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Whenever you are designing your home, one of the core aspects will be the staircase. The stairways, if present, in your home holds a lot of importance. You have to be sure that you are designing it in an apt manner. Along with the design of the stairs, you also need to pay heed to the stair railing choices as it is as much a part of the stair design as the rest of the home.

If you have a great staircase design but the railings have not been given attention to, it will make the overall design seem awkward and the stairs will fail to have the right impact. This is the reason; you need to be sure that you are choosing the best railing choices that can work for you.

Here, we are going to share the best stair railing choices you can opt for and thereby enjoy the right benefits. One of the key things you should always bear in mind when choosing a stair railing has to be the safety element. Do not choose the type of railing that will make it unsafe for your toddlers. Always weigh the safety factor first.

The Trending Stair Railing Choices

1. Fluid Staircase

Ground Picture / Shutterstock

This design doesn’t score at all as far as the safety factor is concerned. You will find that while the stairs have a wall on one side, there is absolutely no railing on the other. Some people have the kind of design where there is a gap between the steps and there may be no support on either side. It is just a floating series of steps.

While such designs are very popular in modern-age homes, they pose a very high-risk factor. If you want your home to be very stylish and you don’t have toddlers or elderlies at your home, you can choose to opt for this design and style but, weigh your options carefully.

2. Glass Railing

glass railing
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If you are looking for sophisticated designs that are super chic and elegant and will make your room appear a whole lot perfect, this design seems to be a great option. The presence of a glass railing makes the space appear larger than it is. You need to take the right precautionary measures here too and always choose a strong glass material that is not prone to breaking easily.

You will find different types of glasses and this is why it is always advised to choose strong glasses so that they can lend the right support rather than becoming another fragile item in your décor.

3. The Hues Of Gold

hue of gold
Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

You can choose to incorporate the right hues of gold in the railing. It is an excellent way of being sure that your home has that ornate and royal vibe. You can regulate the amount of gold you want to have in the railing. The combination of black and gold is always going to work and this is a perfect railing choice you can keep an eye on.

Look at the fine detailing in this design. The solid golden balls are the type of additional element that works wonders in jazzing and elevating the overall look by several notches.

4. Interspersed Rods Design

rods design
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This is a complex and illusionary type of stair railing design. You can find meshes and rods placed at symmetrical and geometrical angles. They tend to give a complex and sophisticated look. This design is very safe and is great for modern homes. It is also suited to those who are looking to be a little experimental in their design approach.

The black colour adds to the royal touch; however, you can choose to have another colour too based on the theme of your home. If safety is of paramount importance and you have toddlers or older people at home, this might be a safe and stylish choice to opt for.

5. The Intricate Spiral Stair Railing Choices

intricate spiral
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The spiral stairs are mighty popular and you can find them in a lot of homes. Some people do feel anxious when climbing such stairs as the round movement can make them a little nauseous especially when the step count is more and the inclination is high. In such cases, the presence of stair railings is an absolute must.

This is a great choice for stair railing as the long iron rods ensure the best of safety. To jazz up the overall appeal and to make things a whole lot more stylish, you will find the intricate design in between.

As you can see, the intricate carvings are pretty detailed and the curves make it a point to bring the finest effect out of it.

6. The Long Bar Stair Railing Choices

long bar railing
Alfin Auzikri / Pexels

When you want to have an elegant design and you are in no mood to try new things, you can simply settle for long bars. The presence of long bars is a great way to add the right touch of sophistication and complete the look of the stairs as well. The thickness of the rods should be kept optimal as thinner bars might not be that sturdy.

Always make sure to use the best materials so that you don’t need to change the stairs railing choices at all. These are usually permanent fixtures and don’t require alteration mostly. Also, keep in mind the staircase Vastu for best results.

7. The Mesh Rails

mesh rail
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Once again, this isn’t a great design as far as the safety factor is concerned. While there are a lot of rods laid at different angles, one can find that there are still a lot of gaps in between. This gap makes it unsafe for kids as they may wobble in between these areas. However, you need to be sure that you are paying heed to the overall styling.

There is no denying the fact that of all the stairs railing choices, this has a unique style element and it looks very pretty. You can also check out the best duplex stairs design choices. for more inspiration

8. Solid Wall

solid wall
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This is one of the safest designs but the least preferred. It makes your home appear smaller and also blocks the view from the stairs. The walls are present on either side of the stores so you can see anything, but it is extremely safe and won’t lead to any unwanted falls. The white design makes the whole structure lighter.

So, these are the different stairs railing choices you can check out. We are sure that it will allow you to come to the right decision and thereby improve the style factor of your home.