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The living room in any house is the place where the entire family loves spending time together. Be it watching movies or gossiping for hours, it is one such section of the house which is very lively. Whenever you have guests at home, it is the living room where you make them feel comfortable. 

When talking about living rooms, you should know that having an appropriate and comfortable seating arrangement is indispensable. If you look at the pieces of furniture all around your house, a sofa set is one such piece of furniture which should be picked carefully depending upon your requirements. Have the best kind of ambience in your living room with the perfect sofa set that is the epitome of comfort. 

1. Chesterfield Sofa

Source: Sandra Sutton / unsplash

The design dating back to the 1800s, the chesterfield sofa is the best option for vintage lovers. You will love the British charm it exudes with the button feature being its highlight. 

2. Sette Sofa

Sette Sofa
Source: chingyunsong / shutterstock

If you have a small-sized living room but you still want to have a comfortable seating arrangement in the form of a sofa set, Sette is the one you should settle for. Having a minimalistic design, this sofa is all about comfort and simplicity. It almost seems like a chair that is slightly wider.

3. Sectional Sofa

sectional sofa
Source: TierneyMJ / shutterstock

When your living room allows you to have a big sofa set up, a sectional sofa is a thing to opt for. It comes with multiple separate sofas that can be aligned in several ways. You have the liberty to set up the sofa in a pattern convenient for your space and requirement.

4. Cabriole Sofa

sofa set design cabriole
Source: HQ3DMOD / shutterstock

If you love the traditional touch in your house, getting a cabriole sofa is a must. With S-shaped wooden legs, this sofa design is all about highlighting the gorgeous wooden structure. With arms set at a slightly lower height than the back, it is comfortable to sit on and looks brilliant.

5. Tuxedo Sofa

tuxedo sofa
Source: / shutterstock

The distinct feature of this sofa design that makes it different and unique from the other designs is the same height of the backrest and the arms. It features a straight back and you can throw in some cushions for added comfort.

6. Recliners 

recliner sofa set design
Source: Ingrid Maasik / shutterstock

For the ultimate comfort and luxury, recliners are a perfect choice. It feels great to rest for hours on recliner sofas as their comfort level is beyond explanation. It is also loved by elderlies. You get to choose recliners from a vast range of materials and make. 

7. Corner Sofa

corner sofa
Source: Rachel Claire / pexels

A sofa meant for L-shaped corners is a great choice for your room if the set-up is such. It is the best way to make perfect use of a corner in your living room. 

8. Bridgewater Sofa

bridgewater sofa
Source: Christian Kaindl / Unsplash 

Known for its comfort, the Bridgewater sofa is heavily padded and comes with lots of cushions for nice support. The armrest is low set and the backrest is slightly rolled. 

9. Chaise Lounge

chaise lounge
Source: Peter Titmuss / shutterstock

Giving you a royal feel, the Chaise lounge is a sofa capable of adding a touch of luxury to your living room. The design allows you to stretch to your maximum body length and have a gala time while resting on it.

10. Camelback Sofa

Taking inspiration from a camel’s hump, this sofa set design is another one that falls in the vintage look category. Coming back to the camel inspiration, the centre part of the sofa’s back is higher and it gradually descends as you move towards the arms on both sides. 

11. Convertible Sofa

Source: New Africa / shutterstock

A sofa that can be converted into a bed when desired is a great option for people who have limited space. You can quickly transform the sofa into a bed whenever required and vice versa. 

Tips For Choosing A Sofa Set For Your Living Area

If you don’t have the right pieces of furniture in your house, there are chances your house will not look impressive. Sofa sets also form an integral part of the interior design of the house and if not chosen carefully, they can disrupt the look of your living room. Make sure to have the best design put up and take a look at the tips required to do the same.

  • Analyse the size of the room and then decide the size of the sofa set that will suit your space. 
  • The space in the room and the existing interior design also should be considered before finalising a sofa set design.
  • Decide upon the fabric that you love and that you can easily maintain. Opting for velvet sofas is a great idea if you do not have kids at home. Velvet requires high maintenance and is difficult to last with kids around.
  • Plan a budget and then settle with any sofa set design. You should then research the market and see whether to buy a readymade one or get one made at home.
  • The colour of the surrounding wall and the overall ambience also matter when getting a sofa set for your house.

A sofa set might typically cost you around INR 50000 to 1Lakh depending upon the type of design and material chosen. The more luxurious your sofa set is the more it would cost. You might also get sofas for a lesser price range like INR 30000 or more. As sofas have a life span of around 10-15 years, we recommend getting a better one with standard or high-quality materials used.

Give your living room a trendy and modern makeover with a super stylish and gorgeous sofa set. Have the best of comfort and relax in style.