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Whenever you are working on renovating the home, there are serval important factors you need to consider. The type of colour combination that you choose will assume a great deal of importance. Even when it comes to the stairways, you need to be mindful of the staircase wall colour combination you are using.

The blend of bright and subtle shades will bring forth the best of style and design. It is sure to elevate the overall décor of the place in the right manner. If you want to be sure that your walls speak of refined taste, you need to choose the right colour palette accordingly. Having too bright a colour might not look good if the rest of the theme isn’t too vibrant. At the same time, too dull a shade might take away the sheen of a good staircase design. This is the reason you need to know how to find the best design possible and the right colour combination to bring out the best of that design too.

Before venturing into the detail of the designs, we want to first give you some Vastu tips for the right colours to choose from. It is always advised to have a Vastu-compliant home so that you can seek the right blessings and have the proper energy alignment too.

Vastu Recommended Colour Charts

Here is the key detail you have to bear in mind as far as checking out the Vastu recommended colour codes are concerned.

  • Never choose too dark a colour for the staircase
  • The blue colour is usually known to have the right calming effect. Don’t go for too bright a shade of blue unless it matches the theme of your home
  • Always have the staircase in the right direction as per Vastu’s recommendation and make sure to stick to it
  • The step count on the stairs should always be an odd number. 9,11,15, and 21 are considered to be the most auspicious number of steps that you should integrate.
  • White, beige, and light grey are considered to be the most preferable choice for colours for the staircases
  • Red and black are believed to be the harbingers of negative energy and therefore one should try to steer away from it
  • Never have a stair in the middle of the house. Ideally, the staircase shouldn’t be in the line direction of the entryways.

So, make sure to keep these points in mind and you should be able to design the perfect Vastu compliant stairs that will serve your need in a befitting manner.

The Trending Staircase Wall Colour Combination

Here are some of the wall colour combinations for the stairways that you can choose. In the end, you need to weigh the theme of your home and come to the right decision.

1. Basic Wooden

basic wooden
Erik McLean / Pexels

Wood has a way of telling the warmest tales. You can choose to integrate the right wooden tones in your home and the best way to do so is to bathe the whole staircase wall colour in wood. It can be high on maintenance efforts and you will need to put in extra money too, but it is going to be worth it. However, take extra care to ensure that it is not subjected to a lot of water or moisture or else it might swell and end up looking bad.

So, you need to know where to draw the line and then use the right tone of the wood. We won’t recommend a very dark tone of wood if you are using it in a lot of places as the whole home tends to appear darker and gloomy otherwise.

2. Black And White Combination

black and white combo
montira areepongthum / Shutterstock

There are a few colour combinations that are as great and as exciting as black and white. You can choose this evergreen combination to bring out the best in your home. Either have the stairs done in black and the wall in white or vice versa. You can choose whatever you deem fit, but it is still advised to have a smaller portion done in black and the larger one in white. This is because black tends to absorb a lot of heat and therefore can make the place warm.

However, the overall combination is likely to look pretty elegant and on point.

3. The Brick Walls

brick wall
Riku Mannisto / Shutterstock

Brick walls are rustic, old, and elegant at the same time. So, whenever you are looking to get this combination, you can always settle for brick walls. The overall vibe that this style of wall emits is very pristine and earthly. If you want to have the kind of connection that roots you to the earth and would like a softer side of minimal design, you can choose this colour tone. This is more suited for outdoor stairs as it goes with the natural scene.

However, if you have brick walls in some segments of your home, you can choose to have the design inside the home as well.

4. Bright And Vibrant Pink

alexandre zveiger/ Shutterstock

Some people like to keep things bright. There is no denying the fact that bright colour tones tend to infuse happiness in a place. The colour therapy concepts also emphasize the fact that having bright tones is likely to keep people in the house cheerful and happy. It is upon you to follow this proponent and in such cases, you can choose to have dark/black stairs and team them with a very vibrant and cheerful shade like pink.

This is all about personal preferences and tastes. Some people may find it loud but if you incorporate it well with the theme of your home, you will have a winning design.

5. The Colourful Wall

colourful wall
Li Sen / Shutterstock

If you want your walls to truly make a statement and you are looking to have a beautiful display of the best colours, you can choose this eerie but catchy design. Not many people can pull off this design as it just has too many colours.

However, if you are an artist or have a home that is super quirky and fun, you can choose to integrate this design. This is most suited to people who have a very colourful personality and a colourful home. The choice is wide open for you and you need to decide what seems to be apt.

You can of course tone down the number of colours or make them appear brighter or subtle based on your taste. The idea however is to have an infusion of several colour tones and to juxtapose them to have an artist’s corner. It makes for great insta-worthy pictures as well.

6. Modern Art Staircase Wall Colour Combination

modern art colour
Dolores M Harvey / Shutterstock

If you don’t like to keep things linearly like the previous instance, you can choose to infuse colour randomly. This is often touted as modern art. Here you can easily see that there is no specific theme to the design and you can have the colour laid out haphazardly. However, the net effect turns out to be spectacular. This is what new-age modern random art is all about.

It is all about the final effect. Here mainly red and yellow and some undertones of orange are used to create a colour effect and they seem to have managed to do it well.

7. Illuminated Neon Red Staircase Wall Colour Combination

neon red illuminated
PNW Production / Pexels

For those who love to jazz up the space, you can choose to have this exciting colour code. Look at the blast of light and how the neon-type space brings out the finest hues. When you like to have such illuminated corners, you can easily opt for this style of light. There is light on the underside of the stairs and the tone of red further adds to the overall appeal of the place.

This style of staircase wall colour combination trends more in pubs and discotheques or arty corners of your home. You can have a loud and great party in such corners and the pictures are going to look very cool and classy.

8. Pastel Shade – Orange

pastel shade- orange
Ume Illustration / Shutterstock

If you want to keep it simple and minimal and not be too loud or experimental in your approach, you can choose to settle for subtle tones. There are a lot of options to choose but we feel orange is one of the best.

It is often deemed to be a safe colour and is a great way to ensure that you keep the vibes of your home happy. Orange is also a happy shade and tends to infuse positivity in your home. You should try to infuse other elements in the mix to ensure your place reeks of perfection.

9. The Pristine White

power of white
Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Last but not the least, there is nothing that beats the charm of white. When you are unable to decide on anything, you can always settle with white. It is the safest and the finest choice. You are sure to bring the best out of your staircase design and all other elements will match very well with this colour too.

So, feel free to go through these options and then choose what seems to be the smartest choice for you. We believe that it will allow you to have the best corner of your home.