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Gaining popularity with passing time, sliding doors are in rage these days. They can undoubtedly be counted among the best door designs. The kind of sophistication sliding door adds to your place is worth mentioning. This door type can be installed in wardrobes, balcony doors, windows, kitchen cabinets etc.

The sliding door handles have much utility as you cannot easily slide open a door without a handle. You have to have a handle on your sliding door for the best use. Listed below are a variety of designs available in the market and you can pick the ones you like.

1. Recessed Handle

recessed handle
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The one you will most commonly find in sliding doors, recessed handles are easy to use and have a clean look. There is a groove wherein you can set your fingers and pull the handle to slide open the door. 

2. Gold Handle

sliding door handles gold
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For an ultra-rich and sophisticated look, adding gold handles to your sliding door is a great idea. It also provides a beautiful metallic touch to the door and you will also love the vintage feel.

3. Lever Handle

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It is a misconception that lever handles are only meant for swing doors. They can easily be used for sliding doors and they make sliding doors more functional. You can use these for glass sliding doors and these are perfect for balconies.

4. Square Handle

sliding door handles square
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Adding square-shaped handles to your sliding doors is a lovely idea when you have classy-looking wooden sliding doors. We mostly get to see long slender handles on sliding doors and thus these square-shaped handles add the required twist to the doors and it cuts the boring monotone look. 

5. Block Handle

For a simple yet classy feel, block handles are the best choice. This handle goes well with any glass door design. It also looks great with wardrobes and dressing closets. Block handles provide you with a nice grip and makes it easy to slide open the door. 

6. Recessed Handle: Stainless Steel

stainless steel
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A recessed handle made out of stainless steel is durable and looks bold. It makes plywood sliding doors look stylish. You can also use this handle if you have a metallic door anywhere in the house.

7. Lock Handle

This kind of sliding door handle is amazing as it not only adds to the beauty but it is functional as you can click to lock and pull to unlock the door. You can install this handle type in sliding windows and also balcony doors as well as furniture. 

8. Hidden Handle

A very unique handle design, this handle justifies its name. It is called a hidden handle because when not in use, the handle is kind of hidden in the sense that it is not in the operational mode. The sliding door at that point looks seamless. When you want to use the handle, you can simply push the upper half and the lower half protrudes out for you to grab and pull open the door. You can again push the handle in when you are done.

9. Copper Handles

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Just like other metallic accents, copper handles also add a touch of finesse to sliding doors. It particularly takes wooden sliding doors to another level with the kind of sophistication it adds to the doors. 

10. Chrome Handle

sliding door handles chrome
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When you are looking for a striking handle but you also prefer soberness, a chrome handle is sure to suit your taste. It is the perfect metallic accent you can add to any sliding door thus uplifting its beauty.

11. Compact Handle

compact handle
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It is not mandatory to opt for big-sized heavy handles for sliding doors. You can also pick compact handles. These look minimalistic and provide a cleaner look to your door. Compact handles are easy as well as convenient to use even though the size is small.

12. Pull Handle

pull handle
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A pull handle can be easily used on sliding doors but they look unique as people have this notion that pull handles are specifically meant for swing doors. This handle type adds a sense of style and also provides a nice grip and you can open the door easily without much effort.

13. Knobs

If you haven’t ever seen knobs on sliding doors, you will love using them. Knobs give you a really good grip and it becomes easy to open or shut the sliding doors. You can go for brass knobs, stainless steel ones or even lacquered knobs for a stylish visual appeal.

14. Wooden Handle

When you have a white sliding door, a wooden handle will elevate its look. This handle looks classy and adds a beautiful grace to sliding doors that are pristine white. Wooden handles also usually come with a latch that can be pushed down to unlock the door.

Tips For Choosing The Right Handle For your Sliding Door

You cannot simply pick any handle type for any door. Analysing and weighing a few factors are important before you pick handle designs for sliding doors. Watch out for these tips.

  • Know your sliding door type and then see which handle is perfect for it. All handles do not function properly for all door types.
  • Make sure to check the handle properly before buying it. A durable one that is sure to last long should be your choice.
  • Mark the overall interior decor of your place and see to it that the handle chosen must complement the other features of the house.
  • Plan your budget and choose handles accordingly. The market has a variety of handles in all price ranges and you can pick the one that falls within your budget and is worth the cost you pay for it.

Now that you know the varied sliding door handles that you can have for your doors, it is time to give your doors the required touch of newness. Go for the ones that are high quality as they are sure to have longevity.