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If your home is aligned in the southeast direction, you must understand the best of Vastu remedies. These remedies are essential to make sure that your home is well aligned and that too in a befitting manner. Doing this will make sure that your home will attract positive vibes and energy and thereby bring you the best chance of success and prosperity.

Most people these days rely heavily on the rules of Vastu and make it a point to follow the Vastu norms. It helps them be at ease knowing that these details will allow them to keep their home aligned well with the designated rules of Vastu shastra.

What Does The South East Corner Denote?

The southeast corner of your home is known to be the place of the fire god or Lord Shukra. This is why if there is any Vastu defect that is present, one has to make sure that they can fix it well. If you don’t, it might interfere with the health and wealth of your family. Vastu defects in this direction are associated with marital problems as well.

This is why we bring to you some of the finest southeast corner Vastu remedies that will allow you to bring the right benefits to your home.

The Best South East Corner Vastu Remedies

Working On The House Entrance

main door
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Always remember that the entrance of your home assumes a pivotal role. You should make sure that the entrance of your home should be in the northeast or the eastern direction. The one direction that is not preferred is the southeast. However, despite this, you can rectify the doshas by adding a pyramid to them. The Vastu pyramids are a great way to rectify the doshas and they will also help in cutting down on the ill effect. So, if you cannot re-align the entrance door, make sure to rectify the Vastu dosha at least.

The Symbols On The Door

Another thing you can do as a means of southeast corner Vastu remedies is to have symbols like Om, Swastika, and even Trisula on your main gate. You can choose one, multiple, or all of them. These symbols are sacred and very powerful and they are known to drive away the unwanted energy from your home.

Putting them at the entrance also ensures that they guard the home from the entry of negative energies.

Work On The Corners

The corners of your home have to be paid emphasis on. Some of these corners are bad for Vastu. You can choose to paint the southeast corner walls a dark shade like red. This is a great way to make sure that your family will be able to enjoy the right financial stability.

The Cuts In The Different Direction

If there is a cut in any of the corners of your home, it is considered to be Vastu dosha. If your house has a southeast corner and there is a cut in this part, you will then need to add a Vastu Siddha Shukri yantra. This helps in cutting down the different adverse effects and also adds a protective layer to your home.

The Power Of Sea Salt And Crystals

sea salt
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There are a lot of things that are very useful in the world of Vastu and sea salt and crystals seem to be among them. Simply placing a bowl filled with sea salt or even loaded with camphor crystals is enough to rectify several Vastu dosha. It is known to thoroughly cleanse the energy and bring in better rewards.

The most suited direction is to place it on the corner that is facing the northeast. This is likely to trigger the right reaction which in turn will facilitate the best energy movement in your home. Sea salt is also known to be a very good absorber of negative energy and it can therefore purify your place as nothing else can.

Being Mindful Of The Toilets

You have to be very careful as to where you are placing the toilets. However, if the construction has already been done and the toilets end up being placed in the southeastern corner of your home, you don’t need to sweat it out. While this corner is highly inauspicious for bathrooms and Vastu believes that it will drain your wealth completely and is likely to render you unsuccessful, here are some fixes that you can use.

You can choose to add a Vastu pyramid to your bathroom. These pyramids are very often used for rectifying the different Vastu dosha. They help in balancing the energy elements in your home.

Rearranging The Cupboards

The world of Vastu is very strict about this rule. Always make sure that the southeastern corner of your home shouldn’t bear any cupboards or almirahs at all. You can have one on the southwestern wing, but under no account can it be present on the southeastern side. If suppose you already have one, it is necessary to have it removed. Even if you need to break it down, Vastu will recommend you to not have a cupboard here as it can have several repercussions.

The Power Of The Kalash

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Even if all the rooms are well designed, using the powerful Vastu remedies elements is sure to kickstart the right success for you. One such powerful Vastu yantra has to be the Kalash. You can place it in the southeast corner of your home and it is sure to fill your life with an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness, along with peace as well. It is a great way to make sure that you can do your best for the sake of bringing peace to your life.

