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Bathrooms, however big or small, are essential to our house. We start our day in them, and nothing can compare to a warm water bath after a tiring day. So, designing our bathrooms such that they reflect our personality is essential.

And small bathroom designs in India are more challenging to develop than larger ones. You have to optimise space to look larger and accommodate maximum storage.

But no need to be overwhelmed. We have compiled a list of the 12 best small bathroom designs in India.

So, let’s start!

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12 Best Small Bathroom Designs In India

1. Place A Vanity Cabinet Beneath Your Wash Basin 

vanity cabinet beneath your wash basin
Source: Christian Mackie / Unsplash

You can utilise the space below the wash basin by placing a vanity cabinet. Vanity cabinets come with the wash basin integrated and without wash basins too. If you are going for the variant without a wash basin, you must buy a tabletop wash basin separately. Make sure to buy a wash basin whose colour matches the colours in your bathroom.

2. Install Cabinets Above

small bathroom designs with overhead cabinets
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Using bathroom wall space to install cabinets has always been synonymous with small bathroom designs. Make sure the cabinet is of a size that fits into the available space and is of a colour that matches the surrounding colours. 

3. Paint Light Colors For A Bigger Looking Bathroom

Light colours reflect light and make a room look bigger. On the other hand, dark colours tend to absorb light and give a room a dull and congested look. 

4. Paste A Wallpaper

wallpaper small bathroom designs
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Pasting wallpaper is also an excellent idea for small bathroom designs. Before you paste, ensure your walls are smooth(without any cracks and holes), cleaned, and primer painted. The primer colour must be the same as that of the wallpaper, or the seams of the wall colour will be visible. You must paste wallpapers on only those walls where water doesn’t reach, or the water can damage the wallpaper.

5. Mix It Up

This tip is for you if you want funky small bathroom designs. You can:

  • Have your bathroom wall painted dark and lay matching light-coloured tiles.
  • Paste a dark colour wallpaper and lay matching light-coloured tiles.
  • Have a mix of plain and floral tiles
  • Have matching coloured mirror frames and coloured cabinets
  • Install matching-coloured commodes

6. Go Green

Green small bathroom designs
Source: Curology / Unsplash

Did you know you can create a mini tropical rainforest in your bathroom? Put up a vertical garden around the shower area, and when you stand for your shower, you will be able to create that experience of a tropical rainforest. To add more greenery, you can hang artificial plants from the ceilings or just place them on: 

  • your flush tank
  • a small side table 
  • your bathrooms windowsill
  • corners of the bathtubs
  • your bathroom shelves

7. Add A Skylight To Your Bathroom

skylight small bathroom designs
Source: Lizzie Benton / Flickr

Skylight will allow natural light to come in and make your bathroom look bigger. Natural light can be an alternative to electric light and save power bills for you. Natural light over the shower will make you feel like you are showering in the open. 

An opening skylight will also let fresh air come into your bathroom. If you use a non-opening skylight, do not install it on the sunny side of your roof, as you may find the room gets too hot in summer.

8. Add Appropriate Lighting To Your Bathroom

Lighting designs for small bathroom
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Since your bathroom is small, it is best to use white or light-coloured lights. Every area must be well-lit. The vanity area is crucial for lighting as your styling, brushing, and other grooming happens there. Consider adding a dimmer to adjust brightness. 

You can also add a mirror backlight. And if space permits, consider adding a chandelier as well. 

9. Flaunt A Single Large Mirror Or Multiple Small Mirrors

mirrors for small bathroom designs
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Mirrors also have the potential to make any room look larger. You may opt for multiple small mirrors if you cannot put a big mirror. 

small mirrors bathroom designs
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

10. Install A Glass Shower Door

glass shower door design for small bathroom
Source: Curtis Adams / Pexels

Glass shower doors are a great alternative to curtains and seldom allow mould and mildew build-up. Cleaning glass shower doors is hassle-free and makes your bathroom look expansive. Opt for a clear glass over a tinted one if you want light coming in.

11. Install Reduced-Width Bathtubs

Reduced width bathtub small bathroom designs
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Reduced-width bathtubs have a role to play in small bathroom designs. The market offers plenty of such bathtubs in various sizes and designs. Choose a layout and colour that’ll match the colours around. 

12. Install A Pocket Door

Pocket doors don’t swing in and out, which means you have saved yourselves ample space and can utilise that space for storage. Pocket doors also add to your aesthetics and give you a modern feel. Dark colours are a big no-no for pocket doors.  

So this sums up all small bathroom designs. If you didn’t know what to do with your bathroom space and how to make your bathroom look beautiful, now you know.