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Wardrobes are the most essential furniture pieces that you ought to have in your house. Ruling the interior design industry for ages, wardrobes with swing doors have finally gotten the boring tag and sliding wardrobes have come into the scene. 

Sliding wardrobes do look stylish and pleasing to the eyes and add a nice visual appeal but the thing that is most impressive about sliding wardrobe design is the space-saving element. There is a lot of variety when it comes to these wardrobes and we have listed the best options for you to get your room updated.

1. Glassy Is Classy

A sliding wardrobe made out of glass is sure to add class to your wardrobe. Glass wardrobes look sophisticated and beautiful but you have to keep your stuff organised as it is visible from outside. Since you have to mandatorily keep your wardrobe organised because of the glass factor, this is an advantage of this wardrobe design. However, if privacy is your priority, you can also opt for frosted glass or translucent glass instead of a plain one.

2. Mirror Magic

Source: Zatelepina Alexandra / Shutterstock

A mirror on your sliding wardrobe is a beautiful concept that adds a charm to the space and your room kind of looks bigger, brighter and also more spacious. It is the large-sized mirrors causing reflection of light and make your space appear magical. Additionally, you can also use the mirror to dress up when required.

3. Make It Metallic

Sliding wardrobes with a metallic finish will not only make your wardrobe look sophisticated but it is also a great option for people who love minimalistic designs. A metallic wardrobe in a matte finish is something that will revamp the look of your room. The colour tones that would look good are champagne, grey and other similar tones.

4. Double It Up

dual sliding wardrobe design
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People love experimenting when it comes to interior design. While getting a sliding wardrobe designed in your room, you can opt for a dual finish wardrobe rather than just one material. You can experiment and use mirrors along with wood and even glass with any metal that looks good together. There are several other combinations that would look great when used in sync. 

5. Marvellous Matte 

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Anything with a matte finish always looks more classy, confident and beautiful. Giving your sliding wardrobe a matte finish will make it look chic. You will love how smoothly the sliding mechanism will operate because of the smoothness added by the matte finish on the door. It is also easier to maintain as it is less prone to scratches and if any, they are not clearly visible all the time.

6. Walk-In With Style

Who doesn’t love a walk-in wardrobe? And with sliding doors, it is an added advantage. Walk-in wardrobes require a spacious room and you should go for it. Storage space is amazing in this sliding wardrobe design and you can also keep your wardrobe well organised. Opt for a glass sliding door for a better feel and look. 

7. Get A 3-Way Design

For broader wardrobes that provide you with more storage space, a 3-way sliding door is an apt choice. If you haven’t yet heard about a 3-way door, it actually has 3 sashes, and multiple sashes can slide in the same direction to give you a broader display. It is such a convenient sliding wardrobe design. 

8. A Colourful Affair

colourful sliding wardrobe design
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Using any colourful hue on the wardrobe sliding door is something that is sure to grab the attention of people. You can go for any bright colour of your choice or use a combination of a bright colour tone with a subtle one to neutralise the effect of the colour pop. This concept is amazing but also strange in the sense that in some cases it would not suit the existing interior of the room. You have to be smart enough to plan the design carefully so that it somehow complements the other elements in the room.

9. A Dreamy Dresser

Attaching a dressing unit to the wardrobe is a preferred option as it makes some additional space in the room because you do not need a dresser separately. It is also convenient to get ready as everything is readily available in the wardrobe and the dressing table. When it comes to a sliding wardrobe, you get many options to get the dresser designed. You can either get it done inside the wardrobe and slide open the door to reveal the dressing unit or get it done beside the wardrobe. You can also try other ways like creating a niche inside the wardrobe.

10. Wow With Wood

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Any piece of furniture with hints of wood tends to look good and attractive in the house. A sliding wardrobe with a woody finish be it hard or softwood will look all kinds of gorgeous and it will add a touch of luxury to your room. Wooden wardrobes are also believed to last longer and are easy to maintain.

11. White Beauty

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White is a timeless colour and to get your furniture pieces done in white is a great idea. It adds elegance to the room. Having a white sliding wardrobe is sure to add to the beauty of the room. It keeps the ambience light and pleasing to the eyes. You should take measures to maintain white wardrobes as a single speck of dirt will be clearly visible. 

Although sliding wardrobes are gaining popularity people hardly know about the variety in sliding wardrobe design. Now that you know about these amazing sliding wardrobe designs, you can get one for your room and see how upscaled your space looks post-transformation. So, when are you getting your wardrobe revamped?