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Vaastu for mirrors is a significant factor when determining one’s health and financial situation. In addition, it impacts the expansion and development of the members of the family’s chosen careers. Even though it is a relatively unassuming piece of furniture, a mirror can draw favorable energy from any direction. It cleanses the home and the place of business of any negative energy. Check out these tips for placing mirrors.

As per the Vastu for mirrors, mirrors have the potential to cause energy to become stale and deteriorate. It is necessary to position the mirrors, so they face in the appropriate directions to lead a peaceful life. You may find that your home undergoes transformation and is infused with more positive energy after implementing proper Vastu guidelines. You should consider Vastu’s tips for pacing mirrors at home and office for desired growth and prosperity in life. 

vastu tips for placing mirrors
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Are you thinking about where your mirror needs to go according to the Vastu guidelines? Is it possible to position a mirror facing the entrance to the main room? Is there any way a mirror could be hung on the wall facing south? In which direction should I position my dressing table? According to the principles of Vastu, where exactly must a mirror be hung in a bedroom? You can place a mirror following the principles of Vastu if you follow these guidelines.

Benefits of Using a Mirror

Mirrors have the potential to both attract positive energy and deflect negative energy away from the space where they are placed. It’s possible that the shape of the mirror, whether it’s concave or convex, and the location in which it’s set, will affect the results. Knowing about all the possible Vastu tips for pacing mirrors at home and office is necessary. 

Proper mirror placement helps.

  • Enhance your financial standing while simultaneously enhancing your physical well-being. If something is reflected, you have the potential to get twice as much of it, whether it be money, food, or a stunning view.
  • Create a favorable first impression of the people you interact with.
  • Take on the negative energy that surrounds you and make it your own.

According to Vastu Shastra, the significance of mirrors can not be overstated. As a result of the value mirrors carry to a home in terms of absorbing and reflecting the positive vibes present there, the practice of Vastu for mirrors has been receiving more and more attention in recent years.

According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, mirrors can be employed to expand a space or direct light in a house in such a way that it would not otherwise be possible. Because mirrors can reflect whatever is visible in front of them, when they’re positioned appropriately, they create the illusion that the area being cut is twice as large as it is.

Therefore, if you place mirrors in your home following the principles of Vastu, they can symbolically multiply your wealth and good health and wealth. This makes Vastu’s tips for pacing mirrors at home and office important for all to consider. 

The placement of a mirror in your home following the principles of Vastu can undoubtedly encourage an increase in the flow and circulation of positive energies while discouraging the presence of negative energies.

Vastu Tips For Placing Mirrors at Home and Office

It is essential, following Vaastu, to place the mirror in the appropriate location because it has the potential to significantly impact the energy that is present within the home. A significant amount of damage can be caused by an incorrect placement.

  • It is typically advised to refrain from putting mirrors in the bedroom for one’s physical and mental well-being and to maintain peace. However, one must keep a few things in mind to successfully carry out their plan.
  • In addition, you need to ensure that the mirror is hung at a height of approximately 1.5 to 2 meters (4.75 to 0.6 feet) above the ground.
  • It is considered fortunate to keep a dressing table or mirror small table next to one’s bed. However, one must ensure that the dressing table does not face either the north or the east. And the mirror somehow doesn’t reflect whatever portion of the body when a person is sleeping. It is recommended that you cover the mirror in your bedroom while you sleep at times as well.

Tips for Placing Mirrors in Bedroom Vastu

As per the principles of Vastu that govern the positioning of mirrors, the bedroom in your home should be situated in either the south or the southwest zone, as the earth element predominates in those areas. Because the placement of a mirror will interfere only with earth elements and cause chaos in your life, the bedroom or main bedroom should be the only room in the house where there are some tips for placing mirrors.

It is customary for the master bedroom to contain a dressing mirror, and nearly all homes adhere to this practice. The mirror is typically hung on a single wall, or it might be kept on a cabinet or dressing table. It is helpful when you are getting ready for work or grooming yourself, so you can use it for either of those.

It is in everyone’s best interest to steer clear of beds that have mirrors on the headrests because they have the potential to make the people sleeping in them restless. A mirror mounted on the false ceiling will reflect not only the absolute ceiling but also the bed and the floor underneath it. By avoiding this placement, you can keep the tension from building up. 

Mirrors in the broken or rusted bedroom draw in negative energy and make the space feel tender. If the dressing area is connected to the bedroom, you’ll want to hang the mirror on a wall facing either the north or east of the room. The placement of a dressing table, as well as a large mirror next to your bed, is considered to be very beneficial, according to Vastu.

Tip for Placing Mirrors in the Bathroom

placing mirrors in the bathroom
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Following the principles of the Vastu system of placement, a mirror should be hung in a part of the bathroom that receives an adequate amount of natural light. If you stand the mirror so that it is facing the morning, the reflection will become obscured, and you won’t be able to see anything in it. 

Your home’s bathroom should have its mirror hung on the east or northern wall, according to Vastu guidelines. It is in your best interest to clean the mirror positioned above the washbasin daily so it can effectively reflect any negative energy. However, it is imperative that nothing, including bindis, stickers, or anything else, be affixed to the mirror.

