east-west axis and the breadth should be on the north-south axis.
  • Don’t have the puja room, the bedroom, or the kitchen right above the septic tank
  • You can choose to have a staircase above the septic tank, especially if it is outside the house

The Drainage

When you are working on the septic tank, make it a point to also be mindful of the drainage. This is fairly important as it ensures that you will be able to align it as per the norms of Vastu.  It is crucial to follow the norms here or else you are likely to face the consequences.

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A lot of people who chose to follow the Vastu norms could see the after-effects as it had impaired the health of the family or the finances adversely. So, here we are going to learn about the different drainage details that will help you work on your septic tank in the best possible way.

The pipelines present in your bathroom should have the drainage passage in the north or the northwest direction.

Also, make sure that the channels of your kitchen are placed in the east or the north direction.  The south part of the home is not considered auspicious for the sake of drainage pipes and therefore you have to avoid this part of your home.

If you live in a multi-storeyed building, you have to make sure that the drainage pipe from the upper level should not ooze out from the southwest direction. This is not considered good as per Vastu and has to be avoided at all costs.


Does the septic tank need to follow the Vastu guidelines too?

Vastu is an ancient science that has to do with architecture and therefore it is extremely important to ensure that one is following the norms completely. Every little thing in the house including the septic tank should conform to the Vastu guidelines if you are keen on ensuring that your house has the right flow of positive energy inside.

You can also check out Vastu-approved house colours too.

Does Vastu outline the right size of the septic tank?

As per the Vastu guidelines, the dimensions of the septic tank should follow the ratio of 1: 1.61. This infers that if the width of the septic tank is 1 metre, the length should be 1.61 metres. Based on the actual dimension, you can scale the length and the width accordingly.

What would be the preferred location as per the septic tank Vastu guidelines??

Ideal, it is the northwest direction that is considered to be the most preferred choice as per Vastu. However, based on which direction your house faces, you need to adjust the direction of the septic tank. The south is the least favourable direction and should be avoided at all cost

For instance, if you have a west-facing home, the septic tank should be placed on the west of the northwest or the south of the southwest direction.

So, you will have to factor in the actual direction of your house while deciding on the right placement.

Does Vastu react strongly to leakage in a septic tank?

Septic tanks contain waste and excreta. They are filled with a high volume of negative energy. If there is any defect in the tank and the waste is leaking out, it is extremely harmful to health and has to be fixed. It can lead to very severe illness. Even when it comes to Vastu, it is considered to be a terrible dosha as this negative energy can seep and quickly spread throughout the whole of the house.

Can you fix the septic tank dosha?

Vastu has remedies for all kinds of Vastu dosha. If your tank is placed in the wrong direction, you can check out the different Vastu remedies and fix the dosha. However, if you are in the process of construction, always try to make sure that you follow the septic tank Vastu rules and do the construction accordingly.