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The design of the grill assumes gargantuan importance. It is important to ensure that you are choosing the best designs that blend well with the theme of your room. When it comes to home décor, you need to pay emphasis on every aspect and this includes the simple grill design for windows. You can also check out grill designs for the main door.

No matter whether you have a residential complex or a commercial set up or even an industrial unit, you will need to install the right grill designs. This will allow you to revamp your place in a befitting manner.

Important Tips

When you are looking for a grill design for windows, there are some important tips you will have to bear in mind. Here, we are going to share some of the useful aspects that will guide you in a befitting way and help you pick the best designs and ensure the windows are meticulously done.

Remember, there is absolutely no way you can compromise on the design of the window. As they are an integral part of your home décor and need to be fully on point, a mismatched window in a home can hamper the overall design and architecture significantly and will take away the sheen.

So, let us see some of the important points you need to bear in mind.

  • When installing the grill, always make it a point to first work on the outside and then start on the inside. This applies to the coat of plaster as well.
  • You should opt for a grill pattern that allows entry to be a whole lot more accessible. Several varieties are available and you can choose from fixed, slide, and casement.
  • You should always opt for a size that will maximize the amount of sunlight that will enter.
  • Make sure to finish off the jambs and sills in the right way and then work on the stone fixing work as it forms the core aspect.
  • The grills should always be located on the outer side as they should not come in between the operation of the window door
  • Make sure that the material chosen is of the best quality because the main purpose is for sturdy purposes. When safety is of the top concern, iron window grills are surely the best choice.

Ways To Rev Up The Window Style

If you are looking to rev up the style factor of your windows significantly, there are different elements that you can choose to integrate. Here we are going to talk about some of the options that you can use to shade the space near the windows.


The best sheer fabrics are used for curtains. They are translucent of sorts and allow light to filter through. They are usually put as an additional layer over the curtains and blinds and have high aesthetic value.


They are very similar to curtains with the key difference being the fact that they have a heavier fabric. They are usually pleated and lined and come in a lot of styles and patterns.


Here a lot of horizontal or even vertical sets are used. The slats are kept in place using a cord that runs through the length of the blind. These are modern-day design curtains and look appealing.


The shades are cut as per the size of the windows. They are attached to a frame or a row and there is a specific system in place that will help you to lift the shade up and down to darken or brighten the room as you desire.


These are the most common types of cover. They usually are made of light fabric and come in a lot of different colours and patterns and designs as well


This is an old and traditional style of cover that is kept within the frame of the window. Mostly you will find natural or painted wood being used for the sake of putting the shutters.


These come in a box-like shape and they are overlapped right over the frame of the windows to conceal the overall hardware and give a unified appearance to the windows.

So, these are some of the different options you can use for the sake of concealing the light coming from the widows and to ensure the treatment is done properly. You can also check out wooden window grill designs too.

Now, we will take a look at the different designs.

The Grill Design For Windows Option

Let us take a look at the different designs you can choose from to get a clear picture of what they are likely to look like.

1. The Cross Style

cross style
Rahim Gui / Pexels

This is a simple grill which has a floral cross style of patterns. You can find the different rods switched over each other and thereby they form a cross-like structure. It is a great way to ensure the best protection and even toddlers will not be able to get out of it even accidentally.

2. Curved And Elevated Grill

curved and elevated grill
Andreas Rauh / Shutterstock

If you want to have a modernistic and complex touch of the grill so that your windows manage to stand out, you can choose to opt for this design of grill. The elevated design makes it amazingly different from the ordinary and is bound to catch the fancy of the onlookers. The style has the right sophistication and elegance and makes the overall pattern very rich. Also, mind the curves and the half circles and how they seem to be well integrated into the design.