It is recommended that the mirror be hung on the wall that faces either the north or the east of the bathroom. Nevertheless, hanging a full-length mirror on the door is feasible, but doing so requires extreme caution because of the mirror’s weight. Please check out tips for placing mirrors every time.

It is not recommended to position the mirror so that it is directly in front of the toilet, and this may make the atmosphere even more uncomfortable. It is essential to keep the mirror located above the sink clean to prevent water stains from appearing on the mirror. The presence of dirt and grime in mirrors attracts negativity. On mirrors, bindis and stickers shouldn’t be placed at any time.

Tips for Placing Mirrors in the Living room

It is best to refrain from installing a mirror in front of the entryway of your residence or the entry door if it leads directly into the living room of your house. This is because the mirror will reflect the energy entering the property. Nevertheless, suppose you want your home to have a warmer and more inviting ambiance.

In that case, you can make the foyer more inviting by positioning a mirror above a console table at the entrance. Additionally, if you want to take full advantage of the sunlight that comes into your living room in the afternoon, hang a wall-mounted mirror that faces either the north or the east.

You must position the mirror as it looks out the window through which you have a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. This will ensure that the scenery is reflected accurately in the mirror. You can ensure that your home is filled with positive energy as well as joy by bringing the beauty & uplifting energy of nature into your personal space.

The food served at a dinner table can be increased by putting a mirror in the center of the table and bringing in extra cash. When everyone in the family is eating together, they can all be seen in the mirror together. According to the principles of Vastu, this will usher in a period of prosperity and contentment for the household.

Position of the Mirror in the Shop 

It will help to bring in wealth, and prosperity will increase by a factor of two as a result. One more addition that can be made to the interior of the locker is a mirror that will reflect the cash that is stored inside the safe. You must clean and wash the mirror regularly to prevent stains or dust from accumulating.

According to the principles of Vastu that govern the placement of mirrors, the mirror in your workplace or store must never reflect a damaged image of such a cash locker. Doing so can have negative repercussions and be a bad omen for your company’s growth and prosperity.

position of mirror in the shop
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According to the Vastu shastra, mirrors are essential to a successful retail space design. Large mirrors must be affixed to the walls on either side of the primary entrances to stores selling jewelry, watches, and clothing. When designing the shop or adding mirrors, you need to ensure that they are positioned correctly according to the principles of Vastu. 

In addition, if your retail space has any corners that aren’t equal, you shouldn’t try to place mirrors there. This will cause an imbalance in the flow of energy throughout the space, which will, in turn, bring about adverse effects. 

Placing a mirror in the Dining Room

If positioning a mirror in the space adjacent to your dining area or room is something that interests you, by all means, go ahead and give it some consideration. Because according to the principles of Vastu, doing so is viewed as having positive connotations. Under the principles of Vastu Shastra, you are required to install a mirror next to the dining area to reflect the dining chairs’ arrangement. This contributes to an increase in one’s wealth, as well as one’s health and fortune.

Significant Impact of Placing Mirrors 

You have to ensure that the mirror is placed, so the view is reflected in the mirror, most likely just on a wall opposite the window. If you have an incredible idea beyond your house through the window, you must ensure that the view is reflected in the mirror. It should be placed in a manner that reflects the light and positive energy generated by the breathtaking scenery, ensuring that it energizes the areas close to it.

As per the Vastu, the placement of a mirror is highly significant; as a result, you shouldn’t ever position a mirror directly in front of your bed, as doing so is likely to result in a substantial increase in the frequency and intensity of your nightmares.

According to the principles of mirror Vastu, if a particular item in the home emits negative energy, positioning a mirror in front of it would cause the object to absorb the negative energy emitted by the mirror. Additionally, the mirror must be positioned to face the outside to eliminate the negative energy.

This allows the negative energy to be reflected away from the location and into the outside world. In addition, it is strongly recommended that a mirror, a glass object, or any other reflective object should not be placed in front of the primary entrance.

Position of the Mirror Above the Wash Basin

Position of the Mirror Above the Wash Basin
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This is the room in every house that contains the mirror that is most frequently found. Even if you don’t have room for the same thing in the rest of your home, you need to have one on top of the sink where you do your hand washing. You only need to check that it is positioned in the proper direction to accomplish this.

However, you should make it a habit to clean this mirror regularly because it tends to get dirty from water splashes, which happen frequently. In terms of the Vastu of the home, having dirty mirrors could bring several adverse effects. Do check out tips for placing mirrors at different places.

Placement of Mirrors on Walls

According to the Mirror Vastu Shastra, each mirror Vastu direction is associated with a particular set of effects and some mirror Vastu tips. The following information is based on the directions and pertains to the Vastu tips for placing mirrors.

Southeast and Southernmost

A preponderance of the fire element characterizes this region. Since water and fire are diametrically opposed to one another, this is not the correct path for placid mirrors. The location of mirrors can result in accidents, money problems, conflict, and accumulative debts.

If there is no other choice, using a rectangular mirror housed in a brown frame may help mitigate the negative impact. If this is not an option for you, you always have the choice to put a cover over the mirror even before it is not used.

