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Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, is one of the most prominent and adored stars in the Hindi movie industry. Shahrukh Khan House in Bandra is a famous landmark in Mumbai city, with many people visiting its gate daily. Even many Bollywood superstars and celebrities stop near his residence to catch a glimpse of the mega superstar or take selfies outside the Villa.

The interior of the house, however, is not a mystery anymore. This house is indeed a place of tourism. King Khan and his wife are very active on social media and often share their house’s mesmerizing interiors and decorations on several occasions. Spend a moment with the brick tab, look inside Shahrukh Khan’s home, and see how luxurious he’s living.

shahrukh khan house
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How it all Started

Khan began his life with Gauri in the town; it started with a sea-facing “3-Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen” flat in Shri Amrit apartments, situated on Carter road, Bandra west. In 1997 while he was working on the film “Yes Boss”, he cited a mansion located in the bandstands area of Mumbai, and he instantly added this beautiful mansion to his want list. The house formerly possessed by kekoo Ghandy was known as villa Vienna.

As they say, “the patient dog eats the fattest bone”. After waiting patiently for some years, King Khan acquired this property in 2001 from Nariman k dubash, who happens to be the trustee of Bhai thrashed Bhanu Sanjana trust. Since then, mannat has become so famous for obvious objectives.

Quick Details of The House

The house is a gorgeous, six-story villa blended with vintage and modern designs. Khan House address is an outstanding, sea-facing property built to impress. Everything about this house screams fit for a king and Badshah of the country, from its architectural design to the breathtaking interior. 

The house’s interior is designed by King Khan’s wife, who is an incredible architect. It’s said that the mansion has shades of the neoclassical method of architecture, and there is a beautifully trimmed garden in the front of the house. The interior decor was fashionable, teeming with art objects from around the globe. 

The house is built over 27,000+ feet and has six floors. Spread over these floors are five bedrooms, a stunning swimming pool,  a gym and studio are present, an extravagant Library, a private movie theatre, a sports area for children, an office, and huge bars with sitting and lounging areas are also not left out.

The Price of Shahrukh Khan House-Mannat

He bought the house on lease in 2001 at 13.32 crore. Considering that a regular apartment in Bandstand Bandra costs 43,000 rupees per square foot on average, it’s normal to say the price of King Khan House is nearly 113.21 crores. Nevertheless, that price is just a standard market value, considering that the villa is sea-facing.

A 6-story heritage building in one of Mumbai’s most admired neighbourhoods will cost much more. Considering the villa is a rich green lawn with french windows and state-of-the-art infrastructure, it cost nearly 200 crores, thus making it the most expensive property of king khan.

Entrance of the house

entrance of the house
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Reaching the entrance of Mannat will tell you that you are about to enter paradise on earth. It has a neo-classical look painted in white; king Khan said in an interview, “I can’t exchange it with anything else on this planet”.

Dated back to the architectural style of the 1920s, the mansion has large pillars and classic french windows embossed with stunning lighting. The house’s interior walls are dominated by neutral colours like cream, brown, and beige.  

King Khan House Living Room with a Natural Look.

Ghauri Khan indeed designs the house with all her might and elegance. She has thoroughly worked on the interiors and decors of the house and turned it into a luxurious yet friendly abode, limiting no expenditure and effort whatsoever.

The richness of the living room is enough to take away your breath; the living space profoundly reflects some raw elements and looks intentionally unfinished. Its dark undertone of brick red makes it stylish and adds refined air to the room’s atmosphere.

The living represents the hidden comfort behind the expensive lifestyle of Shahrukh Khan. A vast skylight embedded in the roof brings in natural sunlight that highlights all the decorations of the space. The inside view of this living room is incomparable owing to its stunning space utilization. 

Home Theatre of Shahrukh Khan House

home theater
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Despite being reserved with professional and personal life, Khan’s unending love for cinema and cinema art has made him develop this space entirely dedicated to art. The walls of the space are brightly coloured and covered with film posters of some popular movies.

