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Check out these nine tile design ideas for your little bathroom.

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your small bathroom, check out these nine bathroom tiles design ideas! Each tile option can help your bathroom look more updated and modern, from trendy patterns to simple stripes.

layouts for little lavatories
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Layout Ideas For Small Bathroom Tiles.

In small bathroom tiles design, one of the most important things to consider is how to maximize floor space. One way to do this is by using small bathroom tiles.

Small bathroom tiles can be used in several ways to create a unique look in your bathroom. For example, you can use them as flooring in a shower or tub area. You can also use them as the walls and flooring in a small space toilet room.

If you have a small bathroom, it’s essential to use small bathroom tiles that fit your bathroom style. There are many different types of small bathroom tiles available, so you can find something that looks great in your bathroom. Let’s check out some –


You don’t have to give up your small bathroom to enjoy the benefits of ceramic tiles. You can still use them in a small bathroom without compromising style or function.

Ceramic tiles are an excellent option for a small space bathroom because they are durable and attractive. They also come in various colours and styles to find the perfect tile for your bathroom.

If you are looking for small bathroom tiles design ideas, consider using ceramic floor tiles for your flooring. They are not only beautiful, but they also provide durability and traction. You can also use them as countertops or backsplashes.

Ultimately, there is no wrong way to decorate a small bathroom with ceramic tiles. Just choose the right tile for your needs and budget, and you can create a beautiful space perfect for your needs and personality.


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A modest bathroom may get a big boost in character from mosaic tiles. They may also be a stylish addition to your lavatory.

You can pick the ideal tile for your bathroom from the wide variety of mosaic tile designs and colors available. Floral motifs, abstract patterns, and geometric shapes are just some of the most common types of mosaic tiles.

Mosaic tiles are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a creative method to spruce up a compact lavatory. Also, you won’t have to break the bank to get them because of how cheap they are.

Bathrooms of any size may benefit from the usage of mosaic tiles. They’re a fun and practical way to customize your bathroom.


Penny tiles are an easy way to upgrade the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank. As a bonus, they won’t break the budget to install in your lavatory.

Penny tiles allow you to create a wide variety of patterns. Mandalas, florals, and geometrics are just a few examples of well-liked designs.

You may find many of them online if you want ideas for creating your bathroom using penny tiles. Explore several blogs and Pinterest boards for inspiration, or try out various layouts until you discover one that works for you.

Using penny tiles is a simple method to upgrade the look of your bathroom. As a bonus, they won’t break the budget to install in your lavatory.


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Ceramic tiles with a distinctive basket-weave pattern are popular for compact washrooms. Baskets of tiles are woven together to form this specific pattern.

The sophisticated look of basket-weave tiles makes them a popular option for even the smallest of bathrooms. They may also be ideal for country-style bathrooms due to their rustic appearance.

Tiles with a basketweave pattern are simple to set up and are suitable for both new and renovated washrooms. As a result, they may be employed in regions with a high risk of water damage.

Basket-weave tiles are an excellent choice if you want to add a touch of class and refinement to your little bathroom while maintaining its practicality.

Textured ones

Textured tiles are a terrific choice if you have a tiny bathroom and want to give it some character.

Textured tiles’ visual depth and character make them ideal for usage in compact areas. They also provide more modern air to your lavatory.

In today’s market, you can get a wide variety of textured tiles in both price and style. You have your pick of tiled patterns, wood grain, and geometric shapes.

Textured tiles may be put by a do-it-yourself homeowner or a tile contractor. Using textured tiles is an excellent idea to make a tiny bathroom seem more inviting.


For stylish and practical bathroom tiles for your small space, marble is a great option.

Marble is a popular tile option because it looks beautiful and durable. It can be used in both traditional and modern bathroom designs.

Some of the benefits of using marble tiles in your bathroom include:

-Marble is a natural material, so it is environmentally friendly.

-Marble has a beautiful sheen so that it will add glamour to your bathroom.

-Marble is resistant to stains and water damage so that it will last longer than other types of tiles.

-Marble is easy to clean, so you will not have to spend hours cleaning your bathroom tiles.


Small herringbone tiles are a standard option because they provide visual interest to an otherwise boring bathroom. Also, if the rest of the walls in the bathroom are painted the same colour, they may make the space appear larger and more put together.

Tiles laid in a herringbone pattern are a timeless addition to any bathroom’s decor, whether contemporary or classic. Furthermore, you can use them as a floor covering or a border for your bathroom’s shower or tub. The area you want to be covered by the tiles in a herringbone pattern must be divided into equal squares before installation.

Create a grid on paper or a computer screen using the tile dimensions. To avoid overlapping tiles while cutting, leave enough space around each one.

Following the installation of your grid, you may begin slicing the tiles. A sharp knife is needed to separate each tile from the drywall or brick backing. Be careful not to use too much pressure while cutting the tiles. Otherwise, they can separate from the backing.


Flower tiles are a great option if you have a tiny bathroom and want to give it some character. Tiles with flowers are a terrific option for sprucing up a dull-looking bathroom.

A wide variety of flowers are available, and you may find them in a rainbow of hues. Floral-themed tiles come in various sizes and shapes, giving you even more design freedom.

Floral tiles are an easy and inexpensive way to give your bathroom a unique look. Floral tiles are a terrific way to modernize a modest bathroom without breaking the bank.


You may ask what tiles you can use in a tiny bathroom. Small bathrooms may benefit greatly from terrazzo tiles’ unique character and appearance.

Many materials, such as porcelain, stone, and terra cotta, go into making terrazzo tiles. Tiles are available in various styles and sizes, allowing you to pick the right one for your lavatory.

Moroccan tiles are among the most sought-after Terrazzo options for compact washrooms. This ceramic flooring has a pattern of green, brown, and white colours. You can’t go wrong with them for a classic appearance in the lavatory.

Similarly, mosaic tile is an excellent choice for bathrooms of any size. You may customize the aesthetic of your bathroom with these tiles, which come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

Make sure the tile you choose complements the rest of the bathroom’s design. Using too many different colours or patterns makes your bathroom seem disorganized.

In summation, have fun with the tiles!

Small bathroom tiles
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Small bathroom tiles are a great way to improve the look and practicality of a cramped space. The bathroom is a great place to experiment with the tile design and colour.

Mosaic tiles, subway tiles, and geometric patterns are all great options for a tiny bathroom. Marble and granite are only two examples of textured materials you may use.

You, the homeowner, must select which of many possible bathroom layouts is most practical for your limited space. Check out a few different tile patterns to discover which one works best in your lavatory.