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Stone cladding is one of the most beautiful and trending forms of wall decor. A lot of people these days are choosing to opt for stone cladding as it emits the right royal vibe. This style of decor has been in vogue since Roman Empire. It is believed that the stone cladding technique as a means of decor originated back in the Roman Empire.

With time, several changes have come up and the technique of stone cladding has become easier than before. This ensured that the decor method became largely affordable at the same time. So, let us familiarize you with some details about this whole process.

What Is A Stone Cladding?

Back in the times, people used heavy-weight stones for stone cladding. However, this led to a lot of load-bearing troubles. This is when people decided to come up with a new approach. They used some of the most beautiful stones and used to cut them into thin layers. These were then pasted on the top layer of the wall. They made use of a strong adhesive while doing so. The process came to be known as a stone veneer or even stone cladding. Heavy machinery had to be employed to cut down the thickness of the stone to as less as three centimetres.

Types Of Stone Cladding

There are different types of stone cladding that are present and let us see some of them.

stone cladding
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Natural stone cladding

When the best natural stones are used for the sake of making stone cladding, it is called natural stone cladding. In this form of cladding, the natural stones are cut into smaller ones and the thickness and weight is kept consistent throughout. The most commonly used stones in this form of cladding are Sandstone, granite, and slate.

Simulated stone wall cladding

Some people who don’t want to opt for natural stones, choose simulated stones. These stones emit the same look as that natural stones. The colouring process needs to be used for the sake of creating the right cladding effect. As these stones are not as heavy as real stones, it is comparatively easier to use these stones. They are also much more affordable at the same time.

Why should you use exterior stone cladding?

A lot of people wonder what is the need to stick to the use of exterior stone cladding or why it is so popular these days. The answer is primarily the outward appearance. Once you choose to have stone cladding, you will not need to paint your home time and again and it also helps in ensuring better temperature regulation in your home.

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When you choose to have the external layer as stone cladding, it will help in acting as a great shield for your home. It will therefore protect your home from fire, pollutants, moisture, noise, pests and more.

Best Stone Cladding Ideas For Your Home

Here are some of the inspiring ideas for stone cladding designs for homes.

1. The exterior stone cladding ideas

If you are very particular about the external appearance of your home, you can choose to have stone cladding done on the outside. You will find a lot of designs but no matter what you choose, the bottom line remains the fact that it elevates the overall appeal of your home by several notches. You can choose to highlight a certain part or even cover the whole wall.

2. The boundary wall

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If you have a boundary wall, you can also choose to have stone cladding done on that especially. It helps in having an additional layer of protection and also improves the aesthetic value significantly at the same time. You can choose different styles when working on the boundary wall. Compound walls are very common too. It is also economical to get the cladding done in a limited space or else your expenses may very quickly multiply manifold.

3. The bedroom design

Not everyone chooses to have stone cladding done in their bedroom and sometimes it may look a little extra, but it does have its charm. There is no denying the fact that the right stone cladding has the power to breathe new life into the room. You can choose the wall behind the bed or even a part of your master bedroom. The finesse and style it will evoke are going to be unmatched.

4. The Kitchen Corner

Some people choose to have their kitchen space bathed in stone cladding design. The walls beyond the cooking counter or even the ones near the dining are a good choice. We will always recommend you choose stone cladding to highlight the decor as it surely is a powerful eye-catchy element. So, it is upon you to choose the right style and work on it in a befitting way.

5. The tiles style

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Such is the wave of change and the modern style that has come up, that you will also find some of the most realistic stone cladding tiles. These floor and wall tiles have been mainly designed to ensure that the place reeks of elegance. You will end up choosing tiles that are so much easier to maintain, but they will look like stone cladding. This is the idea a lot of people have been using for the sake of projecting the perfect impression.

6. The stairways

The stairways are another great part of your home that you can choose to decorate. You can choose to have a whole stone wall here as it will reflect the right style and will lift the decor element of your home. It is a great way to inspire the right elegant styles that will help you exude royal charm.

7. Stone walls

stone walls
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You can also choose to integrate stone walls in different parts of your home. There is no denying the fact that stone walls have a unique charm and an aura of their own.  It emits a rich vibe and helps people truly believe in the beauty of their home. You must make sure to check out the details of the materials used and then work on them accordingly.

It will help you create the perfect impression that will work wonders on your guests as well. So, you can explore these stone cladding designs and then pick what seems to be the best possible choice for you.


Are stone-cladding ideas trending at the moment?

Yes, stone cladding is trending a lot as far as interior design is concerned. A lot of people are choosing to opt for this style and design. It has a unique appeal

How do you fit stone cladding?

The finest quality adhesive is usually used for the sake of pasting the cladding to the wall or you may find a cavity between the exterior wall and the cladding place and the right ventilation system is used for fitting it.

What is the charge of stone cladding?

The charge varies considerably as it depends on the quality of material used, the amount of area to be covered, and a lot of other related aspects. You need to gauge everything well to decide accordingly.