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Whenever you buy a new house, you have to make sure that everything has been designed as per Vastu. When the right Vastu rules are not followed, the house may not be as prosperous as it should be.

Vastu has a lot of rules regarding which direction the house should face, the direction of the decoration elements, the colour tone of the house, the figurines, and several other things. So, you need to have the right knowledge of Vastu for the sake of ensuring that you can rectify any Vastu dosha and bring prosperity with the right alignment.

Here, we are going to talk about Vastu tips for southeast-facing houses. These tips and details will help you tidy up your house in the right manner to trigger the best possible changes you can ask for.

The South East Facing House

Some people believe that southeast-facing property is not considered to be good or auspicious. However, the terms of Vastu says that none of the direction is wrong or bad. Every direction has some attributes and based on the personality of people; some directions may not favour them.

For instance, if you are a homebody and an introvert and you choose to buy a south-east facing home, it might not be best suited for you as a house in this direction is likely to bring forth several guests and acquaintances to your home.

Also, this side is often dubbed a Vastu defect as it is guarded by the fire element. This means that domestic quarrels and strife are likely to be common things in such a household.

Further, this is the direction of Venus and therefore women are likely to have an impact in such households. If the right remedies are not implemented it is likely to affect the health of women in the household.

All of this being said, it doesn’t by any means infer that you cannot or should not buy a south-east facing house. There are tons of Vastu remedies available and you can choose them for the sake of eliminating the negative energies and ensuring your house brims with love, warmth, success, happiness and positivity.

The Importance Of Directions

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As per the science of Vastu, every direction has its attribute and energy field. You need to know the favourable energy for each direction as this will help you understand the type of people that are likely to benefit from this direction.

So, if you are worried sick about your southeast facing home, don’t fret. It isn’t an ugly direction. There are a few defects obviously but these aren’t anything that Vastu remedies cannot fix. With some quick and simple fixes, you can make this direction equally favourable for you.

We are going to spell the details for you to assimilate and implement.

Is The South East Facing House A Bad Vastu Choice?

The ruling element in the southeast zone is fire. This means that this direction is always fired up with extra energy. Having too much energy is likely to be a cause of strife, violence, and other similar issues. This is why people in the southeast facing house may undergo a tremendous amount of stress and tension as well.

But this being said, if you are in a line of work that requires a lot of media attention and socializing, this direction of the house might be favourable for you. PR managers are likely to do very well when they live in a south-east facing home as it is likely to bring in several guests to your home.

On the contrary, if you are a professor or a regular office hopper, you may not be able to benefit much from it. Those who live a solitary life are likely to be disturbed in such houses.

Therefore, the house cannot be considered a bad Vastu choice. It is all about understanding which direction will suit whom better.  

The Vastu Plans

Here are some of the tips you must bear in mind when you are looking for the right Vastu remedies for southeast facing properties.

  • Always align your kitchen towards the northwest. This is because it will help in counterbalancing the fire element that guards the house. When the fire elements are balanced, it will cut down the chances of domestic strife or other temper tantrums in the place.
  • Make sure to place the living rooms in the east for the best results
  • The wall that faces our east should be painted red. Doing so will help you put to fight against the negative energy. You can make the wall colour look pleasing with the best interior decoration tips.
  • Don’t have any open spaces or gardens in the southeast direction. If the home has one, block them out with trees or outhouses. The open spaces can interfere with energy play and are therefore not preferred.
  • The stairs should always face east in such houses. The southeast direction of staircases ensures that you will be able to gain a lot of wealth and abundance. But, try to keep them away from the main door and they should not be directly visible when entering from the southeast side. You can check out the details of the staircase Vastu alignment too.
  • If you have an entrance door that is facing the southeast direction, you should try to put red curtains on it. The presence of red curtains tends to keep away the negative vibes and energy.

The South East Facing House Vastu Remedies

If you are looking to fix the different Vastu defects and seeking the right remedies for south east facing house, here are some of the tips that can be of help.

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  • Always opt for light colour schemes when you are choosing the interior shade. You can choose colours like red or brown
  • If you have a southwest-facing main gate, then you should put red carnelian gemstones. Make sure they are nine in number. This is a great Vastu remedy to remove the Vastu defects of direction.
  • On the main door, have an Om or a Swastika sign. This sign can be done in silver or copper
  • You can hang light red curtains on the main entrance. This is likely to protect your home from negative and evil energy.
  • The kitchen should not be in the same direction as the house doesn’t have kitchens in the southeast corner. The best direction for the kitchen is the northwest in such cases. This helps in balancing the fire element in the home.

The Living Room And Balcony

When you have a south-east facing home, you also need to be mindful of the direction of your living room and balcony. They have a very important role to play and you should pay heed to the right design aspects.

The living room should be aligned in the north or the east direction. When the living room faces the east, it is likely to circulate a happy and positive vibe in your space.

If you have a balcony in the southeast, you will need to have a similar size or a larger balcony in the opposite direction too. This ensures that the negative energy will be nullified and it will fail to create any impact.

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Ideally, the suitable directions for a balcony are the north, east, and northeast as well. These are very suited for balcony designs and are likely to trigger positivity in the home. 

The Other Rooms

When it comes to puja rooms, you have to understand well as to which direction is going to be conducive. If you have a southeast facing home, then the southeast corner is not a promising place to have your puja room. You should choose the northeast side for the puja room. Also, it is best advised that when you are performing puja, face the east while doing so. Check out great Vastu-approved puja room door designs here.

Now when it comes to the bathrooms, you have to understand that no bathrooms should be placed at the southern end of the house. This is likely to trigger finical woes. So, make sure to choose the right design option and then work on the rooms.

You may have a southeast facing room but if you align the rest of the things well and opt for Vastu remedies, you will be able to fix these problems in the right manner and make your home prosperous and perfect.

The Pros And Cons Of South East Facing House

So, if you are still debating whether to buy a southeast facing house, here are the pros and cons.

The Pros

  • The southeast direction is guarded by the fire gods. Therefore the house is likely to be a good influence on the health of the residents.
  • If you do the rest of the Vastu remedies right, you should have an abundance of wealth. Also, it should keep people happy and powerful
  • The youngsters of the house are likely to clinch big goals in their careers and become great achievers as well.

The Cons

Here are some of the possible pitfalls associated with a southeast facing house

  • The relationship between the different members can be strained owing to the dominant fire element
  • The extra and unhindered flow of energy can have a deterring effect on the women’s health
  • People in the home are likely to face stress if the fire element is not counterbalanced


Is it okay to buy a south-east facing house as per Vastu?

You can choose a south-east facing house, although it is not very auspicious. However, with the right Vastu remedies, you can fix the issues easily.

Is the fire element the dominating element in southeast facing house?

Yes, the gods of fire stay in the southeast direction and therefore the ruling element is fire. You should place the kitchen in the northwest to balance the fire element and thereby make your home balanced.

What is the right direction for balconies in the southeast facing home?

You can have the balcony in the southwest only if you have a larger or an equal size balcony on the other side. This will help in creating a good flow of air.