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SGX Nifty stands for Singapore Nifty and if you are dealing in the share market and trading, there is absolutely no way you can afford to not know about what is Singapore Nifty.

So, if you are looking to procure knowledge about SGX Nifty, we are going to share some important details in a systematic way.

What Is Nifty?

Nifty is basically a sample of 50 companies in the index market that has been listed on the National Stock Exchange of India. So, the job of Nifty is to post these 50 companies on the basis of stock performance and to rank the best one at the very top.

What Is The NSE?

The NSE or the National Stock Exchange is the leading company for stock exchange and is located in India. The different companies are listed in this exchange.

What Is SGX Nifty?

SGX stands for Singapore stock exchange. Just like nifty is the benchmark index that reflects the weighted aggregate of the stocks of the top 50 Indian companies, the Singapore Nifty is a derivative of the Indian nifty index as it is traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange Platform.

The Impact Of SGX Nifty On Indian Traders

As there is a time difference between Singapore and India, Singapore Nifty helps the investors in understanding the movement of the market before the trading actually starts in India. By choosing to track Singapore Nifty, you will be able to somehow predict the performance of the Indian nifty. Even those who can’t participate in Indian stock trading can choose Singapore Nifty for the right investment options.

With the help of SGX, investors will be able to participate in different markets. These include the China A50 index, MSCI Hong Kong, MSCI Taiwan, Nikkei 225 and more.

The Difference Between Nifty And Singapore Nifty

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  • The SGX Nifty is traded on Singapore Stock Exchange but the Indian Nifty is traded on the NSE
  • The SGX Nifty is way more volatile as compared to the NSE Nifty
  • As per the NSE rules, you need a minimum of 50 shares to trade on Nifty. Only then a contract will be made between a buyer and seller. There is no such limitation for the Singapore nifty.
  • The timing for both platforms is very different. The NSE Nifty operates for only six and a half hours. It starts at 9 15 AM and closes at 3 30 pm IST. The SGX Nifty on the other hand operates for 16 hours every day. It starts from 6 30 AM and continues till 11 30 PM.


What do you mean by SGX Nifty?

SGX Nifty stands for Singapore stock exchange. It offers derivatives of the nifty index and is traded on the Singapore stock exchange.

Can Indians trade on Singapore Nifty?

No Indian residents are not permitted to trade in the SGX Nifty contracts. NRIs however can trade in it based on the rules of the country where they reside

What is the difference between NSE and Nifty?

The NSE is a platform where trading is done and the Nifty is the stock market index that is traded on the NSE platform.