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Giving interior designing touch to the home is the dream of many when building or renovating the house. You might think of many things regarding interior design, including the house’s wall paint. In this post, you will see the suggestions about the 15 texture designs of the wall. These are not only for home; they can be applicable for your working place, office, any property, or wherever you want to keep them.

Texture designs for the walls are trending and becoming popular in the modern world. These 15 texture designs of the wall will help you to select shades and the type of texture/Surface you want for your house/or any place of yours. The texture designs of the fence don’t need to be smooth and delicate textured; some suggestions belong to the rough texture, which is another to keep in flavor. Let us explore the texture designs of the wall below:

15 fantastic Texture Ideas for the walls

1. Green Grunge Texture

Green Grunge Texture
Source: jessicahyde / Shutterstock

The top on the list is the Green grunge texture of the wall. This looks so bright and beautiful color shade. It gives a calm and relaxed essence to the area in which it is applied. Getting in touch with green is suitable for the impression in any way, and an apparent appearance of the texture is reserved.

The grunge or scratchy effect can be of any color, but it seems to be of cream color on the wall. In addition, it looks vibrant in the workplace and keeps motivating the people around.

2. Wooden Texture Pattern 

Wooden Texture Pattern
Source: Ton Photographer 4289 / Shuttertstock

The following texture is the Wooden texture Pattern for the walls. It is the one in the list that has a fine and smooth texture/Surface. The elegant nature of the wooden texture looks outstanding and is best to get the impression in the workplace and business stores. 

The wooden texture also feels a royal essence to the place. The unusual rectangle pattern makes the texture more cool and soothing for the eyes. Also, the color shade is extraordinarily delicate and pacifying. If you are a dark color lover, select that shade by your choice and mood. 

3. Old Concrete Wall Texture Designs

Old Concrete Wall Texture
Source: Guenter Albers / Shutterstock

The soft cream color is soothing to the eyes and looks fantastic on the place. The soft and light seem to be very impressive in any place. It does not have a bright shade or extraordinary dark shade; if it contains so, the elegant, soothing effect will get rid off from it. 

Also, it does not need any high maintenance and care regarding its shade! You must try out this piece of work in your area. 

4. Rustic Woodgrain texture

Rustic Woodgrain texture
Source: primopiano / Shutterstock

This texture is similar to the Wooden Texture pattern of wood features, but their shades, appearance, and vibes are different. The shade of Rustic Woodgrain texture is like a light oak of damaged rock, having the modern and suspicious look the same. 

The not-so-bright and faded varnish shade look amazing by choice. It is done on the wall with acrylic paint or oil paint that is comprised of a secured layer to avoid dust stickiness on it.

5. Marble Textured Wall

Marble Textured Wall
Source: Sonia King / Shutterstock

The following texture in the list is the Marble Textured Wall. It has a great-looking feature and generates vibrant vibes around the people. The fantastic characteristic is the mixture of Black and Golden on the wall. Black and Golden, both supreme colors, will offer a stunning glance at the place. 

It will look best at any place in the house and offers a top appearance. The impressive part is the glitter and shining effect of the wall that can amaze anyone. 

6. Fine Texture with Bright effect

Fine Texture with Bright effect
Source: Viktoria Lytvyn / Shutterstock

The fine texture wall has a bright color that looks classy and amazing. The decent bright color shade assumes the purple dye looks unique and stunning. This color shade is never off trend. The impressive vibes, beautiful accent, and fine texture are the perfect combination to keep this texture on the wall. 

You never know how attractive this texture design will look in your working place! It is affordable to put and needs low maintenance.

7. Green patchy Texture Designs

Green patchy Texture
Source: Wth / Shutterstock

Now the following suggestion is the patchy green texture for the wall design. This texture is simple, easy to keep, relaxing, and soothing to the eyes. The green color vibes feel the direct contact between nature and You. You can try it out to get these balanced vibes that will spread throughout the home or place. 

The patches of white color also have different shades. The experts also advise keeping this shade due to its maintenance and affordability. 

8. Red and Distinctive Yellow Texture.

The red and distinctive yellow texture looks incredible and modern. It can be too bold and bright for the eyes. The impressive mixture and the impertinent nature offer an excellent glance at the house. The stylish and classy combination will give the house a perfect look and vibe. 

It looks like a smooshing effect of the two colors. The shade of this texture gives classic, affordable, calm, and bright essence to the area. It is a must-try shade if you love to keep yourself modern.             

9. Red-Brick Walls Textured

Red-Brick Walls Textured
Source: Nebojsa Markovic / Shutterstock

The following is the Red brick wall textured wall that looks traditional and follows a modern look. This look suits the working area like offices or business stores because of their impressive feature. 

This texture follows a trendy look that has cool vibes. According to the looks, it can be rough sometimes but looks neutral and bright by look. It can be added to the living room, offering fantastic and unique nature. 

10. Abstract Oil Paint Texture Designs

Abstract Oil Paint Texture
Source: Alim Yakubov / Shutterstock

Next on the list is the Abstract Oil Paint Texture for the wall. It is comprised of a mixture of blue, lavender, and sky blue colors. Also, It gives a fresh and relaxed vibe when they all get mixed up. It provides a modern and stunning touch to the interiors of your place. It will look good in both your home and business place and gives uniqueness due to the combination of the colors. 

The texture gives a thick layer to the wall with numerous color combinations and perfect interior design touch. Abstract Oil paint texture is affordable for any budget and offers an excellent definition to the walls. 

11. Hand-painted Texture

Hand-painted Texture
Source: Baloncici / Shutterstock

Next, we have Hand Painted Texture with a yellow shade with some unusual patches of the same color. It is considered a decorative wall and gives a bright color shade with cool vibes. The elegance of Yellow color is different from everything; hence you must try this color shade that shows uniqueness in its features. The hand-painted texture is affordable and looks very decorative and creative. 

12. Circle designed 3d Texture. 

3d texture or effect at any place will look more excellent and enjoyable. The fun in this texture is that it looks fantastic and is super easy to preserve. The colors in the circles are gorgeous and more influential than anything around it. This texture lights up the area where it is kept.

The combination of shiny and bright colors offers an impressive look to the area and can be affordable; hence you must try out this texture at your place.

13. Glitter Blue and Golden Texture 

Glitter Blue and Golden Texture
Source: Olga.And.Design / Shutterstock

Next, we have Glitter Blue and Golden textures with impressive leaves on the wall. This combination looks extraordinarily beautiful. It is an HD cozy and unique shade that has golden glittered borders. The design has a glamorous golden on its borders that gives soothing and relaxed vibes. It would be best if you tried this golden alluring Skyblue shade at your place. 

14. Acrylic Paint Texture Designs

Acrylic Paint Texture
Source: Lanako Portfolio / Shutterstock

The acrylic paint texture has a dark peach shade with rough patches. This will look very impressive and relaxed. Beautifully designed with peach shade. And peach color is never off trend. 

15. Abstract Golden Marble Texture

The last texture which is not least in the list of thoughts about texture. The abstract golden marble patchy texture contains the golden patches on its surface, which has a thick and bright shade. The elegance of the golden color will look good when it maintains in shades of grey or white. 


In this piece of work, you will get to learn about the textures of the walls. By applying textures to the wall, you can decorate the walls of your place. The 15 Textures Designs of the walls will give you sufficient knowledge. You have the textures that can brighten up your space with luminous shades and glamorous glances to the texture.