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Siddharth Shukla passed away all of a sudden. The news shook the whole industry and took everyone by storm. He used to live in Andheri, Mumbai along with his mother. It was his victory at Bigg Boss 13 that made him an even bigger household name. When it happened, he was enjoying the very peak of his career and after winning this controversial show, he managed to win the hearts of too many people. He maintained the right dignity throughout the duration of the show.

Knowing Siddharth Shukla

Siddharth Shukla had made a great house for himself and if you will still like to take a sneak peek into what his house looked like, we are here with all the details.

Siddharth Shukla was first spotted (majorly) in Balika Vadhu and he instantly connected with his fans. His character was loved by one and all and he became a huge TV personality with this role itself. He too was bit by the social media bug and used to often share his pictures and videos of his home and personal life as well.

Siddharth Shukla was known to be friendly and amicable. He didn’t have a haughty nature. While most stars back bitched and played games with each other on the bitter-reality show Bigg Boss, Shukla managed to keep a calm composure and therefore was loved by a lot of fans.

Now that we have shared some details about Siddharth Shukla, let us shift our focus to Siddharth Shukla house and see the details that the actor and his friends had shared about his home.

The Insider Details Of Siddharth Shukla House

Like most TV actors and stars, Shukla too batted hard to be at the place that he was. He too had a big dream to own a luxurious house and after emerging successful in the TV industry, he managed to make his dream turn true.

Siddharth didn’t hold himself back while decorating his house as it truly was an abode that spelt luxury. He wanted his house to be truly modern and in tune with the current times while retaining the chic, minimalistic, and classy touch. This is what made him put in his best efforts and he was very involved in the overall design of his house.

The House Address

Before we divulge more details of what his house looks like and the interiors of Siddharth Shukla’s house, we want to first share the address.

Shukla chose a posh locality for his home. His house is located in Oshiawara, Andheri. A lot of other celebrities have their home in this area as it is a truly posh locality in Mumbai and thereby pretty expensive as well.

Here is the address of his house.

Casuarina, Evershine Greens,


Andheri West


So, Shukla surely nursed some big dreams and he wanted to live life large. By choosing to buy an expensive property, he didn’t want to let down the interiors. After having put in a lot of money to own the property, he spent a fair amount of money on decorating it as well.

Shukla- The Designer

A lot of people are not aware of this but Siddharth Shukla was an interior designer himself. He had a degree in this field and therefore he designed his house himself. His house remains a testament to his great skill and the finesse he had when it came to interior design. It is such a shame that such a great talent went down the drain.

He chose some of the finest shades as one can find hues of beige, cream, and even orange in his home. His place reeked of contemporary style and is praised even now for staying true to its taste.

The Rooms

Now let us see some details of his different rooms as this will give you a better perspective of what to expect from Siddharth Shukla house.

The Living Room

Shukla used colours like beige, grey and brown for his living room. To integrate the right colour pop element, he chose to have a bright blue sofa right in the very middle. It steals the show in the living room.

Along with this, he used dim lights in the area to make the living space cosy. The wall panel integrated led lights that give a warm glow to the place. It is said that Siddharth often used to hang out with his friends in his living room as he truly added his personal touch to the place.

He even shared videos of his living room on his Insta profile as if wanting the world to see the kind of love and effort he had put into designing the place. Those who would like to steal the look of his living room should make it a point to check the late actor’s Instagram profile. He often shared several clips of his home on his social media.

The Dining Room

The key element in the dining room has to be the super-rich wooden table. The table is very elevated and the chairs had been so picked that guests could be at ease. The cushioned dining chairs ensured comfort to all.

If there is one element that is truly striking in his dining room and sure to catch the fancy of everyone, it has to be the chandelier. The grand chandelier stands on it and managed to bless the place with an elan of its own.

Once again, he decided to play it safe by choosing patterned wallpapers to go with it. The dining space is very modern and chic and allows people to enjoy the scene along with the food.

The Master Bedroom

As he was an interior designer himself, he left no stone unturned when it came to his master bedroom. He wanted his room to speak his personality and so he let that happen. His bedroom was modelled on the concept of modern architecture and the dominant colours are blue and grey.

Shukla made sure that his bedroom had a unified theme as it represented the symmetry he was always looking for in his life. He had a patterned wallpaper which was aligned with the theme of the bedroom. His wardrobe had reflective glass that revved the luxury element of the space.

The headboard had a patterned design to complement the wallpaper and he gave the whole thing a very plush yet sophisticated look.

Terrace And Balcony

We are all aware of the fact that Andheri is home to several skyscrapers and Shukla too owned one of them. He chose upper-level floors so that he could steal the perfect view of the skyline of Mumbai.

In order to steal some of the most majestic views, he worked hard on the terrace. On the roof area, he chose to have expansive glass windows. Not only do they add to the appeal, but they also gave an unparalleled view of the whole place.

The Kitchen

Siddharth spent a large part of his time in the kitchen during the lockdown. He used to do several household chores during the lockdown and shared the videos during that time.

When designing the kitchen, he wanted the place to be very modern with modular-style cabinets. The ease of access was his core concern as he wanted things to be within quick reach. He chose simple glass cabinets to ensure he could see through the stuff.

Most of his designs are modern and practical to ensure that he could save time and that anyone working in the kitchen wouldn’t find himself lost.

The Special Place

Shukla decided to have one of the special corners in his home dedicated to himself. He used to display awards and trophies that he won on several shelves and tables. After winning Big Boss 13, he kept his trophy on the same shelves. This is a part of his room and he believed that the iconic display was bound to inspire him to keep doing better. Little did he know that life had other plans for him.

The Lesser-known Facts

Here are some of the interesting facts about Siddharth Shukla that you may not know.

  • He was the third child of his parents and had two elder sisters. He belonged to a Hindu Brahmin family and his dad had a government job as he was a civil engineer who worked with the RBI
  • His father too died at an early age because of a lung disorder
  • His award-winning performance was his role of Shiv in the hit TV serial Balika Vadhu
  • He appeared in two movies, one of them was mainstream Bollywood and the other was a Kazakhstan film.
  • He was a great host as well. He hosted several TV shows including India’s Got Talent
  • His net worth is estimated to be close to 2 million USD.
  • Siddharth was known to charge a hefty amount for advertisements and he did several brand promotions
  • He died all of a sudden owing to a massive heart attack
  • He was reportedly dating Shehnaz Gill. Upon the news of his death, her rumoured girlfriend seemed to break down completely.


Where is Siddharth Shukla house located?

His house is located in Oshwara Andheri. It is an upscale posh locality and a lot of celebrities have their home here. You can also check out penthouse designs.

Who designed Shukla’s house?

Shukla was a designer himself and he chose to plan the fine details of his place meticulously. He wanted to be sure that every corner of his home was reeling from his personality and that he seemed to have done a great job.

How did Siddharth die?

He died owing to a massive heart attack that happened all of a sudden. His demise shook the whole industry.

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