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If you have a house, you must design it to be completely Vastu compliant. The inability to incorporate the right Vastu elements might impair the net energy flow in your home. This is why whenever anyone is buying a new home; they make it a point to check out for the overall Vastu elements and then design their home appropriately.

A lot of people are sceptical about buying a south-west facing home as some people believe that the direction is not considered to be auspicious. However, this doesn’t by any means infer that you cannot buy a south-west facing home. There are plenty of Vastu remedies that are available and these can be used for the sake of rectifying the dosha and balancing the energy.

So let us see some of the different details with regards to south-west facing house Vastu.

The Importance Of Direction

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In the world of Vastu shastra, directions assume a pivotal role. This is why you have to pay heed to the specifics. Vastu believes that each of the directions has specific energy characteristics and this is why you should be sure of the direction in which each of the rooms should be made. You should always pay heed to every single detail and then it will allow you to have a fully Vastu-compliant home.

South West Facing House Vastu

The southwest corner of the room is ruled by the Earth element. This element is known to represent stability and heaviness. However, it also has a ruling demon element too which is why the southwest corner is not considered to be very auspicious.

As per the science of Vastu, if the direction of your house is in the southwest direction, it can lead to financial worries and even relationship issues as well.

Another key thing we will like to add here is that there are two types of houses- a southwest corner house and a southwest facing house. You have to understand that these two are entirely different things and the whole Vastu tips will differ accordingly.

The southwest corner houses have roads running in both the south and the west direction. These houses are usually located at the juncture of both these zones. The south-west facing house as the name implies faces the southwest as it has the entrance in that direction. So, you are bound to see negative impacts in both cases.

Always make it a point to avoid buying property or shops that are located at the T junction in the southwest zone.

The Good And Bad

Some people always wonder whether such houses are good or bad. Ideally, the houses are not considered very good and most people will try and avoid them. However, if you end up buying one, you can always use the right remedies that will allow you to fix the problems you may be facing. With the right Vastu remedies, you will be able to counterbalance the defects and thereby make the most of the designs.

Here are some of the preliminary measures you can take to counteract the defects and ensure you get the right benefits. Make sure to implement some or several of these designs as it will allow you to balance the doshas in your home.

  • Place an idol of Lord Hanuman close to the entrance
  • Make sure to have the gada positioned to the left
  • Have a Gayatri mantra pasted close beside
  • If you have an empty wall close to the entrance, put up a picture of lord Ganesha there
  • Try to have a peach or pink colour on the home as it tends to keep off bad energy
  • Make sure you have an even number of doors and windows in your house

The Pros And Cons Of South West Facing House

If you are wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a south-west facing house, here are some of the details you need to be acquainted with.

The Advantages

  • They tend to offer better security
  • If you make sure that the boundary walls in the south are higher than the ones in the north or northeast, it is likely to bring lifelong happiness
  • If you have a sloping balcony towards the north, it will lead to a positive impact on the health of the women members of the family
  • When designed well, it is sure to invite good healthy and positive vibes and therefore help you enjoy the ease

The Disadvantages

  • Make sure to steer away from the T-junctions.
  • Make sure there are no ditches in the south zone as it is likely to bring death to the family
  • Don’t ever allow drainage water to flow from the southwest side as this is likely to trigger huge financial woes
  • Don’t have sloping verandahs in the south as this can impair the health of the ladies

So, these are some of the obvious advantages and disadvantages that you need to know of. We want you to be sure that you are weighing all the aspects because the last thing you want is to find out that the house has a flawed Vastu layout and this will trigger more problems than what you have bargained for.

So, now let us see some of the design aspects for the different segments of the south west facing house Vastu.

Entrance And Staircase Designs

Both the entrance and the staircase designs assume pivotal importance. You have to pay heed to how you are designing these aspects. Let us offer the details to you.

The staircases in the house should be made in the southern or the western zone

small home staircase design
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Always make sure that you don’t have a staircase in the northeastern area as this is likely to trigger financial problems

Once you are done with the staircase layout, think of the entrance as well.

