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Ever fancied a home that didn’t have any windows or doors? Sounds weird right? The importance of windows and doors in a home is undisputed as one cannot imagine a home without them. As much as they are important for aesthetics, it is important because of the utility factor as well. You can choose from a flurry of design options as they can be a single door, double door, and other styles too.

Here, we are going to focus on some of the best single door designs that are sure to spell magnificence in your place and give an extra oomph to your house. We believe that such style and design are important for the sake of being sure that the door stands out truly and becomes the real highlight of your home.

The Changes In Design

Gone are the days when you had large bulky doors in your home. Things have changed immensely and that too for the good. Earlier, there used to be large and heavy doors whose primary focus was simply safety and protection. These days you find several eco-friendly options that come in plenty of aesthetically pleasing designs.

So, here we will share some of the trendy single-door designs. Feel free to peruse through the options and then pick what seems to be the befitting choice for you.

Why Should You Choose Single Door Designs?

The next thing you want to do is to know what makes single-door designs so immensely popular.

  • Owing to their smaller size, they tend to be the more popular option in smaller homes or those homes where the entryways aren’t too huge.
  • Further, it allows the option for plenty of different elements to be integrated. As it is a single door, the elements tend to get the right highlight.
  • It does come in plenty of options so you will always have a tremendous variety to pick from.

So, these are the different reasons that cement the popularity of single door designs. 

How To Choose The Right Single Door Designs?

Often choosing the right door design can be a very difficult task. It is important to keep an eye out on the different options and then determine what seems to be apt for your style and taste. Here we will give you the specifics of how to come to the right decision and the parameters that you will have to weigh while doing so.

So, let us see the top parameters.

The Utility Factors  

You need to know the type of utility the door will have. This will prepare you in a better way to understand the type of door that will be best suited for use. Some doors offer greater strength while others are best for termite resistance. You will have to explore the details and find the type of utility you need. For instance, the bathroom door needs to be designed keeping the wet and moisture aspect in mind at the core.

The Materials

The type of material you choose is of utmost importance. There are a lot of different types of materials you can choose when you are looking to explore single door designs. From metal to PVC or even UPVC, the list is pretty vast. Metal doors are another trending option as they are beautiful but they tend to be pretty expensive. They are usually employed for the main entrance door owing to their supremely heavy structure.

The Measurement

Always make sure that you have a clear idea regarding the measurement of the door. the last thing you want is to find that the sizing of the doors isn’t appropriate. So, measure the sizes before purchasing a door.

Maintenance Efforts

Some types of doors require a whole lot more maintenance as compared to the others. For instance, wooden doors are usually high maintenance. Metal doors too will need maintenance as they may get rusted otherwise. Some door types may not be able to withstand extreme climatic conditions. So, you need to understand the type of maintenance effort you are ready to put in and then decide accordingly.

So, use all of these key points and you will be able to come to the right decision regarding what type and design of single door you should buy for your home.

The Trending Single Door Designs You Can Implement

Here, we are going to share some of the best design options for your home. Feel free to check out the different details and then choose what seems to be apt for your taste, budget, and home.

The Wide Plank Door

You can always choose to opt for wooden doors as these are known to be grand in design. You can choose dark timber colours and these are sure to emanate the perfect style to your place. Feel free to use different design elements like knockers, long handles, and more. These will jazz up the overall design in the right way.

Engraved Wooden Door

wooden door
Source: Azeen Shah / Pexels

This design is best for the main entrance. It tends to evoke some of the smartest impressions. You can find a flurry of carvings on wooden doors. You can choose to have metal bolts or ridges or even engraving of different kinds. Apart from adding to the strength, it will add to the style factor too. You can choose to have glass panelling on the door too to elevate the overall design.

Hardwood Doors With Glass Accents

hardwood door
Source: Pixabay / Pexels

You can choose to have hardwood doors with glass accents if you are looking for the finest aesthetics. If you want to rev up the overall feel, you can choose to have golden doorknobs as well.

There are a lot of different ways you can design such doors. The idea simply is to ensure that you can exude the perfect charm to your place. Make sure to use hardened glass so that it doesn’t break easily.

Doors With Motif

If you have a slightly artistic touch and taste and want your doors to have the same vibe, you can choose to opt for traditional Indian motifs on top of the base design. The motifs end up lending an Indian touch to your doors and this will also allow you to revamp the overall vibe of the place as well.

The Wood And Glass

Source: Creative Cen / Pexels

The combination of wood and glass has been evergreen since times immemorial. You can also choose to have wooden frames for glass doors as this helps in adding a touch of sophistication and enhances the overall safety by several notches.

You can choose to have dark wooden frames and etched glasses and this will allow you to lend an ethereal look to your home.

Folk Art

Not many people choose this design but if your home has a theme that tends to match it, you can choose to have folk art-inspired single-door designs.

You can choose warli style doors and they will give a boho look to their room. For the base material, you can compose a grill that will have a bronze finish and a wooden door with dark tones as well.

Simple Panelled Doors

panelled door
Source: Anna Galimova  / Pexels

You can choose to have some simple panelled door designs as well. These are minimal, simple, and elegant at the same time. You can choose different door design elements to rev up the overall style and appeal of the place. Panelled doors are usually sturdy and tend to last long. They will lift the overall design of the place by several notches and are easy to install as well.

