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Pooja rooms hold an important place in Indian households and every home has one. Talking about the religious connects of people, a Pooja room is a place where family members find inner peace and strength. 

It is that holy corner in your house wherein you worship God and respectfully place all the idols and picture frames of deities. With passing years, the space available for homes has been going down by and by and it is not feasible to dedicate an entire room for this purpose.

Nowadays people look for concepts that eat up less space and look beautiful. So here we have come up with space saving Pooja room designs that will suit smaller homes.

1. L-Shaped Pooja Room

If you can use a corner in the house and get a Pooja room designed in an L shape, it would be the best way to get a Pooja room and use up the corner effectively. This corner Pooja room is great for very small apartments. Make sure to add wooden shelves so that you can accommodate idols and frames properly. See that the material used and the colour of the mandir compliments the colour of the wall.

2. Shelved Pooja Room

shelved pooja room
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If you have a shelf that is not in use then the best way to utilise it is to convert it into a beautiful mandir for your house. A few modifications here and there can give you a beautiful Pooja room. Alternatively, you can also get yourself a shelf from the market and set it up as a compact Pooja room. Make sure that you have enough space to set up all the idols and other Pooja room stuff. 

3. Inside The Kitchen

Sometimes it so happens that even after hours of brainstorming you don’t have any possibility to get the Pooja room designed anywhere in the house. This usually happens when the apartment is too small in area. In these circumstances, one can get the mandir designed in the kitchen. 

Since having the pooja room designed in the kitchen is not a common thing you get to see in households, you are advised to discuss the same with a Vastu specialist. Once given a green signal, you can get a beautiful structure for the Pooja room in the best-suited direction and corner of the kitchen. Alternatively, you can also opt for an open Pooja room on the wall of the kitchen. 

4. Marble Pooja Room

marble pooja room
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A Pooja room carved out of marble is readily available in the market. You get a variety of designs that have a traditional touch and add to the beauty of your house. The marble mandirs are available in varied sizes and you can go for a smaller one that would take up less space and serve the purpose. This is one of the best space saving pooja room designs you can opt for.

5. No Door Open Pooja Room

space saving pooja room designs
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When there is a wall in your house that can be used to design an open Pooja room, what more do you need? Having a no-door design, an open Pooja room is a spectacular idea and it makes use of the otherwise wasted wall in the best possible manner. You are free to customise and get the Pooja room designed as per your choice and requirement. 

This kind of design is flexible and can be lightly modified if and when you wish to. 

6. Cupboard Pooja Room

space saving pooja room designs cupboard
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When the space constraint is serious and you are also looking for ideas that match up perfectly with the existing furniture in your house using an existing cupboard is an amazing idea. It is a no-expenditure idea as little transformation can give you your very own Pooja room perfectly matching the interiors of your house.

7. Dedicated Pooja Room

dedicated pooja room
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When your living area is a bit larger compared to the other sections of your house, you can set up the Pooja room there. It is suggested that a jali cutout adjacent to the mandir would look great. This will segregate the mandir area from the rest of the living area space. For this Pooja room design, you are free to go for any design that you like. Make sure to get an attractive Pooja room design in your living area. See to it that it elevates the overall look of the space.


As per Vastu, which is the best direction for a Pooja room in the house?

The northeast wall of your house is the best area to get the mandir designed.

How to keep the Pooja room well organised?

Make sure to always keep the idols and picture frames clean. All other things required for Pooja should be stored in drawers below and only taken out during the Pooja. Do not keep the altar cluttered unnecessarily.

Can the Pooja room be made out of different materials?

Yes, you can opt for the kind of material that suits your budget and requirement well. The most common ones are wooden, marble, Korean etc.