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Staircases are an absolute must when it comes to designing a home. If you have a small space, you can still choose to integrate the best small-space stairs design ideas. The underlying idea is to make the most of the available space and to ensure that you beautify your home appropriately.  

There are a lot of different possibilities when it comes to small space stairs design ideas. The idea is to make the most of the space without compromising on the aesthetics. You are sure to be pleased with the options you will get and you will be able to revamp your home in the right way.

So, here we are going to shed light on the different ways you can make the most of small space stairs design ideas.

How To Choose The Best Design?

When you are looking to get the best design, you will have to take care of several factors. Let us give you a clear picture of the different points you will need to keep an eye on.

The Style Of The House

Take into account the design and architecture of the house. Your stair style needs to be in tandem with the overall architecture of the house. It needs to blend well to look aesthetically pleasing.

The Material

You need to be sure that you are choosing the right materials for designing the staircase. Some people choose metallic stairs, and some prefer iron. Some like to keep it very fancy with good design and can use fancy materials for it. So, the options are pretty endless and it is upon you to choose the best material based on the design you choose.

The Budget

Of course, you will have to be mindful of the budget you have. Choosing to keep an eye on the budget allows you to spend based on what you want. The last thing you want is to end up spending way more than what you can afford. You can have stairs for every budget and so you will have to design and plan accordingly. For example, for duplexes spiral design seems to be the best choice and is usually the most affordable as well.

The Maintenance

You also need to take into account the type of maintenance that will be needed for the different staircase designs. Choose the type of design that comes with the maintenance type that you can handle.

Space Constraints

You also have to be mindful of the amount of space that you have. When you keep an eye out for the overall space present, you will be able to come to a better conclusion regarding the right design. The stair design should be chosen by the space that is available. This will allow you to optimize it. For instance, some people choose to have a wardrobe beneath the stairs. This allows them to truly make the most of the limited space constraints.

So, these are some of the different factors that you need to bear in mind as far as designing a small space staircase is concerned.

The Measurements

When you are designing a small space staircase, one of the key things to keep in mind will be the net measurements. You have to be sure that you are paying heed to the overall specifics of the design. This allows you to maximize space utilization and come up with winning designs too.

So, let us see the salient points.

  • The steps of stairs need to be at least 60 cm wide. This is important to ensure that one does not end up brushing against the wall when climbing up the stairs.
  • The height of the steps should range from 15 to 19 cm
  • The depth of the stars can be anywhere from 27 to 30 cm
  • The angle of the steps should lie between 30 to 35 degrees from the floor. You can increase the angle for the sake of saving space but this will make it hard for the toddlers to climb it and can also be a dangerous design if you have kids at home. Steeply inclined stairs are usually very difficult to climb.
  • The railings present adjacent to the stairs need to be 90 cm tall.

How To Clean The Small Space Stairs Design?

Whenever you are designing the stairs, you also need to be mindful of the right ways by which you need to clean them. You have to be mindful of the right maintenance efforts that will go into the making of the stairs. The inability to do so will make it hard for you to maintain the stairs articulately.

Here are some of the tips you need to be mindful of.

  • Make sure to completely remove all traces of dirt and dust from the stairways. These places are prone to getting dirty easily and you need to learn the right ways of cleaning them.
  • You have to use the right cleaning agent based on the chosen material. For instance, wooden stairs can be cleaned easily even when rubbed with a soft, dry cloth. Concrete stairs may get rigid dirt attracted and will need deeper and stronger cleaning agents.
  • The railings with several curves and etching are much more prone to getting dirty. Make sure to duly clean all the curved areas as these are the places wherein the highest dirt tends to accumulate.
  • The right method is to always start from the top and then make your way to the bottom. This will ensure that you won’t end up dirtying the upper stairs when you clean the lower ones. Always use a pointed end of the vacuum cleaner for getting rid of dirt accumulated in the edges and corners
  • Set a frequency for clearing the stairs. You have to do it often to ensure that your stairs don’t end up clogging layers of dirt over them. This will entail harder cleaning efforts and they won’t get cleaned easily either. So, ideally, you should clean the stairs twice a week, but it depends on your ease and the stair style as well.
  • Focus equally on the steps and the rails.

So, these are some of the important tips that you need to bear in mind. You have to be sure that you are following the key steps because the last thing you want is to have dirty stairs in your home. You should ensure that they are spotlessly clean as this ends up adding the right glow to your place.

The Small Space Stairs Design Ideas

Now that we have set forth the right details about staircase design, we are going to share some of the best design ideas with you. This is important as it allows you to have a better picture of what design will be apt for your home.

By going through this design, you will have some idea of what is going to work and how. Feel free to lift parts of ideas from multiple designs and then do what is likely to bring out the best style in your home.

So, let us see some of the top ideas.

