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Duplex houses give you a chance to experiment with and you get to try several interior designing concepts. Staircase plays an important role in all duplex houses but it is often noticed that people tend to give other aspects of the house more weightage than staircases.

You usually do not think about designing a staircase beautifully but if done so, the charm of your house will get doubled. If you have a plain jane staircase in your house, it is time to revamp and give your house a fresh look. We have listed a few stairs design for duplex house and you are sure to love all of them.

1. Wow, It’s Winding

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Winding staircases not just look fancy but also make your interior design look more refined. The winding structure is magical to look at and with iron railings, this staircase design seems to be all the more wow!

2. Go Minimalistic

minimalist stairs design for duplex house
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

If you are a minimalist design lover, you will absolutely fall for this design. Here the railing is made out of wrought iron and is so minimalistic in design, that it deserves applause for its simplicity and beauty. 

3. Granite 

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Granite in the shade of black, brown or white is sure to look grand in any duplex house. You need to decide which colour shade would go with the interior of your house. Pick luxury granite slabs for your home and it will fetch you compliments from anybody visiting your house. 

4. Angled

Source: Alexander Zvir / pexels

For the ones who do not wish to opt for a complicated and extra zingy stairs design for duplex house, the angled staircase is an apt choice. It gives your house a cleaner and spacious look. Minimalistic lovers should opt for this one.

5. Wooden

wooden stairs design for duplex house
Source: Yaroslav Shuraev / pexels

As timeless and classic as they can get, wooden staircases have been in rage for years. It is strong, and sturdy and adds a different kind of charm to the house. You can go for the kind of wood finish that you prefer. 

6. Colour Pop

Sometimes a pop of colour added anywhere in the house looks a different kind of beautiful. When you add a bright hue to the staircase design, it will add a touch of freshness to the house and you will love the vibrancy. For added appeal, keep the adjacent wall coloured in a very light tone for that colour pop to get more eye catchy. 

7. Time To Float

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Ever seen a floating staircase? It looks as magical and fancy as it sounds. Designed to make you feel like you are actually floating, this staircase design is in trend and several people are opting for it. It adds a futuristic touch to the house.

8. Ambient Lighting

Source: David Yu / pexels

When you add ambient lighting to the staircase, the aesthetics of your house will rise higher and you will love the feel of it. It also helps you when you use the stairs at night as the visibility is better. We suggest you should opt for warm lighting for a nicer look. 

9. The Antique Charm

antique stairs design for duplex house
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

An antique charm lover will go crazy with this staircase design idea. It features a gorgeous antique railing with intricate designs like flowery patterns. This staircase design is perfect for you if you have a touch of antique in the interior design of your house. Go for it if you love the ancient rustic feel in the house. 

10. Open Stairs

A preferred design for duplexes that are small, open stairs look classy and make your area appear larger. It will make your duplex look lesser congested than the ones with other staircase designs. This design should however be given a second thought if you have kids at home.

11. Majestically Marbled

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Marble adds to the elegance and sophistication of any house and a staircase made out of white marble is something that will look royal. You can give your duplex a palatial feel by opting for this stair design. 

12. Pots And Plants

Adding greens to the house is something every individual loves. A staircase is the best place to add pots and plants. You can design your staircase in such a way that there is enough space for beautiful greens. Let the freshness make your house look better!

13. Store In Style

If you are one of those who are never satisfied with the number of storage options in your house get yourself extra storage space beneath the staircase. You can put the space to the best use and get concealed storage with the staircase design.

14. Metal String Railing

metal string
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

This one looks artistic and appealing! You can always experiment with railing designs and go for metal strings in a crisscross pattern for a lovely railing design for your house. You will love how upscaled your house will look. 

15. Go Glassy

glass railing
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

A stairs design for duplex house having a glass railing will look stylish and attractive. Make sure to opt for the best quality toughened glass and add some colours to the staircase for the perfect contrast.

16. All Glassy

If glass railings are not sufficient for you and you want an all-glass design, you can opt for the same. Get your stairs done entirely in glass and see how magical your house looks. The steps, railing and everything else are glass and it is perfect for one and all. 

We have listed the best possible stairs design for duplex house and it is time for you to decide which one would suit your house. You can mix and match different ideas and let your creativity show. 

Remember to maintain safety standards if you have kids or the elderly in your house. Give your house a beautiful makeover by redoing the staircase and adding a new charm. 


Do you get variety in the material to be used for the staircase?

Yes, there are several varieties of material that you can opt for. Wooden, marble, granite, mosaic and cement, glass being a few. 

Is it safe to get a glass staircase in your house?

Yes, you can opt for a glass staircase or even glass railing and it is safe. However, glass requires special maintenance and opt for it only if you are ready to spare time for maintaining it. 

Is an open staircase recommended for houses with children?

An open staircase looks stylish and chic but it is not recommended to be opted for if you have kids around.