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Most people choose mirrored wardrobes because they are so valuable. It is helpful whether it is a traditional hinged wardrobe or a modern sliding wardrobe with a mirror. A mirror also makes your space appear more prominent, which is great for small urban dwellings. Here are a few of our favorite mirror-adorned wardrobe designs.

best space saving designs
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A wardrobe could be an excellent option for your home if you lack closet space but yet want to be able to hang your clothes. Clothing rods, shelves, and drawers are frequently found in these freestanding cabinets, giving you a range of storage options.

Best Space Saving Designs Wardrobe

1. Hexagon Furniture Wardrobe

hexagon furniture wardrobe
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This one-door wardrobe has a beautiful modern appearance and is made mainly of engineered pieces of wood. It is an excellent and helpful technique to beautify the house efficiently. It is a lovely addition to your home’s furniture collection.

2. Zemic Foldable Wardrobe

zemic foldable wardrobe
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This foldable wardrobe has three portions with several shelves and a clothing rod. It is made of a metal frame with a fabric exterior. Each part of the cloth cover has a zipper, and they may all be rolled up and fastened with velcro.

3. The Attic – Space Saving Designs Wardrobe

the attic - space saving designs wardrobe
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This one, in terms of storage capacity and design, delivers big if you’re looking to store folded garments in your wardrobe. Two shelves allow you to organize clothing, accessories, and other items on the attractive piece, which has a design reminiscent of Art Decor.

4. Hometown – Space Saving Designs Wardrobe

Forget the days when clothing was hard and heavy. This lightweight wardrobe offers excellent value and focuses more on space-saving than spectacular design aesthetics. Each item is crafted of solid wood with a cherry or espresso finish and has lovely natural variances. You can move the two inner shelves of the wardrobe’s two vertical compartments to suit your needs.

5. The Attic Jodhpur Wardrobe

Even wardrobes might be a good storage option. This wardrobe with a flowery pattern is small enough to tuck into a corner but still has a good amount of storage. It undoubtedly improves the appearance of any room. This wardrobe is a convenient alternative to match your decor if your home has a traditional look.

6. Ebansal Wooden – Space Saving Designs Wardrobe

The feature of your bedroom will be this magnificent, high-end piece, but it is rather expensive. The handmade wardrobe has a modest appearance since the wood is chosen to accentuate the rich grain. This tall, lovely piece of furniture offers your area a rustic elegance.

7. A Chic Wardrobe With Mirror

a chic wardrobe with mirror
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This mirror-enclosed closet is made to be displayed! It effortlessly fits any aesthetic style and frees up a lot of room! The combination of wallpaper and wall art creates the wardrobe stand out in color.

8. A Black Wardrobe with Half Mirrors

Mirroring the upper portion of your doors will visually open up the space and make it appear larger. You can pick from various colors for the lacquered part of your mirror-designed cabinet. Given that you are making a long-term investment, we advise choosing a color you’ll never get tired of.

9. A Sliding Door – Space Saving Designs Wardrobe

a sliding door - space saving designs wardrobe
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A clever design choice is a cabinet with a mirror on the sliding door in the middle. It serves as a vanity and a place to keep your accessories and makeup.

10. Mirrors on All Wardrobe Doors

mirror on all wardrobe doors
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This layout is perfect for small urban spaces. The mirrored surface deceives the eye into believing that the room is more significant than it is. Selecting neutral colors will also allow you to play around with colors in the space.

11. A 4-Door Sliding Grey Wardrobe

Speaking of going huge! This four-door sliding wardrobe makes the most of the available space to give the residents plenty of storage space. Additionally, no aesthetics are sacrificed in this process.

12. A Sliding Wooden Wardrobe

Our clients who choose sliding wardrobes also favor the wood grains. The wooden grains maintain the vintage appearance even though the machinery is modern. Love the designs of these wardrobes with mirrors? If so, look into Sliding Wardrobes for further ideas.


The arrangement of your small rooms can be modified with the help of space-saving wardrobes. Additionally, they have a purpose and can assist keep rooms tidy. Therefore, always make wise choices when it comes to your wardrobe designs.