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Ever thought of having a house without any doors and windows? As absurd as the thought sounds, it is actually weirder to opt for it. A front door in any house is very important not just because it adds a sense of security but also an aesthetic appeal that makes the house look gorgeous. 

While getting your house remodelled or if you are planning to get the interior design done for your new house, we have a plethora of single front door designs. These are sure to make your house look gorgeous. Take a look at these amazing designs. 

1. The Glass Panel Blend

single front door designs
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A beautiful wooden front door with an added glass panel will make your house look impressive even from the outside. You will definitely receive compliments from guests visiting your home. The glass panel breaks the wooden monotone thus adding a different kind of beauty to the front door. 

2. The Metallic Magic

metallic door
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Instead of going for the standard wooden door finishes, you can add a metallic magic to your front door. For this, you can opt for metal sheets. You will love the brilliant personality that the metal sheets would add to your door design. 

3. Simple And Sober

Sometimes when the overall interior design of your house is extravagant and you are left with the front door design, it is suggested to go for a simple and sober one to balance it out. A plain wooden front door with no embellishments or added elements is sure to enhance the beauty of an already upscaled house. 

4. The Oak Wood Door

oakwood single front door designs
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Oakwood looks very classy and glamorous. When you decide to use it for your front door design it brings in a charm that you will love. Oak wood doors, in general, look very impressive. You can particularly settle for horizontally lined oak wood doors and it will up the look of your entrance.

5. Wrought Iron

To add the perfect vintage feel to your house a wrought iron door is the best idea you can opt for. It does not cost you much and looks as good as doors carved out of other modern materials. A wrought iron front door is also recommended to go for when the house you live in is leased as this door type does not cost you much.

6. The Windowpane Door

windowpane door
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A super stylish front door design, this one is a trendy and modern concept that will give your main door a windowpane feel as here a windowpane style glass is installed in a wooden door frame. This will look amazingly good and stunning enough to fetch you good words from everyone who visits your house.

7. The Golden Accent

gold accent
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Add a hint of gold to your front door design and see the magic it brings. You can opt for a royal door knocker or add any other embellishment or accent in the golden tone. 

8. Frosted glass door

frosted glass
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It is always great to have sun rays into your house via the front door and for this, a glass door would be great. But one cannot compromise security and privacy when it comes to front door designs as a glass door would mean clear visibility of the insides of the house. Therefore, we recommend having frosted glass set artistically in a gorgeous wooden door.

9. Add Motifs

A front door design with added motifs is something that will look different and beautiful. If you desire, you can add traditional motifs and make your front door stand out. There will be a beautiful Indian feel and touch added to your door and it will make your door a different kind of gorgeous. 

There are several front door designs that can elevate the look of your house but it depends upon how smartly you choose the design that suits your home. As the front door is the first thing that any person visiting your house first notices, you should always make it a point to keep it as impressive as possible.