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A lot of people are in awe of south Indian homes and you too may be so. So, if you too wish to know the details of the characteristics, architecture, and different elements of South Indian traditional homes, here are the details of the same thing.

It is important to be aware of what these homes have to offer and based on these; you will be able to reach the right conclusion regarding what to expect out of such houses.

The Design Of South Indian Traditional Home – Karnataka

Have you heard of the bunt community of Karnataka? These houses came into the news after it was revealed that Aishwarya Rai, former Miss World belonged to these homes. These are typical homes as they have Khamb-wooden pillars all-round the houses. They are called the Guthu mane homes as well.

These homes are usually large and have a square shape. They will offer you a large storage space around the house. They tend to have sloping roofs and huge paddy fields outside the house.

To the outsider, it is likely to look like a temple. At one point in time, these houses were also symbolic of status as only the wealthy could make and stay in such homes.

The Design Of South Indian Traditional Home – Kerala

Also referred to as God’s village, Kerala is famous for several reasons. The homes too sport the right design that is appealing on several counts.

Those who were filthy rich in Kerala tend to have homes with a parambu. This means that they had a huge expanse of farm areas surrounding their home. The open areas were also referred to as thodi and most homeowners chose to grow their fruits and vegetables here.

A lot of houses in Kerala have both indoor and outdoor courtyards. While the men tend to socialize in the outer courtyards, women often huddle in the indoor spaces to socialize and have light conversations.

The Design Of South Indian Traditional Home – Tamil Nadu

Regardless of how poor or rich a family is, most of the homes in Tamil Nadu will feature lime plaster on the walls. The reason behind this is that it helps in reflecting the sunlight and therefore allows the home to be much cooler. This gives natural respite from the scorching sun.

You are also likely to find a courtyard and a raised veranda inside the house. This is called Thinnai in the Tamil language and it is the appropriate place for different types of social gatherings.

The Design Of South Indian Traditional Home – Andhra Pradesh And Telangana

Even houses in Andhra Pradesh tend to sport an open courtyard. Further, in a lot of houses, you will find large halls that run across the whole length. This makes for great alleys wherein people can talk and have a chat.

If you observe closely, you will find that a large number of homes here have a mix of Muslim architecture ad local taste. You will find large black slate stones, and arches in the house, and even a few Urdu calligraphy here and there.

Another common theme of home is the Chuttillu or the Middillu. These are clustered homes in the form of circles. You will find them even in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh. Traditional homes have given way to modern homes and yet some elements have been retained. Several homes make use of red bricks and even teakwood.

These are the best ways by which you can decorate your home and bring in elaborate touches.

How To Decorate The Home In The South Indian Way?

To make your home look perfect, you have to incorporate the right décor elements. There are a lot of different things that you can do and certain elements help in reviving your childhood as they remind you of south Indian homes.  So, here we are going to explain some of these things to you and try to incorporate them into your home for the best effect.

Wooden Furniture

wooden furniture
Source:  Nataliya Vaitkevich / Pexels

Wooden furniture has been an evergreen choice. You can choose chairs, swings, tables, and several other elements to be made of good quality wood. Not only do they have a traditional outlook but at the same time, they exude the right modern-day vibe as well. When chosen of good quality, they are likely to last long too and will therefore offer the finest set of benefits as well.


Wall paintings are a great way of making a home feel uniquely yours. You can choose the right theme that the paintings will exude. From mythology to personal, nature, waterfall and more; there are endless options to choose from. South Indian homes almost always have a painting incorporated for the best of aesthetics.

Find stunning wall painting ideas here.

The Brass Element

brass candle stand
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If you want to have South Indian traditional home decor, there is no way you can skip the brass décor items. You can choose to have brass candle stands or even figurines made of brass. There are endless options as far as brass home décor is concerned to feel free to check out the options and then choose what seems to be apt for you. We are sure you will find something that will resonate with your home and also exude the right south Indian touch and feel.

Ornamental Doors

Another great idea is to work on the entrance doors and make them as elaborate and ornamental as you can. These days, a lot of South Indian homes choose premium teak wood doors. However, if you want the perfect traditional touch, we will like you to work on the doors a little and jazz them to make them much more ornate.

Find some of the great main door designs here.

The Puja Rooms

Almost all Indian households make it a point to have a puja room. If the space is small and they can’t have a dedicated room, they choose a small temple .

Most South Indian homes will have an elaborate puja room. They are built keeping all the Vastu points in mind. They tend to have a very ornately done door with several gold undertones. It is designed to be quiet so that the members can offer prayers in peace.

The South Indian Lamps

south indian lamps
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Also known as the kuthuvilakku or even the thookkuvilakku, the lamps are known to resonate with the South Indian style in a befitting manner. They can be found in both traditional and modern-day homes as they come in several fancy designs as well. They can be used as designer showpieces and emit the right ray of positivity and hope.

Oonjal Or Swings

Source:  Shevchenko Andrey / Shutterstock

If you have a large home or even a big sprawling balcony, you can choose to have an oonjal or a swing. This allows you to take a book and read or simply sit in solitude and enjoy your own company. These swings were very common in the earlier days and kids could be seen hanging around here and often fighting while taking their turns.

Hand Painted Tiles

This is one of the highlights of most South Indian homes. The hand-painted tiles have always been in vogue. They tend to give their home a feel of their own. You will be surprised by the abundance of hand-painted tile designs that are available in the market. Feel free to choose what you deem fit and then you can go around and flaunt your perfect South Indian home.


Have south Indian homes changed a lot?

Like all other homes, of course, the South Indian home too has changed. However, most of them have retained some of the common and typical design elements that make them stand out.

Can you design the perfect south Indian transeptal home even now?

Yes, by choosing to incorporate the south Indian traditional home standout elements you can have a modern-day house with the same feel as the traditional home.

Is a brass item considered an element of south Indian homes?

While it isn’t an exclusive condition, most south Indian homes had big brass elements as iconic reminders of their traditional heritage.