The Magic Of Crystal Lotus

crystal lotus
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A crystal lotus is one of the very effective remedies for those who are looking to deal with Vastu dosha. The main role of a lotus crystal is to neutralize the energy field and to make sure that you can invite the right degree of positivity into your place.

This is one of the preferred ways to use when you are looking to find the right south east corner Vastu remedies . There are different types of lotus crystals available and you should choose the one you deem fit. The good thing is that they also have the right aesthetic value and can help in improving the overall décor of the place.

The Stabilizer In The South Eastern Wing

Another theory coined by the world of Vastu is that you can add a stabilizer in the southeast corner of your home. A lot of people choose to install their AC stabilizer in the southeast corner and they found that this measure alone helped them significantly.

So, you too can choose this method and it is likely to bring in some benefits at least.

Copper Sun On The Wall

copper sun
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As we told you that the southeastern corner is the direction of the fire gods; so, it is always advised to have an idol of the sun god or the copper sun placed on the wall. The is likely to keep your home safe despite any Vastu dosha. It is means of superimposing the top Vastu remedy that will mask all other problems easily.

So, this is one of the absolutely-must remedies that you should opt for. It will trigger the right kind of benefits for sure.

Vastu Approved Décor Items

Along with these tips, let us also tell you about some of the top decorative items that you can keep in your home as a means of south east corner Vastu remedies. These items are all Vastu approved and are likely to channel the right energy flow in your place as well.


Vastu believes strongly in the power of paintings. You should choose to have paintings in your home, but you have to be particular about what the paintings depict. For example, paintings of scenery and landscapes are considered auspicious. Do not have pictures of family members and even deities, especially on the southern wall as these can attract the wrong vibes.

You can also choose to have paintings of birds, waterfalls, and flowers. Do not have any painting that has an element of violence as this will impair the energy flow


There is no dearth in the type of plants you can grow. You can check out the list of Vastu-approved plants for your home and grow the best of them. From the sacred basil to the money plant, the new age bamboo, ajwain, sage, the list goes on and on.

Make sure to check the details of the alignment and direction in which you should grow these plants to serve the right set of benefits.


Mirrors are also considered to be truly auspicious and you should make it a point to install some of the best mirrors in your home. Ideally, you should keep the 4 to 5 feet above the ground as this will give you the best set of results. You can find a lot of decorative mirrors too and these are known to widely improve the look and feel of your place too.

Water Fountains

There is a lot of mention of water fountains in the world of Vastu. It is known to play a critical role in governing the flow of energy in your home. Make sure to check the direction in which you are aligning them and then have it placed.


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Aquariums too deserve special mention. They are known to be a great way to attract positive energy and have managed to do so as well. Once again, you have to be mindful of the right direction in which you can have them. They also improve the aesthetics greatly and are one of the highlights of a home.


You can choose to keep different figurines like those of elephants and even tortoises. Tortoise is censored to be one of the vital Feng Shui elements. They are also known to bless a place with a lot of positivity and improved energy flow.

So, you can use these Vastu-approved décor elements. Not only will they make your place look rich, but, they will also improve the overall Vastu. So, make sure that you end up with the right choice.


Is the southeast corner considered auspicious?

Ideally, southeast homes are not very auspicious as it is the seat of the fire god. However, with some Vastu tips and remedies, you can make it equally auspicious.

What are the best south east corner Vastu remedies?

While there are several south east corner Vastu remedies you can choose, having a copper sun in your home is one of the best. This is also a depiction of the fire god. Therefore it is the most powerful remedy that is likely to mask most of the other Vastu doshas. The Vastu pyramid too plays a gargantuan role in masking most of the Vastu defects.

Can you use elephant figurines as south east corner Vastu remedies?

Elephant figurines are one of the powerful elements in the world of Vastu. They are sure to help you rectify several defects. They also help in improving the overall energy flow in your home as well.

Can you have a bedroom in the southeast corner?

It is not advisable to make the bedroom in this corner. If you end up with one, it will be termed a Vastu defect. You should incorporate some Vastu remedies to fix this dosha.