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You must keep everything organized to make your home visually appealing and neat. Everything from the dressing room to shoe racks helps keep it neat and well-organized. Shoe racks have now become an important part of every house. It works especially for those with many pairs of footwear for events, party-wear, sports, gym, casuals, ethnic, etc., and many more. There are several shoe rack designs for you to choose from for your home interior. 

A well-designed shoe rack will help you keep your footwear organized neatly and also helps enhance the usage of extra space. You can keep all your shoes and other footwear in one place. Check out the following list of shoe rack designs. 

shoe rack designs
Source – Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

List of Shoe Rack Designs 

Shoe racks are the best choice to keep your home neat and clean without any unnecessary things left here and there. Shoe racks will also help you properly organize your footwear if you have several. There are many shoe rack designs available in the market today. 

Look at the designs below and choose a layout that perfectly matches your house’s interior. You can save time by having shoe racks so that while you dress up for parties or events, you can easily pick up the perfect match of your footwear by having well-maintained shoe rack at your home. 

1. Pull-Out Shoe Rack Design

Though many shoe rack designs are available in the market, many house owners prefer pull-out shoe rack designs that are more sliding and easy to pick up the footwear. These designs are more suitable for people who like modern and contemporary home decoration. With these pull-out shoe racks, you can have tilt-out open shelves or drawers for different shoes and other footwear items. 

These designs are ideal for keeping and organizing many pairs of footwear for different occasions and restricting them from off the floor. With this design, your shoes are titled for better display and visibility. This layout of shoe rack can hold precisely more shoes than any regular rack having the same size slimmer. This option of shoe rack design is one of the great choices for houses having narrow spaces.  

Pull-Out Shoe Rack Design
Source – Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

2. Cube Style Shoe Rack 

Shoe rack designs can be a great choice for houses wanting designated space for people with many pairs. The cube-style shoe rack is also one of the best choices for well-designed shoe cabinets. Cube storage shoe rack will make it easy to organize your messy footwear. Cube-style frames may be in plastic or wood or any other metallic choice. 

It comprises small compartments where your footwear will fit perfectly as per your organized state. These racks are more suitable for keeping heels and shoes high in height or sneakers and flats. You can stack any pair of footwear together easily and organize it well. These cube-style shoe rack designs are available in open and closed pairs. Choose the design as per your needs. 

Cube Style Shoe Rack
Source – Image by Raditya Febrian from Pixabay

3. Storage Box Design For Shoes

A shoe storage box is another best option to store and properly organize your footwear by maintaining them well in all conditions. These boxes are available in various forms. You can keep them suitable as per your wardrobe interior design. You can choose from options like plastic boxes, see-through design boxes, and many more. 

These storage boxes allow you to keep your footwear because of the extreme temperature, such as rain, sunlight, etc., where you can store your leather footwear well. If you have many pairs, you can keep them easily with the help of these shoe storage boxes according to your choice and access them when you attend any occasion. Opt for individual shoe pair boxes so that they are visible to you.   

Storage Box Design For Shoes
Source – Image by Mario Hofer from Pixabay

4. Bench Style Shoe Rack Design

Benches have been the old trend for a long time now. Whether sitting or putting anything on it, benches are always useful and easy to opt for any kind. Usually, the benches are made up of furniture, which will help with multipurpose activities. One of the main activities for which benches can be used is to keep your footwear. Bench-style shoe rack designs are easy and traditional. 

A bench-style shoe rack will allow you to save space in your home and make it look stylish. When this bench is combined with a shoe rack, it gives the shoe wearer a comfortable space for wearing footwear that has buckles or lace. These benches are set up with a wooden rack underneath to have an opening for organizing and keeping other things. 

Bench Style Shoe Rack Design
Source – Image by moerschy from Pixabay

5. Glass Shoe Rack Design

Shoe rack designs with glass cabinets are more spectacular to look from both inside and outside of the house interior. It gives a whole new perspective when organizing your footwear in a well-designed and well-maintained manner. These designs are nice; shoe racks appear stylish, classy, and systematic. 

Glass shoe rack cabinets will allow you to see your footwear at a glance without primarily exposing it to air. They also look trendy and make your footwear collection flaunt through various options. All these points earn it look lighter and help brighten up your shelves in an amazing way. You can opt for digital frosted or printed glass doors or shutters if you do not want to flaunt your shoe or other footwear. 

Glass Shoe Rack Design
Source – Photo by Megan Lee on Unsplash

6. Cabinet Type Shoe Rack Designs

Shoe cabinets are the best choice for organizing your footwear in a unique way and in a trendy manner who desire a classic look in their home interior design. These shoe cabinets will allow the users to use the space to store their many pairs of shoes easily. These cabinets will not let the others to see what is kept inside them without being visible to the outsiders completely as these cabinets have doors. 

These cabinets impact and appeal to an aesthetic look to the entire decor in a well-maintained room. The shoe rack designs with cabinets are more stylish and look sleek by giving space to hold accessories of other kinds and keeping socks and other necessary footwear items along with many pairs of footwear. The cabinets have different sections to store many kinds of footwear and other accessories.  

