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The entertainment and financial capital of India; Mumbai is home to some of the tallest buildings. If you would like to know the details of the tallest buildings in Mumbai and know some of their specifics, we are going to present you with the details.

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1. The World One

This is a much-hyped building that is located in Lower Parel. The elevation of this building stands at 280.2 metres. Initially, when the design was conceived, the height was expected to be around 442 metres. However, the Airport Authority of India didn’t give the approval and then it was restricted to 280.2 metres.

Lodha Group is the architect for this project and it has 78 floors.

2. The World View

Yet another building by the Lodha Group, this one is the second tallest building in India. The net height for this one is 277.6 metred and it comes with 73 floors.

This building is located in one of the poshest areas of Mumbai which is the Upper Worli. it enjoys some of the most unparallel views of the Worli sea link.

3. The Park

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This building comprises 5 towers and like the top 2 tallest buildings in Mumbai, this one too is made by the Lodha Group. The height for this one is 268 metres and each of the towers comes with 78 floors. The presence of this tower is massive and even from distance, one can find this sprawling magnificence. It is located in the Worli area.

4. The Nathani Heights

This project was helmed by Nathani Groups as they are the key architect behind this construction. This building is located in the Dalal Estate and is present in Central Mumbai. It has a net height of 262 metres and it comes with 73 floors. The building has a resounding presence in the Dalal Estate and has managed to make its mark in the world of real estate.

5. Imperial 1 and 2

This project is heled by SD Corporation. The famous Hafeez Contractor was the architect for this project and it is owned by Shapoorji Pallonji Group. It was constructed back in 2010 and has a net height of 254 metres. This building is located in Tardeo and is known to be one of the best-designed buildings. There are 60 floors.

6. Ahuja Towers

ahuja tower
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Just as the name suggests, this building has been made by the Ahuja Group and is one of the tallest buildings in Mumbai. The elevation of this building is 249 metres and there are 54 floors. It is located in the Prabhadevi area and it is a very influential real estate project that managed to hog a lot of limelight.

7. One Avighna Park

avighna park
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This is a twin residential project which was designed by the Avighna Group. The building is 247 metres tall and has 61 floors in it. It is located in the posh Lower Parel area and the apartments are pretty costly. Those who want to elevate their lifestyle and live a luxurious life can choose to buy an apartment here.

8. The Crescent Bay Tower

When we are talking of the tallest buildings in Mumbai, the Crescent Bay Tower surely deserves a mention. This project was handled jointly by L&T Realty and Omkar Group. This complex has a net height of 239 metres and it comprises 6 residential buildings.

So, there are several apartments in this tower and plenty of affluent families choose to call it home. Each apartment gives you an unparalleled view of the Arabian Sea and even the skyline of Mumbai. You will find a lot of amenities here. This project is located in Parel and there are 63 floors in each of the towers.

9. Lodha Bellissimo

This building is famous as the Lodha Group roped in the renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa for this one. This building is a mix of modern and classic traditional styles. It is located in the Mahalaxmi area and is 222 metres tall. There are as many as 53 floors that are present and it surely evokes the right class and elegance.

Apart from this, there are four big buildings that are still under construction but once the construction is completed, they too will become a part of the prestigious list of the tallest buildings in Mumbai.

10. The Palais Royale

This upcoming building is located in Worli. As per rumours, this building is going to be as tall as 320 metres. So, when it will be constructed completely, it is going to be the tallest building in Mumbai. The building was auctioned and then it was sold for Rs. 705 crores.

This is spread over seven acres and thereby covers a massive area. It is estimated that there will be 88 floors and it is going to cover 162 units. Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Ltd is the architect behind this building.

11. The Lokhandwala Minerva

This building is estimated to be 296.2 metres tall. This will become the second-highest building in Mumbai. It will have two towers and each of them is going to have 90 floors. The architect behind this building is Hafeez Contractor and it is located in the Mahalakshmi area. Construction work is ongoing and in full swing in this area.

12. Omkar 1973

Another great skyscraper in the Worli area, this one has 2 towers. Both towers will have 73 floors each. The net height of this tower is going to be 267 metres and it is being made by the Omkar Group (as the name suggests). This is another prestigious project that is currently underway and it is likely to become a huge set-up shortly.

13. The Three Sixty West Towers

This project was started back in 2011 and this tower is expected to have a net height of 228 metres it will have two towers that will be connected at the ground level using a platform.

There are going to be 85 floors in each of the towers. The hospitality partner for this project is the Ritz Carlton and their hotel will be present in Tower A. the main architect group behind this is Oberoi Realty.


Where is the tallest building in India located?

The tallest building in India is located in Mumbai. World One and World View happen to be the tallest buildings, both of which are present in Mumbai. You can also check out the tallest towers of the world.

Which Indian city has the highest number of skyscrapers?

Three is no doubt that it is Mumbai where the maximum number of skyscrapers are present. The city already has more than 1500 skyscrapers and a new one is being built every day it seems. A lot of new projects are still ongoing and this city is growing at a rapid pace.