Adding to the collection is a framed charlie Chaplin stick. This space of the house is unimaginably remarkable! Comprising 42 leather recliners in mahogany velvet and burgundy shade, there’s a massive collection of movies in which Khan has ever featured.

The Drawing Room at Mannat – A tint of the European architecture

One of the most designed and important spaces in this house is the drawing room; it’s made up of a rare and extraordinary combination of design elements, artefacts acquired from around the world, and architecture from Italy, making the house’s drawing room a serene and respected space. The room is luxurious and has a striking resemblance to ancient palaces.

The space is designed with golden and bright yellow colours. It also has large chandeliers, curtains of double swag, and large canvas paintings, which add an ancient touch to the space. Moreso, beautiful flower pots are placed amid the radiant shades adding green darts that attract the eyes.  Every interior of this room is superb.

Office and Study Room

office and study room
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He’s successful but still a workaholic; imagine someone like him having an office at home. Although king Khan is not only an actor but also an established business owner. King Khan and Ghauri Khan (his wife) are both successful entrepreneurs, and they’ve isolated workstations inside mannat.

In their workspace, Khan has a minimal desk with stunning modern art glorifying the room’s wall. The office space also has a recording room in it, also with glass shelves, wood cabinets, and other decorations, which make it look stunning and modern. 

SRK workstation also has an extension for the office and majestic award rooms. The award room gets a wooden theme. It has a dark wood panel, Stanly rug on the floor, and a leather sofa. Every inch of the room area is impressive as it embossed awards won by king Khan in the movie industry over the years.

Terrace at Shahrukh Khan House

This place is indeed Ghauri Khan’s happiest place. The spacious terrace of mannat is a perfect example of work-life balance. Designed to protect family privacy, the terrace is the only place in Shahrukh Khan House Mannat- which transforms itself as and when required. SRK uses this place for some special occasions- as a stage to greet his fans.

The charitable lighting on occasions like Diwali and Christmas and elements of nature bring life to this terrace. This place transforms into a cosy lamp in the evening when the family wants to enjoy private chatting. The terrace also has an ample seating space that is best for evening hang out. With the view of the elegant Arabian sea and the solace of the plush sofas, it’s indeed an excellent spot for families to get together.

The Master Bedroom of Shahrukh Khan House

Mannat is where nothing goes unnoticed, including the Wonderful master bedroom. There’s a massive wooden door at the entrance, and upon entering the room, you’ll see a huge brown-coloured velvet couch intentionally placed to develop a combination with cream-coloured windows, which allow natural sunlight to infiltrate the room, enlightening the space.

SRK has his king-size bed, which is furnished with a leopard print cushion and gold pillows. The beautiful chandeliers hanging amid the centre of the room make it look more stunning.

Walk-In Closet of king khan’s house

Merely seeing the picture of this place will surely take away your breath. The work-in closet is popularly called the “concept of all girl’s dream”. Ghauri Khan has detailed work in the closet that has undergone a huge transformation over the past few years. It was a Wooden appearing closet with a huge dressing table with thickened carved borders, drawers, and ornate chandeliers.

And open framed shelves, this space met every requirement of a Walk closet for couples. However, the Walk closet has experienced an enormous transformation; it has become a beautiful and dreamy space that brings in more radiance.

It has neutral shades and classic materials like leather, white marble flooring, and a dark ceiling; the room’s colour flows downward. It displays all necessary elements like floor-to-ceiling shoe racks with gold detailing and a majestic leather throne. OMG! Nothing inside meat can be termed dull or insensible.

Upper Floors

Every part of the house has something unique, each part of the house has an uncompromised taste of the couple. The comfortable seating near a fireplace should not be marked out. The space has carpet designer chairs in front of the black-painted fireplace. The led lights on the ceiling add warmth to the place, and the large mirror wall behind the fireplace glorifies the area.

Interesting facts About Mannat

  • King Khan bought the house under villa Vienna and named it mannat.
  • Gauri khan is the major designer of the house, along with designer Kaif Yaqui.
  • It’s a grade III heritage village in a blend of Italian architecture and neo-classical elements. A perfect combination of vintage and contemporary design.
  • The house has a well-spaced boxing ring, swimming pool, and tennis court.
  • The house took almost a decade to complete, and all credits for designing the sprawling terrace to ensure family privacy go to Gauri khan.
  • It’s one of Mumbai and India’s most expensive and admired houses.