West zone

It is believed that putting mirrors in the west sector of your home is lucky because this sector is associated with the element space. Be certain to install mirrors with a circular or square shape & steer clear of mirrors with a triangular, rectangular, or wave shape.


Additionally, the water element predominates in the North-Eastern part of the compass. As a result, mirrors are a convenient option for decorating the walls in the north and east areas of the room. Mirrors are widely utilized in Vastu’s practice to repair breaks or flaws in the northeastern part of the home. Mirrors should have a round or rectangular shape if they are to be hung in the North East.


The placement of mirrors facing this direction leads to discord and conflict among the family members. Therefore, according to the tip for placing mirrors by Mirror Vastu, this is not the best direction to face.

West Wall

According to Vastu, mirrors can be hung on the west walls even when there is a cut in that part of the house. This is among the house’s four cardinal directions. Because of this, the cumulative zonal power of the West walls or direction would be increased. Round mirrors or even square in shape would look great on walls that face west.

Additional tips regarding mirrors based on the principles of Vastu include the following: the ideal mirror shapes are square and rectangular. As a result, we ought to steer clear of mirrors with an oval shape and any other irregularly shaped ones. The crooked shapes will invariably bring about unfavorable outcomes.

People who have trouble sleeping, headaches, or heart problems may achieve a positive outcome by following the recommendations provided by Vastu for the placement of a mirror by positioning it between the mattress and the base of the bed with the reflective surface facing upward. The mirror should be three inches in diameter.

Never cover or obscure the reflections in the mirrors found within the restroom with anything. Use a small bulb or a fluorescent tube to provide lighting in the bathroom. In addition, the walls to the north and east are the ones that work best for hanging mirrors. Remember that mirrors shouldn’t be placed directly in front of the primary entrance of the building.

They tend to reflect the positive vibes and release them through the primary entrance. Ultimately, it makes the individuals’ professional and personal lives more difficult. Your happiness could benefit from something as simple as a behavior adjustment on your part. Therefore, ensure that the mirrors are positioned to reflect the correct direction of your residence.

Vastu Tips for Placing Mirrors – Dos and Donts

Check out these important tips for placing mirrors –

  • Always hang mirrors at least four or five feet above the ground.
  • Always ensure that mirrors and other surfaces in the home that reflect light are spotless.
  • It is important to ensure that the mirrors are hung to flush against the wall. According to Mirror Vastu Shastra, they shouldn’t have any forward lean to them at all.
  • Never position the mirror where it can be seen from the staircase.
  • Inside the home, you should never install doors or windows made of clear glass.
  • In the construction of the house, translucent doorways and windows should be used.
  • Students may find it difficult to focus if there are mirrors in the room they use for studying; avoid placing them there at all costs.
  • Since the television has a reflective surface, you must always cover it when it is not used.
  • Try to avoid positioning any two mirrors so that they are facing each other directly.
  • In general, mirrors with an oval or round shape should be avoided, following the principles of Mirror Vastu.
  • Put a mirror facing that way if your home has a cut in the corner where the wall meets the corner of the room.
  • Concave mirrors are generally preferred for use in the home because they absorb any negative energy that is present rather than reflecting it in an undesirable direction.
  • Before hanging a mirror anywhere in the house, you should always seek the advice of a Vastu expert.

FAQs on Tips for Placing Mirrors

1. When it comes to mirrors, what is the ideal size?

Whenever it comes to mirrors, the ancient practice of Vastu places no limitations or restrictions on their use. You are not restricted in terms of either the size or the design of the window, which will assist you in enhancing the overall aesthetic of the home. You shouldn’t purchase any mirrors that aren’t either rectangular or square, regardless of how large they are.

2. Is it possible for us to use the mirror to reflect any negative energy?

According to Vastu, the Mirror Direction is extremely important in warding off any negative energy that might be present. Place the mirror to reflect the energy outside the house if you feel negative energy is flowing through your home.

3. Which side of the mirror should it be positioned on?

Whenever a mirror is placed in the north, as recommended by Vastu Shastra, it will reflect the positive energy present there. Since the north is considered the direction of Lord Kuber, the lord of wealth, this is an important consideration. In addition, the ancient Indian practice of Vastu recommends positioning a mirror in front of the locket.

4. Which mirror shape is most appropriate for a home setting?

Mirrors that are rectangular or square are regarded favorably by the Vastu Shastra architectural design system. As a result, rather than purchasing a mirror that is oval or circular, you should consider purchasing a mirror that is either rectangular or square.

5. Should a mirror be hung, so the doorway faces the mirror?

Because, in their view, the reflection of a mirror sends energy in the opposite direction, classical schools generally advise against placing a mirror with its reflective surface facing the entrance to a building. Therefore, a mirror that reflects the front door drives away energy rather than inviting qi into the home because it reflects the door itself.

As can be seen, the Vastu tips for pacing mirrors at home and office are subject to several strict guidelines, which can be found in the Vastu books. It will bring positivity and good fortune if it is positioned correctly per Vastu’s rules. In addition to this, failing to do so can result in a lot of additional complications.