You can design your cabinet as per your needs and the room’s design. You can choose a cabinet depending on the room’s shoe size and other decorations. Opt for plywood or wood of good quality while designing a cabinet for the shoe rack. Use good combinations of colors and laminate it with a theme matching your room. 

Cabinet Type Shoe Rack Designs
Source – Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

7. Open Shoe Rack Layout

Shoe racks with open designs are the most popular layout almost everywhere. These designs will help the users to pick up the footwear easily as per their choices while displaying them. These open shoe rack designs come with shelves having metal or wood combinations or separately with grill shelves. They even are available open at the back and the front. 

You can place open shoe racks in your home depending on the free space available. Place it near the entrance on the floor, or you can even hang it on the wall by looking for extra space to place the shoe rack. In this design, your footwear is visible; you can pick them easily and wear them without any hindrance. 

You must arrange your footwear neatly as the shoes are always visible in the open shoe rack design. Keep cleaning the rack regularly to avoid any kind of unnecessary dirt. An open shoe rack design will be ideal if you have a limited budget and specific space to organize your footwear within the low budget.  

8. Vertical Ladders Shoe Racks  

Racks with ladders are also a good choice for stylishly storing your shoes. Ladders are available in different colors, sizes, and shapes for storing and organizing your footwear. Choose a ladder that will suit your home decor and interior accordingly. These are available in shelves and tiers and can display your footwear and store them in a particular way along with other items. 

A vertical shoe rack ladder that is narrow and short would be an ideal and compact option that helps offer some space for extra accessories that are essential to store. You can store your footwear vertically. Opt for an old durable ladder or buy a new one to place near the shoe rack or attach it to the rack. You can paint and decorate it according to your home decor and other furniture items and make your shoes look stylish.  

al Ladders Shoe Racks
Source – Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash

9. Walk-In Closet for Shoes 

The walk-in closet shoe rack designs are a luxury piece, making your wardrobe look more stylish and trendy. Even if you have limited space in your room, you can have a unique walk-in closet for your pairs of footwear that will match your other accessories like purses, clothes, etc. These closets are available for footwear admirers who want to showcase their sneakers, boots, flats, heels, and other things. 

You can add a sofa or a chair between the walk-in closet of your shoes and other items to make it look grand, and you can grab the things easily as per your needs. Enhance your shoe walk-in closet by adding extra special features like slit glass doors, titled special racks, mirrors, etc. All these features add a soothing touch to make the closet look contemporary.    

Walk-In Closet for Shoes
Source – Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

10. Multipurpose Shoe Rack Designs 

You can use multipurpose shoe rack designs to organize and store footwear and many other accessories. This will allow you to keep your home decor unique, and you can store multiple things in one place that will help your room look trendy. Multipurpose racks will help you enhance and keep clothes, footwear, bags, and other wearable accessories at a stretch. 

Opt for this multipurpose rack design if you wish to have a reasonable budget and have limited space in your room with so many items to be organized. This design will help you allow store several items without being visible.      

Multipurpose Shoe Rack Designs
Source – Photo by BBiDDac on Unsplash

Essential Tips To keep in Mind When Buying Shoe Rack Designs

Take a look at the following essential tips when buying shoe racks for your home – 

  • Use a closed shoe rack if you want to keep it outside the house, which will not block the entrance or the main door. 
  • The ideal directions for keeping shoe racks or cabinets are southwest or west. 
  • Never store or keep your footwear in the kitchen, bedroom, or prayer room. 
  • Do not leave your footwear here and there in the house. This will bring negativity to the relationships and can impact the family. 
  • Always select a durable material while choosing shoe rack designs for your room or home. 
  • Check out the number of shoes you have and opt for the shoe rack according to the available space. 
  • Make use of available extra spaces and corners to design your shoe racks.
  • You can store other items along with your footwear depending on the rack design you choose to decorate. 
  • Keep all the items out of sight and dust-free by using a closed and enhancing cabinet. 
  • Allow ventilation for the cabinet to pass some air and eliminate stale smells.  

Key Things & Tips for Shoe Care 

Here are a few tips for storing your shoes – 

  • Do not store your footwear in closed racks while the shoes are wet or moist to avoid fungus growth.
  • Keep the shoe racks neat and clean all the time to avoid any kind of dirt and other bacteria.
  • Systematically arrange all your footwear to avoid timely disturbance. 
  • Never keep your footwear in sunlight directly to avoid color reduction. 
  • Wipe your shoes in terms of the necessity to soak moisture with a soft and clean cloth. 
  • When you arrange your shoes in the racks, allow them to grab some air to avoid the unnecessary smell. 
  • Clean the shoe cabinets or racks regularly by deodorizing them and keeping mothballs. Take care of the cabinet, especially if it is made of wood. 

Final Words

Choose the best possible shoe rack designs that will suit and enhance your room and give an aesthetic look to your home. Save your time by opting for durable cabinets and store your footwear with the right shoe rack design. Choose a small shoe rack if you have limited space in your home or room with a limited budget. And if you wish to showcase your stylish footwear, you can opt for modern and contemporary design. 

Hope this article will help you decide on the best design for organizing and storing your footwear. Do share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!!