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Staircases in homes carry much utility as without them you cannot connect two levels in a house. Having a staircase without a railing can be a risky affair. Some designs come without a railing but one should first weigh the risk quotient and then take a decision. 

Railings add a nice look to staircase designs and having them also makes the staircase safer to use. There are a plethora of stairs railing designs and you have to choose the perfect one that will ultimately revamp the look of your staircase. Take a look:

1. Go Colourful

colourful railings
Source: Mike B / pexels

Adding the perfect pop of colour to your house is an amazing idea to break the monotone or the overall dullness. Opt for a colourful railing and make your staircase sing the happy song. It looks great, adds a smile to the faces climbing up and down the staircase and also changes the overall ambience of your home.

2. Wooden

wooden railing
Source: Digital Buggu / pexels

An all-wood staircase design can never go wrong and you will love it anytime. When you don’t want to spend hours brainstorming and thinking about different railing concepts, a wooden one is the best to opt for. Make sure you wither go for oak or teakwood ones. They will give your railing a nice look which is timeless and classic.

3. White

Anything white in the house always looks dreamy and beautiful. If you wish to add a wow quotient to your staircase, a white railing would be the best one to go for. Your house will have a charming vibe and you will love how appealing your staircase will look. It also keeps the overall ambience light and dreamy.

4. Minimalist Appeal

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

While on the one side people love going extravagant with staircase and railing designs some people prefer keeping it low-key and minimal. When you wish to opt for a clean sophisticated look, metal railings would look perfect and do justice. You should give your staircase a hardwood finish and with it, a simple metal railing would look nice.

5. Intricate

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

An iron railing with an intricate design is an artwork in itself and the kind of elegance it brings into your house is praiseworthy. This railing design also looks royal and sophisticated. The detailing looks good and the overall staircase design gets upscaled.

6. Stainless Steel

stainless steel
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Railings carved out of stainless steel are a common idea but nowadays you get a plethora of designs to choose from. You can use wood, glass, and any other material that goes well with stainless steel and give your railing a nicer look. Stainless steel railings are easy to maintain and also very strong.

7. Glass Wood Blend

wood glass belnd
Source: Alena Darmel / pexels

A combination that always looks good, glass and wood never go wrong when paired with each other. Be it door, wardrobes or even staircase railing designs, a combination of the two will always create magic. It is a commonly used railing idea and looks good all the time. You can opt for oak wood for a sophisticated feel.

8. Spiral

A spiral railing looks charismatic and adds a beautiful charm to the staircase design. Most commonly used when there is space constraint, a spiral design can also be opted for by choice. For the railing material, one can go for wood or metal whatever suits your interiors best. 

9. All Glass

An all-glass railing will surely highlight the beauty of your staircase as the see-through glass will make the stairs more visible. It looks classy and cleaner than other railing ideas.

10. Metal 

Metal railings can be incorporated in numerous different ways but if you want to have a strikingly different sort of railing design, go for vertical metal streaks. This geometric style railing design will look trendy and you will love the feet to will add to the staircase design.

11. Ornate 

Source: Erik Schereder / pexels

Contrary to a clean minimalist railing design, ornate designs will add the required extravagant factor you need to pump up the ambience of your house. For this railing design, you can go for modern ones or even some victorian style royal-looking railings that are sure to make your guests go gaga over your staircase. 

12. Rope

With a unique railing design, using rope is a great idea when you want to give your house a different kind of vibe. Somewhat inspired by a beach house look, a rope railing cannot be opted for by one and all. You have to carefully study and analyse the other elements in your house before going for this concept.

13. Wrought Iron

wrought iron
Source: Charlotte May / pexels

For an old rustic charm, opt for stairs railing designs carved out of wrought iron. You can either keep the railing design simple or go for an intricate one but do not play around much when it comes to wrought iron. The material in itself is dramatic enough to add charisma to the railing design.

14. Lustrous Gold

Give your staircase railing a lustre golden touch and your house will look the kind of royal that is sure to fetch you compliments from guests. You can keep the balusters golden or add a hint of gold to the railings. 

15. No Railing

Although we are here to list the best stairs railing designs, however sometimes floating staircases with no railings also do justice to your space. It looks chic and ultra-modern and also upscales the personality of the staircase when the design demands so. A no railing concept is however risky when you have kids, handicapped people or the elderly at home. 

Somehow ignored by most people, staircase railings play a very important role in shaping the overall look of your staircase and they must be given due importance. Opting for the right material and the apt design is something you should pay heed to. There are endless options and combinations one can opt for and choosing the best one is your responsibility.

Having stairs railing designs that best suit the staircase treads should be your motto.