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A staircase is more of a utility as it helps people in ascending and descend from one floor to another. It is basically a medium that connects two floors. In recent times, staircase design has caught the attention of people and interior designers have started stressing more about the design factor when it comes to staircases.

It is not just a pathway between two floors but people are actually considering staircase design as a major part of their interior design. A beautiful staircase can actually elevate the ambience of the house. We have an amazing staircase design for you to choose from. It is time to upgrade your house and add to its beauty.

1. Linear Design

Source: Curtis Adams / pexels

When your space allows you to have a straight staircase design with absolutely no bends, it is the best idea to go for. The apt staircase design for one and all, a straight staircase can have a simple design or you can also add fancy railings and boundaries to it.

2. Spiral

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

This one features a pole around which the entire staircase design is set up. The pole is the centre that has the staircase winding around itself thus making it appear like a full circle. This is a stunning design when you want a staircase in a little space. The area covered by the staircase is so small, you cannot imagine before it is actually present in your house. Also, it looks ultra stylish.

3. Winding

staircase design winding
Source: Alexander Zvir / pexels

Not as curvy as the spiral design, winding staircases are also space-saving and look beautiful. They bend slightly at angles and have triangular treads at the bends. 

4. L-Shaped

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

To add to the visual appeal or when the set-up demands so, you can go for an L-Shaped staircase design. This staircase features a 90 degrees bend and looks beautiful. This one is also an amazing option that would suit people of all age groups.

5. Ladder

Source: Life Of Pix / pexels

You must have seen people climbing towards their attic using iron ladders. This concept came into being and the ladder staircase design can be easily done for people who want a rustic and different feel in any section of their house. You can have this staircase design with wheels and can also remove the staircase when desired.

6. U-Shaped

When you have space constraints but you want a fancy-looking staircase design, this one is something you will love. Here you have 2 sets of staircases running parallel and connected by a landing at 180 degrees of tuning angle. This is the best one you can have in small houses that do not have much space for a broad staircase design.

7. Floating 

staircase design floating
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

As modern and fancy as it sounds, the floating staircase does full justice to its name. The treads in this staircase design are attached to the wall on one side and the other side is left open. You will love how magical this one looks but it is not recommended in houses with kids and old people.

8. Curved

Source: Curtis Adams / pexels

Again something similar to the spiral staircase, this one has got beautiful curves that make the staircase design gorgeous but it is not a complete circle just like a winding staircase. Also, it is usually just curved at one point and it adds grace to your hall. This staircase design is usually preferred at a location where it is visible post entry into the house because it looks appealing.

9. Bifurcated

staircase design bifurcated
Source: Pixabay / pexels

Almost giving your house a palatial feel, the bifurcated staircase design is something you must have seen in ancient tourist spots like museums and palaces. Here the lower tread looks majestic and is broad enough to give you major feels. It then bifurcates into 2 staircases climbing in opposite directions. 

Factors To Keep In Mind While Getting A Staircase Designed

Before settling for a particular staircase design, it is mandatory for you to think about the below-mentioned factors and then come to a conclusion.

The Space Available

All staircase designs cannot be opted for when the area available for the staircase is small. You have to first analyse the available space and then decide on the design.

The Users

A staircase design must be planned after thinking about the safety and convenience of your family members. If you have kids, elder people and also a handicapped member in your house, do not go for designs that are risky or have high steps or the ones that are too curvy.


A budget is something without which you cannot get anything done in your house. Staircases can be made out of different materials and it depends upon your budget as to which one you will wish to opt for.


Is it very problematic to have a staircase design in very limited space?

No, there are varied designs that can be planned smartly and you can easily have a staircase even when the space does not permit one.

Which stairs design is the best for small houses?

A spiral staircase is something you will love when you have space constraints. You can also opt for a winding design or U-shaped.

Which stairs design is apt for children as well as elder people?

A straight staircase and L-shaped are simple staircase designs and perfect for one and all.

Can a staircase design be fancy?

There was a time when the staircase was just considered a utility and not paid much heed to as far as its design was concerned. Nowadays, staircase designs are given equal importance and people get fancy ones done in their house.

It is good to have a staircase in front of the main door?

The Vastu shastra recommends not to have a staircase in front of the main door. It supposedly has a negative impact and affects the success of the family members.