Etched Glass Door With Frosty Look

zetched frosted glass
Source: David Papazian / Shutterstock

Some people prefer their doors not to be see-through as it intrudes on their privacy. So, the smarter thing to do in such cases is to have etched on the doors and to add a frosty look through them. This will allow people on the outside to not see on the inside. At the same time, the design is largely appealing and therefore serves the need well.

Weaved Patterned Door

If you are particular about the overall style factor and want your doors to be the talking point of the town, you can choose to have intricate weave patterns on the door. There are several interesting weave patterns and you will find mostly wooden bases used for such weave designs.

However, make sure to choose very highly skilled labour for the sake of integrating weaves and styles to the door or else the finished look will not come as expected.

Flush Doors

Source: Archidea Photo / Shutterstock

Whenever we are talking of a single door, how can we not speak of flush doors? They are without a doubt one of the most common variants. They are mostly used for bedrooms and into the main entrance. However, based on your choice and preference, you can decide accordingly. They are a great option for bathroom doors as well. The best thing about these doors is that they come in several exciting shades.

Washroom Doors

We will recommend you refrain from using wooden doors for the washroom as they tend to swell when subjected to moisture and water. This is why we will prefer you to use a single PVC door as they are water resistant. The good thing is that they are also very easy to clean and will come in an exciting range of options as well. The polymer fibre that is used makes it fit for prolonged use and will serve your purpose in a befitting manner.

Stencil Pattern Doors

You will find single doors with the best stencil patterns in it as well. There are different types and styles of stencil patterns that you can incorporate. You can find a self-colour pattern or intricate stencil designs or carvings as well. Floral stencil designs are the most common option usually but feel free to choose what seems to be the apt choice for you.

So, these are some of the amazing single doors designs you can choose from. Mostly, it is seen that the door designs are all about the play of colour. By choosing to incorporate the right hues of colour, you can radically transform the theme of your room. So, we are going to talk about the different shades now.

Colour Play For Single Front Door Design

Let us take a look at some of the possible shades you can pick from so that you can have an enchanting door design. Of course, the right door colour combination should be chosen based on the overall colour palette and design of your home.

1. The Peach Front Door

You can choose to have peach-coloured doors for the most subtle but magical appeal. While some people choose to have the whole door done in this shade, others can simply choose to have colour-blocked patterns and alternate hues of peach.

You can specially design your kids’ room in this colour tone as it is bound to create an everlasting impression.

2. Bathed In Blue

blue hue
Source: Lina Kivaka / Pexels

Further, you can choose to have exciting blue tones on the doors. The blue colour is considered to be safe and Vastu-friendly and colour therapy chosen choice as well. As far as the concepts of colour therapy are concerned, it is believed that the tone of blue helps in lowering the blood pressure and keeps the mood intact too.

You will find doors in several exciting hues of blue. Try to opt for a vibrant tone of blue as this will help in elevating the feel of your home.

3. Cherry Yellow Tone

Use this colour tone only if it blends with the overall style and colour palette of your home. There is no denying the fact that yellow greatly lifts the mood of the person and is sure to make people feel easy, bright, and vibrant at the same time.

You can choose to colour the doors in a yellow shade and then choose the different door elements to elevate the style furthermore. You will find a lot of flush doors in exciting yellow colour too.

4. Brick Red Tone

Not everyone will opt for this colour tone but it surely emits the right vibe. You can choose to settle for the brick red colour as it truly jazzes the appearance. It will look good if you have a modern set-up of home and you are sure that it will offer the place the right vibe and tribe as well.

There are overlapping hues of red that you can choose from and it is sure to impart the right brilliance to your place. Some people prefer such shades as it imparts the right touch.

So, explore the different colour variants that you can choose and then based on them, style your home in an appropriate manner. We want you to be sure that you are analysing every aspect and settling on the best colour and design. Never compromise with the type of colour you choose for your door because the doors are an integral part of your home.


Are single door designs trending at the moment?

While three are several options as far as door designs are concerned, you should check out single-door designs as they are currently trending at the moment and are popular.

Are flush doors a great choice?

When it comes to single door designs, it is flush doors that seem to be a great option. They come in simple and minimal designs and are sure to add to the aesthetics of your place they make a great option as far as washroom doors are concerned.

Can you have single doors made of different materials?

There are a lot of different types of materials that you can use when making single-door designs. Feel free to analyse the type you are likely to love based on the interiors of your home.

Are metal doors a great option?

While metal doors are a great sturdy option, they can get rusted easily. As compared to PVC doors, they won’t last that long and are very expensive. This is why they are mostly recommended only for entrance owing to their massive strength.

Why are wooden doors not used for bathrooms?

Mostly wooden doors are not resistant to moisture. Doors in the washroom are likely to get some water spillage and they also tend to swell up during the monsoon season. This is why wooden doors are not that recommended for washrooms. However, if you are willing to put in the right care and maintenance, you can choose to have it.

What is better- double door or single door?

There is no rule book that prefers one style over the other. However, owing to space constraints, the doors of the bedroom are usually never double doors. The main door and the door to the balcony may be double doors if there is ample space available.