Golden Display | Black Texture | Midnight Blue | Textured Green | Aqua

Homes are all about creating the right everlasting impression. If you too would like to have the best and the most inspiring designs for your living room, you can choose textured paint designs.

Textured paint designs are a great way of adding the right vibrancy to your room. Textured paints are a lot more popular as compared to regular paints. When you are looking to revamp your living room, one of the smart things to do is choose the right textured paint designs for your halls. It is sure to help you elevate the design of your room in the right manner.

The Designs

Here we are going to talk about some of the best designs that you can have in your living room. Of course, the final choice should depend on the overall theme of your home and the colour tone that you are going to prefer. So, check out the different options and choose what you deem fit for your place.

1. The Golden Display

If you want to have a little blingy touch to your living room, you can choose to have a little golden textured paint on your walls. The slight touch of gold is sure to bring the right vibe to your place and also enhance the royal look and feel of the room. Make sure to have some other items that emit the same golden hue. This will unify the theme.

2. The Textured Paint Black

textured paint black
Source: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

A lighter tone of black bordering on grey is one of the trending choices at the moment. The best thing about this design is that most of the décor elements will blend well with this colour. You can choose décor elements of various shades as the greyish-black tone is a neutral colour.

3. Midnight Blue Shade

You can also choose to have a midnight blue shade as this tends to make the living room look a whole lot magical. You will find blue coloured textured paint. Make sure to choose the best elements to incorporate with this colour. You can either have an overlapping tone or you can choose to have something in sharp contrast.

4. Textured Paint Design Green

textured paint green
Source: terng99 / Shutterstock

Green is the trending colour option at the moment. Green denotes earthly tones and when you choose to have this shade, it will allow you to connect to the roots. Make it a point to keep the room simple and minimal in this tone. You can also add planters and have a coffee table set up in the living room too.

5. The Aqua Shade

You can also have the right aqua shade of blue. This is a great option for your living room. You can have the sofa and chair done in the same shade. This will help you blend well with the theme. If you have an aquarium in your living room, this colour tone is going to suit very well with the rest of the theme.

So, feel free to check out the different options and then choose whatever deems to be apt for your style. This will help you pick the right palette. Always make sure to choose the best quality of paint. Textured paints are a great and bright option. You will be amazed at the endless options you’re going to find.

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