Wooden Design | Large Patio | Bungalow Style | Merits | Tips

When it comes to building your house, a lot of people are very particular about what they want and how they wish to design a place. This is why you need to be well-versed in the nuances of single-floor house designs. You must pick the right option as this will allow you to have the home as per your preferences and wishes.

Single-floor house designs are gaining in popularity as it is easier to build, saves you tons of money, and is more suited to small nuclear family setup. You can also check out the best penthouse designs too.

So, here we are going to share some of the different designs that can inspire you and you can choose to pick what you deem fit.

1. The Wooden Design

wooden house
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You can choose a wooden base for the house exteriors. There is no denying the fact that wooden tones look classy and good and they bring out the right hues as well. Most wooden houses tend to have a contemporary style and also give a very cosy feel.

Hill stations tend to feature a lot of wooden cottages as it helps people stay cosy and snug. You have a lot of scopes to improvise the interiors. Make sure to incorporate a lot of browns in such homes to ensure the theme is unified.

2. Large Patios And Sloping Roof

sloping roof
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You can also choose to have the kind of house wherein you have a large porch or a patio area. This design is especially great if you have kids or toddlers in your home as it gives them a lot of room to move around and do as they wish.

You can choose to have a sloping or an ascending roof along with it. You can explore different house roofing options too. The house looks very complete and luxurious with such a design as it seems replete with the right modern elements. You can also choose to have a garage inbuilt with the home so that you don’t need to park the car in the driveway.

The ideal colours for such homes are white, cream, and beige. You can choose tones of green to match the greenery as well.

3. One Storey Bungalow

simple bungalow
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If you want to live life in a luxurious way and want your single-floor house to make quite a statement, you can choose to have a one-storey bungalow. There is an abundance of such designs and it is sure to make your house stand out.

Based on the area and space that you have, you can choose to design your house accordingly. Have a large ground floor and make sure to jazz up the roof. Some people tend to extend their roof and make it into an extended area. Make sure to check the floor plan and how much you are allowed to extend the space before doing so.

These bungalows spell luxury and they look massive and amazing too. You can add all the modern amenities and new-age facilities to your home. This gives it a futuristic look.

Merits Of Single-Floor House Designs

Here are some of the advantages of single-floor house designs.


Mostly, it has been seen that these designs are much more economical as compared to multi-storeyed houses.

Easy to access

As it doesn’t involve several floors, the ease of access is much better. You don’t need to look for staircases or elevators for accessing the different rooms over several floors.

Heights and elevation

Mostly single-floor houses will offer you the provision to have higher elevations and taller rooms that make for more spacious and luxurious designs.

So, these are the endless benefits you can reap when choosing a single-floor house design.

The Designing Tips To Know

Here are some of the key tips you need to bear in mind when designing the house. It will help you do it in a better manner.

  • Single-floor homes are much more spacious as compared to the multi-storied houses. Make sure not to plan several rooms as this will make the house clustered.
  • When designing houses, make sure to offer easy circulation of air inside.
  • Consult professional trainers like architects, engineers, and builders when making homes. This will help you build homes a lot more professionally.
circulation of air in house
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  • Always take look at the Vastu design aspects to make sure that there is the right circulation of energy and positive vibes in your place.