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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian-origin science guideline for the architectural system. In simple words, Vastu Shastra is an architectural science. The significant factors or essence of Vastu Shastra lie in the notion of its rules about the directions and nature’s elements.

South West Corner
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We can say that this system helps in drafting how a building should be built and furnished in a way that brings you in touch with your life’s positive energy.

The universe consists of five elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Space, and Air. These five elements govern a person’s life. When they work in harmony with the five elements of the body, they create a harmonious connection between people. Direction is essential for the Vastu Shastra. It is crucial to place the right things in the right corner.

There are typically eight directions, i.e. South, North, West, East, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest. You should keep things in the correct position according to Vastu Shastra rules; otherwise, you may experience negative energies that will slowly affect your lifestyle. Therefore, to keep away from such possibilities, particular Vastu remedies are conducted.

Here is everything about south west corner vastu remedies for your home.

Effects Of South West Corner Vastu Defects

  • According to Vastu, a cut in the southwest corner may induce significant health, financial, or stability losses.
  • You may not get credit for your efforts and hard work.
  • It may be difficult for you to overcome negative energies and thoughts.
  • You may develop heart disease or have problems with your lower body.
  • The residents of the house may face mental instability.
  • According to Vastu, there are chances of a negative mindset if there is a southwest corner plot or house.
  • There are chances that you might experience anxiety related to your relationship and life.

South West Corner Vastu Remedies

Place Heavy Items at A Cut in the Corner

For balance, you should put heavy furniture or other items at any openings or cuts, mainly windows in the southwest corner. It will dilute the negative energy to some extent and will maintain balance.

You can also place a Vastu pyramid, which is beneficial in warding off any negative energies from your house and keeping positive points flowing.

Beautiful Paintings Installation

Beautiful Paintings South West Corner Vastu Remedies
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Vastu remedies for the southwest corner recommend placing attractive and calm symbols of earthy elements or painting on the southwest corner wall. The placement of such beautiful things will create a delightful setting in the house and boost the resident’s mood toward wholesome living.

Painting Walls

Using light brown, peach, or earthy colours to paint or repaint the walls in the room’s southwest corner is always advantageous. It will ensure that positive energies surround you always and will take away the negative energies that prevail around you.

Rahu Yantra

Rahu is one of the most ferocious planets, and it governs the southwest direction of a room. Thus, using Rahu Yantra is imperative to achieve good Vastu for the room’s southwest corner. The Rahu Yantra will negate the negative energy and let the positive energy prevail.

Arrangements of Vastu Pyramids

The placement of Vastu pyramids throughout the room, especially in the southwest corner, is very beneficial as it maintains the balance and avoids Vastu defects. Positive energy is produced in counterbalance to negative energy generated by Vastu defects, negating the effects of negative energies. A Vastu pyramid thereby draws positive influences.

Arrangements of Important Objects in the South West Corner

You should keep precious things like money boxes, jewellery, and other critical financial papers and documents in the southwest corner. Generally, placing anything in this direction is considered prosperous, as it tends to multiply. Therefore, they will grow if you put valuable things in the southwest corner, they will grow.

Dodge Any Vault Doors Facing West or South

If there are any financial vaults or storage systems placed at the southwest corner are generally not supposed to have their openings facing south or west.

Place Lord Ganesh Idol Close to Your Entrance at the South West

Ganesha Idol South West Corner Vastu Remedies
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You should place a lord Ganesh idol or a painting at the southwest corner of your house if there is an entrance. There should be an even number of windows and doors. You should put a Lord Ganesh drawing or statue just over the opening.

Put Religious Symbols on the Gates

It is favourable to put religious symbols like Om, Trishul, Swastik, etc., on any door in the southwest corner. Signs related to religion and community play a significant role in the Vastu characteristics of different faiths and communities.

Refrain from placing the Toilets in the South West Corner

Always refrain from installing the toilets in the southwest corner of the home. It is vital because you may face specific issues like the financial flux and monetary losses. It might even cause you and your family members to suffer from a disrupted sleep pattern and deteriorate their health conditions.

Placement of Red Cloth is an Option

If there is a locker in the home’s southwest corner, always keep a red cloth inside it to attract financial success. You can put the red fabric with a Citrine crystal as it is said to bring wealth and prosperity.

Put a Glass of Water with Salt in the South West Corner

It is always a fine idea to keep a glass of water and salt in the room’s southwest corner, with a red bulb just above the glass so that the light reflects off it as it glows. Doing so develops a ton of positive energy everywhere.

Plants In South West Corner

The southwest corner of your house is not a good place to keep green plants. Vastu norms do not recommend putting plants in this direction. If you still place the plants there, you might encounter failure or a shortage of money. You should place the plants at the entrance to accumulate a positive vibe.

Avoid Praying in the South West Corner

You should not conduct rituals or pujas in the southwest direction of your house as it is deemed unfavourable to your family’s well-being, luck, success, and health.

Positioning of an Overhead Water Tank

It is vital to position an overhead tank strategically in the home. You can achieve the most satisfactory outcome by putting the tank in the southwest corner of the house because the west side belongs to the god of water, the lord Varuna. Your habitation will surely benefit from this Vastu decision.

South West Corner Vastu Remedies to Bring Positive Vibes

Below are some simple remedies you can use to attract positive energies to your home if it has not been built according to Vastu Shastra principles:

  • If you want to sleep relaxed, keep your head to the south.
  • Your living room should not have a television.
  • You can create good vibrations at the entrance by hanging a wind chime.
  • You can eradicate negative vibes in your home by keeping it well-ventilated and the kitchen clean.
  • Lighting incense sticks at your home temple, primarily in the evenings, will bring positive energy into the house.
  • Keep your drinking water away from the northeast corner of your kitchen.
  • Create a happy atmosphere by brightening the corners of your home.


So the Vastu remedies, as mentioned above, can help the southwest corner of your house. To maintain a wholesome lifestyle, the architecture of your home or office must be according to the Vastu Shastra. You should check your Vastu status and follow the southwest corner Vastu remedies if you are experiencing any difficulties in life.