3. Horizontal Bars

hoirozntal bars
Nandhu Kumar / Pexels

This is a simple design that surely works wonders for the home. Here, the grill is nothing but a wire of horizontal bars. To bring in some effect, the bars are spread apart in a pattern. Two bars are close by followed by a larger distance. This makes the rods in a set of two. The whole symmetry is then repeated to bring in the right uniformity.

This is a minimalistic design for those who want to keep things simple and yet exude a royal charm. You can choose to have roman blinds for these grills to make sure that the theme blends well.

4. Long Iron Bars

long iron bar
Mathias Reding /Pexels

This is another great option that you can choose to have. If you have a small window, this one seems to be a great choice. All you need to do is have periodically placed long iron bars. They need to be spaced apart at equal intervals to bring symmetry. Some people also choose random spacing as that too can be a design.

You should settle for the right design based on the theme of your home and the personality trait that you have. Always make sure that you don’t have massive space in between the bars if you have toddlers at home. This is important to ensure that children don’t end up falling from the gap present between these bars.

5. Mesh Jail Grill

mesh jail grill
Andreas Rauh / Shutterstock

This is not the design you are likely to find at home as it can get too claustrophobic for anyone. The grill design is filled with mesh and resembles a jail sort of look. So, you are likely to find it in places where people need to ensure no break-in occurs from windows.

They are usually very strong and cannot be broken easily. You will be amazed at the kind of tensile strength these iron rods are likely to have and the interconnected mesh makes it even stronger. It will not allow anyone to break the mesh and intruders can’t come in or go out.

So, it is only utilized in places where such a form of security is of utmost importance.

6. Old Ornate Style

gold old vintage window grill
Dmytro Krymzaiev /Shutterstock

Want a grill design for a window that looks old and ornate at the same time? Perhaps, the touch of gold is always known to lend an air of perfection to such styles. You can choose this artistic grill design and then paint it in hues of gold.

This will bring out the best of design and style and the elan is sure to weave magic into your place. If you want your home to radiate the right glow and glory of the old times, this is one such style you can choose.

Be mindful of the type of design this grill uses. The ornate flower decoration and the design at the top are very royal in their appeal. It is sure to look classy.

7. Simple Iron Bars

simple iron bars
𝓇 ⠀ ☾ / Pexels

If you have a really small window that you want to design appropriately, this is a great style that you can choose. There are a few iron rods that stretch out from the frame. You can choose to have several planters in here as this will allow you to make the place look pretty.

There are several ways by which you can beautify your window. Simply having a grill will not serve the ultimate need. You have to check out ways by which you can improve the overall aesthetics in the right manner. Planters are one such way by which you can infuse beauty into the window.

8. Small Symmetrical Design

small symmetrical design
Hisham Yahya / Pexels

Some people don’t like to have too wide or open space in their windows. They like to keep their window pretty closed type and this is where such designs come into the picture.

You can have several square shape designs juxtaposed one above the other and sideways too. The overall symmetry is on point too. The idea simply is to have a simple, minimal, and full of-utility design as well.

9. Simple Square Symmetrical Design

square simple symmetrical
Sunbeam Photography / Pexels

For comparatively larger windows, you can choose this design. It packs quite a punch and serves the right need. You can choose long iron bars and then make horizontal rows by interspersing them with orientally laid railings as well. This cross and cross-design is a great way to enforce the right kind of safety.

When safety is of paramount importance and you are afraid of toddlers falling off, you can tell from this grill design for windows.

10. The Vintage Style

vintage checker stylw
Mica Asato / Pexels

If you want your windows to have a slight vintage touch, you can choose this grill style. Look closely at how the curves have a vintage and artistic touch. The layer in the centre too offers the same touch of sheer perfection. The symmetry is repeated at the centre and both edges. You can check out some of the best wooden grill designs for vintage effects.

The overall design seems good and the best thing is that it blends well with the style and type of window as well.

These are some of the different grill designs for windows that you need to check. We feel that you should explore these options and then decide what seems best for your house. Feel free to explore steel window grill designs too.