Shahrukh Khan Delhi House

King Khan and his wife announced in 2020 that they collaborated with Airbnb to open the door of the Delhi house for his fans. Just like their Mannat house in Mumbai, the house was built with love and a bucket of excitement. It’s located in the luxurious area of south Delhi. Having immense greenery and blossoming flowers, Gauri has designed it as an acknowledgement of milestones accomplished by the couples and their experience all this year.

Given the couple’s remarkable journey, it’s quite evident that for both king Khan and his wife, this property in Delhi is a cool and emotional residence. With a uniquely unique design with a celebratory touch, it recalls memories through a unique combination of contemporary and modern elements. 

It’s a two-story building which gives a warm feeling. This is because it contains several family pictures With junior khans. Gauri khan’s design for this house is so marvellous. Being a passionate perfectionist, she places beautifully lit pictures, artefacts, and other unique collectables in the house.

Stay In

As stated before, Delhi House portrays some of Gauri’s fondest memories, being the primary point of the sublime journey. This house is a fascinating collaboration of materials and thoughts that enable people to be a part of the joyous and loving moment the Khan family spent together. Gauri said, “just like mannat, Delhi House is an exclusive space as well”.

Gauri diligently converted their personal life and experience into beautiful artwork. Moreso, the element of art in the house is unspeakable. For example, a unique and antique rug has been framed on the wall with perfection acquired by Gauri in New york. According to Gauri, Something surrounding you and important to you can be used in creating a beautiful home design, including wallpapers, old sideboards, illustrated books, and others.

In this house, various illustrated books can be seen, which are arranged neatly in the living room and dining areas. The bedroom has a mind-blowing hallway with a lot of sunshine drifting in and enormous greenery. The plush greenery surrounding the house should not be forgotten; it’s the source of positive energy in the house.

Other Properties Owned by Shahrukh Khan 

With over 25 years in the movie industry, king Khan has acquired fame and wealth for himself. I mean great wealth. Being the second richest actor in the world, Khan has more real estate in Dubai, the city that’s always busy, than mannat. He bought a house in London in 2009 with an estimated price of 200 crores. 

The residence was constructed at a height of 200 feet and features simple furnishings and a beautiful lawn. It’s a notable attraction in the neighbourhood. And talking about the almighty United Arab Emirates (UAE), many rich individuals have an aspiration of owning a home there. King Khan has a great private property in Dubai park Jumeirah beach. More than 200 crores of rupees were also spent there.

Jannat – Shahrukh Khan’s Dubai home

Khan’s palatial property in Jumeirah beach is estimated at $2.8 million. And, it’s located around the sandy area of the beach. The place where it’s situated is the biggest man-made sea shore of sand all over the world. The place is so calm and peaceful, and it offers some kind of comfort. It also provides positive energy to the lives of respective property owners.

It’s where the superstar family lodge whenever they are in Dubai. During the end of the year, Dubai happens to be one of the best places to take a vacation. It is also the favourite getaway of the superstar family. The flight is easy, and the city is enough to keep everyone busy. It is indeed also a perfect place for a reunion.

The island also has roads, tunnels, and efficient public transportation, including the 5.4km monorail. At k frond, palm Jumeirah, the astonishingly gorgeous “Signature villa,” occupies over 500 square feet of area with a garden. Two gardens that are completely remote monitored and swanky interiors were chosen by Gauri. 

The villa’s design tends to offer comfort, excitement, and minimalism. It’s a place where families converge for holidays. Kids will be back from boarding school. Gauri also ensured to include some fun activities in the house’s design. Including a restaurant, private, sea diving, and so on.

And what many do not know is that this house was gifted to him in 2007 by Nakheel Khan, the Dubai real estate developer. To wrap up, there are also many other properties of king Khan that cannot be revealed in this article. He’s undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous and successful actors and unarguably living a fulfilled life.