The entrance door has plenty of options. You can have the entrance door in all directions except the south zone. However, if the house comes with pre-construction and the entrance is placed in the southwest direction, you will have to clear the northeastern zone as an effective Vastu remedy means.

The Bedroom And Living Room Vastu

The southwest corner is dictated by earth and so if you have your bedroom aligned in this direction, it is likely to work in your favour. The southeast and northeast are not preferred in such cases.

The right Vastu direction is likely to help you have a stable family life. It is also likely to improve the longevity of the family members and thereby add to the peace and prosperity immensely.

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When you are designing the living room, your first focus should be on making the room cosy. The best direction as per Vastu is the southwest but the entrance shouldn’t be from the south side. We will recommend choosing shades like white or yellow in the living room as it tends to repel negative energies.

Kitchen And Balcony

Other important segments of your home are the kitchen and the balcony. You have to be mindful of the design element for both these rooms. This will allow you to create the right mark.

The southwest direction is not considered auspicious for your kitchen. It is believed that doing so can end up impairing the type of marital bliss you will enjoy. You can choose to have an auxiliary kitchen in the southeast corner. If at all you need to use the southwest corner, make sure to store your grains and groceries there. It is likely to trigger prosperity and good fortune for you.

Find the best new age modern kitchen designs here.

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Once you are done with the kitchen, next in line is the balcony. The balcony needs to be designed in the northern and eastern zones. You can also have it in the southwest direction as it won’t damage your health.

When designing a balcony, try to incorporate different plants as this will invite freshness and greenery to your place. You can check out the list of Vastu-compliant plants for your home. Also, make sure that your balcony radiates the right warmth and is well decorated and nicely done. It should look good enough to help you unwind after a long day at work.

The Washrooms

The washrooms too are an integral part of the home. You have to put in the right efforts to make sure that they are also aligned as per the Vastu norms.

The right direction for making the washroom is the northeast. It is believed that this direction will aid in smoother waste disposal. While there are other directions too where you can choose to have the washroom done, always avoid the southwest. Having a washroom in this direction is likely to impair the health of the family members.

The Puja Room

To bless your house and make sure it is auspicious, make sure that you have a puja room in your home. Most people choose to have a little temple of sorts as it helps them seek blessings and thereby have their house nicely done.

puja room
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However, even with the puja room, you need to be mindful of the direction. Following the right Vastu norms will guide you into the appropriate placement and therefore it will bring you the right rewards in your home. This is why we will recommend having the puja room in the northeast of the house.

The northeast direction denotes peace and when you have your puja room aligned in this direction, it will help you bring better calmness and peace of mind. It is also likely to keep things happy and balanced in your home. If this direction is not feasible, we will recommend you opt for the east and the north directions.

The south direction is a complete no-no as far as puja room is concerned. Make sure to always light incense sticks and Diya and have aromatic flowers. These are also great means to drive away the negativity and bad energy from your home and bless your place in the right manner. You can find some excellent puja room designs here.

So, these are the different south-west facing house Vastu that you need to be mindful of. Following these is likely to help you gain the best of positive vibes at your place.


Is the south-west facing house considered good?

Vastu doesn’t believe that this direction is very appropriate. Still, you can choose houses in this corner and then opt for the right Vastu remedy to fix it.

Are the southwest corner and southwest facing houses the same thing?

No, they aren’t the same thing. The southwest entrance Vastu is considered to be largely inauspicious. You should choose Vastu remedies like the Ganesha statue, the Gayatri mantra, elephant figurines and Vastu pyramid. These help in rectifying the doshas there.

If you have a south west facing house Vastu, what should be the direction of the kitchen?

The best direction for the kitchen will be the northeast. It is likely to keep things balanced.

Is it important to make your house Vastu compliant?

Yes, you should work on making your house completely Vastu compliant as this will allow you to balance the different energy proportions and thereby bless your house

What are Vastu pyramids and why are they used?

Vastu pyramids are mainly Vastu elements that are often used for the sale of rectifying the Vastu doshas and being sure that the place emits the right positivity and balanced energy.