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Are you aware that your house numerological number will significantly impact your career and personal traits? Do you own a job in a creative field, or are you looking forward to a similar opportunity? If yes, we have an interesting numerological fact for you described in this post below.

Numerology is the global language or study of numbers. Each numerical digit creates energy and determines cosmic power that further influences your personal and professional behaviour, career and relationships. Your house number also plays a major role in deciding your numerological facts.

According to the number science, residents of house number 3 are extremely fun-loving people and own their expertise in artistic or creative fields. So, if your house number is three, or that sums up to three, you’ve got great potential in innovative areas and are likely to have a blooming career.

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Significance Of House Number 3 According To Numerology

House Number 3
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Derived from the facts of Numerology, the number three is the epitome of creativity and imagination. This allows artists to express themselves eloquently and guides them to the path of new success heights. Apart from this, occupants of house number three love to live with their family and friends, creating a fun-loving aura around them.

Jupiter is the governing planet of number 3, influencing space with laughter and a joyful vibe. House number 3 occupants usually try to experiment with different aspects of a task and don’t want to live a monotonous life.

If your house number is 3 or 12, 30, 21, 57 or 48, you know how to express your true self in a fun-loving and creative manner while striking a balance with spirituality. You own extroverted energy, and entertaining or socialising are your soft corners.

Spiritual Significance of House Number 3

Spiritual Significance of House Number 3
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FactorsSpiritual Significance for House Number 3
MeaningFun-loving, artistic, creative, socialisation and happiness.
Governing PlanetJupiter
HealthResidents may experience stress and skin-related problems.
Ideal forIndividuals with 1, 3, 5, 6, or 9 life path numbers.
Not Good forIndividuals with life path numbers 8,7 and 4.

Who Must Live in House Number 3?

Jupiter attracts happiness and fun-loving vibes, making house number three a perfect heaven for people who want to explore their creative side.

  • If you’re looking to commence a career in creative fields like photography, painting, as an artist or as a marketer or advertiser, then 3 is an ideal house number for you.
  • If you believe in philosophies or love to express your true self, you may have beneficial opportunities from the house.
  • If you’re not someone who likes to live a monotonous life and wishes to lead with different experiments, then house number 3 will help you with a motivational push.
  • For all the individuals who like to spend time with their friends and family, you must opt for house number 3. It will always promote healthy and happy relationships with your loved ones.

Who Must Avoid House Number 3?

If you want to live an independent life and do not want to be involved much in social life, you must either stay away from house number 3 or opt for some remedies to balance your energies.

What Are The Challenges Residents Of House Number 3 May Face?

  • Along with creativity, house number 3 also promotes flexibility. Thereby, if you procrastinate your tasks, then you must have to face some challenges overcoming them.
  • Promoting healthy family living, house number 3 occupants may spend more than needed. Therefore, you always need to invest and spend wisely for future savings.
  • The owner of house number 3 will always be engaged in some activities and may not be able to get rest. To remove this exhaustion factor which may lead to stress, always take some time for rest.
  • Residents may face mental health issues like depression and might also involve in legal problems.

How To Balance Energy At House Number 3?

Occupants of house number three are sometimes over enthusiastic and may not have control over their expenses. Therefore, some tips that will help balance your energy at house number 3 are:

  • Invest in a disciplined way. Move ahead with a monthly target to initiate saving and set up an emergency fund.
  • Always spare some time to spend some time with yourself. Do not overindulge in people and ignore yourself. Try some meditating yoga asanas for a happy mind, soul and health.
  • However, house number 3 is not prone to many health issues, but they should still engage in some physical workout to cure their stress factors.
  • Always eat immunity booster food like leafy veggies, gooseberries or lemons.

Home Décor Ideas for House Number 3

  • Since house number three is an abode for creativity, home décor must be creative.
  • Enhance the space with bright interiors, good furnishing options and beautiful paintings. Avoid using any dark colours in your interiors.
  • Add a subtle gold touch in your interiors to invite Midas touch.
  • Opt for natural wall and décor shades.
  • Elevate your space’s aesthetics with planters to invite positive vibes.
  • Always opt for a wind chime at your northeast corner to prevent the entrance of negative energies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are three houses lucky for residents?

House number 3 promotes the artistic and creative expression of an individual who loves to spend family time.

Who governs number 3?

Number 3 is governed by Jupiter.

Which numbers are lucky for a house?

3, 9, 8, 6, 11 and 38 are the lucky house numbers for residents.