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If you are headed for a housewarming ceremony, you should always carry gifts with you. It is important to be sure that you follow basic etiquette. Silver gift items are extremely common and very popular as gifting means on such ceremonies and occasions. You will be amazed at the flurry of options as far as silver gift items are concerned. So, here we will be talking about the different silver gift items that you can choose to offer to your relatives who are starting their new journey in a new abode.

Is Silver Auspicious?

As per the Indian traditional belief, gold and silver are considered to be pious and auspicious. As per Hindu mythology, silver is considered to be the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi and most people buy silver or gold coins during Diwali as a good luck charm to kickstart the Hindu new year.

You will find several silver statues, silver puja plates, silver utensils for offering food to God, and other ornaments offered to the god that are made from silver. It is believed that silver is a representative of the moon which is considered to be a deity in Hindu mythology.

This is why the importance of silver is pretty undisputed and it continues to be considered auspicious and is largely exchanged on any happy occasion. Even during marriages, a lot of people choose to gift silver items to each other.

The Suitability Of Silver Gift Items For Housewarming Ceremony

Let us further tell you what makes silver gift items such a suitable choice for the housewarming ceremony.

Silver is believed to bring in good luck and so whenever you enter a house for the first time, you need positive energy and good luck to bless your new start. This is why silver items are considered suitable as it is a means of showering good luck on the family.

Even if you look from the perspective of Vastu, you will find that silver articles when kept near the temple, aids in prosperity, peace, and even good health. If you use utensils made of silver, it is a sign of opulence.

Also, it is a well-known fact that the value of silver tends to inflate with time. It has grown massively in the bygone years. If you compare the value of silver two decades ago to what it is now, you will be surprised at the difference. So, it is also a good investment for the family.

There is no dearth of variety when it comes to silver gift items. From puja plates to idols, statues, fancy carvings, coins, bars and whatnot, the list is endless. So, even those who want to give a different gifting item should choose silver products and explore the options that are present.

These are some of the reasons that have cemented its popularity and express the suitability of silver as a gifting item.

Now, let us get down to the gifting ideas.

Silver Gifting Ideas

Here are some of the different ideas you can choose from when you want to gift something in silver for a housewarming ceremony.

Silver Coins

silver coin
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When you go out to buy silver coins, you will find that they come in a lot of different varieties. Some may be round in shape, while others may be oval, rectangular, or something else altogether. You will find silver coins with images of goddess Lakshmi and other gods as well. Apart from this, you can find coins with royal king and queen images or floral and other motif designs. Based on your preferences and whatever you deem fit, you can choose the type of silver coin design you deem fit.

Recently, a new trend has come up where people engrave their names on silver coins. This is very personalised gifting and something that is in vogue at the moment. Even silver currency notes are available these days.

These coins come in varying weights ranging from 5gm which is too small to up to 250 gms and even more. You may have to put in a custom order for large-sized silver coins.

The Idols

silver idol
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Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi play a monumental role during a Griha Pravesh ceremony. So, if you don’t want to gift coins as it seems too regular and mundane, you can choose to gift silver idols.

You will come again and be floored with the variety you will find. You can find idols placed on the wooden vase, silver trays and even enclosed on glass cases or designer sets. It is upon you to explore the options and then choose whatever you deem fit. Once again, the price is going to vary based on the weight of the statue.

Kumkum Box

As you are looking for auspicious gifts for a sacred function, a silver kumkum box is considered a very holy and excellent choice. Users can put roli (vermilion) and rice. These come in varying sizes, designs, and weights. Based on your budget, you can choose the right size and weight and thereby opt for this gifting idea.

Silver Tulsi Plant

Every Indian household (especially Hindu) is likely to have a tulsi plant in their home. Tulsi is considered very sacred and is believed to truly bless a home. Sometimes, people choose to give silver tulsi plant and this can be kept in your temple. While it may not be a real plant, owing to the presence of a silver item in it, it is considered to be very lucky even if you consider Vastu principles. You should make it a point to place it in the right direction and maintain it well as the silver shouldn’t darken.

These plants too will come in different sizes and choose the right one as per your budget.

Photo Frames

silver gift items photo frame
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This is another common gift during a housewarming ceremony. Most homes will incorporate photo frames and you will find an abundance of designs. The underlying idea is to choose the kind that has elegance and modern elements while sticking to the traditional style as well. You can keep a picture of the gods or also of the acquaintances who are entering the new home. The choice is yours.

We won’t recommend choosing too loud a design as the simpler the frame, the better it is likely to look. With a silver photo frame, you shouldn’t make things too flashy or it loses their sophistication.

The Puja Plate

silver puja plate
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As it is a very sacred occasion, you can always choose to gift a silver puja plate to your acquaintance. You can choose a simple one or an engraved or even an embossed design. Based on the budget you have, choose a simple plate or have the whole set which can come with the Diya, bell, incense stick holder, Kalash, and a small glass. It is upon you to choose the number of sub-items you want to include and also the size of each of the items. The decision rests largely with you and this in turn will depend on the budget you have at hand.

Silver Diya

silver diya
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Whenever you perform a puja or any ritual, lighting a Diya is an absolute must. This is why silver Diya are one of the common and very popular gifts. You will find simple and minimal style Diya and also extra fancy and ornate ones too. Your decision of choosing the Diya style should depend largely on two factors. First of all, everything depends on the amount of money you are willing to splurge. The second thing is the taste of the person you are giving it to. For example, if the person buying a new house has a very elegant and minimal taste, don’t go for too flashy or loud diya. Choose a simpler and more sophisticated one. You don’t want to gift something that the person won’t like.

Silver Animal Figurines

silver elephant
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These are the new and modern age gifting options when it comes to silver items. From elephant figurines to even silver cow statues, you can gift either of them. Both cow and elephant have a very strong role to play and they are sure to create the right impression as well. The elephant figurines have a separate mention in the world of Vastu. They are known to truly bless the place with power, wisdom, and more. At the same time, the cow is considered to be very pious. It is treated as a god and a mother. It is believed that keeping a silver cow in your temple can ward off evil energies.

Silver Utensils

silver utensil
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There is no dearth of silver utensil options. Every home (that can afford it) keeps some silver utensils with them. It can be plates, bowls, glasses, jugs, decanters, and more. So, these items can be used and people keep them as investment elements too. So, if you are unable to think of a gift, you can choose a silver bowl, plates and other utensils too.

Choose the size based on the budget and it will make an excellent gifting choice.


Is sterling silver the same as pure silver?

As per the British silver standards, a silver with 92.5 percent purity will be called sterling silver. It is also known as pure silver as it conforms to the guidelines for purity. Sterling silver is always hallmarked by the BIS and container silver along with other alloys.

Is German silver the same as pure silver?

No, German silver is not considered pure silver because while making it, metal is mixed with copper or brass and then a silver polish is applied over it. It doesn’t have any BIS hallmark either and is therefore not pure.

Can you gift silver animals for housewarming ceremonies?

Yes, silver cows, elephants, and tortoises are all considered a good gifting option. Most of them are also preferred by Vastu for their ability to bring in good luck and blessings.

Is silver a very common gift choice for a housewarming ceremony?

Silver is perhaps one of the most common items used for housewarming ceremonies. It is pious, sacred, and has the right value too.

Do people buy silver as an investment means?

The value of silver is likely to inflate with time. This makes silver an excellent means of investment. Both silver and gold are often bought with investment purposes in mind.