1. Arched Stairs

arched stairs
Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

This is by far the best way you can conserve space. A lot of people who have small homes and don’t have a great deal of area for designing the stairs tend to choose this style. The arched design ensures you will be able to fit more stairs.

At the same time, it tends to have a very modernistic approach and lends the right feel to your place. An important word of caution to add here is that you have to be mindful of the steps. Toddlers in particular can have a problem climbing the stairs and so would old people.

So, make sure to integrate these factors in mind before you decide to design such stairs. However, if aesthetics is your key focus, this design certainly sits at the very top.

2. Box Style Stair

box style
Zastolskiy Victor/ Shutterstock

This is another elegant and minimal design. The black colour jazzes up the overall appeal and lends an air of perfection to your place. As you can see, there is a wardrobe and storage corner constructed right under the stairs. The symmetrical boxes give you a lot of room to keep a wide vortex of stuff.

An important point to note is that the stuff kept in these boxes is likely to get dirty. Mostly, people tend to keep stuff for decoration here. However. it is upon you how you choose to improvise the space and the things you decide to keep.

3. Corner Small Space Stairs Design

corner stairs
Archi Viz/ Shutterstock

This is another great small-space stair design. The very corner of your home is the right place to design the stairs. You can choose to create the design based on space constraints. The stairs are flexible in this regard and you can plan a curved and asymmetrical stair design easily. Make sure to add the right rails so that the fear of falling off is greatly minimized.

When you use a higher inclination in the stairs, they get steep but they end up saving you a lot of space.

4. Curve Stairs With Rails

curved stairs with rails
Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

This is yet another design that can be seen trending in the current times when there is a limitation with regards to space, you can choose this design. Here the stairs are in overlapping mode and so the net space they consume is pretty less.

Once again, one has to get extra cautious and careful while climbing these stairs as a little misjudgement in placing your steps could be the perfect recipe for disaster. The amount of arch that you integrate into the design will depend upon the amount of space you want to use.

Integrating railings is an absolute must in such styles as this is essential for basic safety.

5. Fluid Staircase

fluid staircase
Jonathan Borba / Pexels

It can be a very dangerous design to choose if you have kids and toddlers at home. The underlying idea is to ensure that you have a very modern look. There is no denying the fact that having railings along with the stairs tends to make the space look smaller. Some people find the rails to be claustrophobic and they feel it eats into the good design elements.

This is why you will find a lot of people develop the desire for a fluid staircase. The absence of any railing surely makes the space appear bigger than it otherwise is. It also has a great style element and looks very modern and chic.

6. Illuminated Stairs

illuminated stairs
Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

Lights have a way of making everything look beautiful. If you want to truly revamp the way your stairs look, you can choose to integrate flush lights or other light forms with them. The illuminated appearances raise up the style element by several notches and it redefines the space in a way nothing else does.

Once again, you can find the stairs have been designed without any rails. This is the befitting design for a very modern taste home that packs quite a top design punch.

7. Outdoor Stairs

outdoor stairs
Jason Finn/ Shutterstock

While we have mostly spoken about stairs inside a home, you can also have outdoor stairs that all connect your home with the porch or the balcony. These stairs too can come in several designs. A great element of this is the way the railing has been put in between the stairs. This is a great way to divide the passage into two demarcated zones. You too can settle for such designs if you don’t have a passage broad enough to have two stairs but you still like the idea.

8. The Simple Stairs

simple stairs
Inga Seliverstova/ Pexels

If you are not in the mood to experiment to splurge, you can choose to have simple stairs integrated into the home. There is no arch, no curve. The stairs are just out one on top of the other with a simple railing. They need to meet the minimum measurement specifications and serve the basic utility of a stair.

Make sure to use the right material for making these stairs to ensure they last long and are easy to clean and maintain as well.

9. Spiral Small Space Stairs Design

Ground Picture / Shutterstock

The spiral stairs have always been in view and will continue to do so. You too can choose to have this design. The presence of long rails and the stunning spiral adds to the wow factor. As you can see, the stairs haven’t really occupied a lot of space and so the arch is pretty high. However. the presence of a railing cuts down the chances of falling off significantly. It is mostly suited as stairs for duplex homes.

10. Wooden Small Space Stairs Design

wooden stairs
Toyakisphoto / Shutterstock

There are few things that can meet the charm of the wood. The wooden staircase is one of the best designs you could ask for. We will always recommend you have wooden flooring if you have wooden stairs as it tends to bring out the design element in a much better way. You can use this ladder style of stairs and the colour of the wood will definitely add to the overall appeal of this design.

However, make sure you don’t use a wet cloth for the sake of cleansing these stairs or else the wood will swell up and disfigure.

So, these are the best small space stair design ideas. Feel free to check them out again and then decide as to which design seems to suit your taste.

The stairs of your home assume a lot of importance as it is something that is bound to catch the attention of anyone who comes to your home. So, you have to be sure that you are making the right choice.

All the best!