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When it comes to your bedroom, you must choose the best two-colour combination scheme. Having the right colour coding is the perfect way to make sure that your rooms emit the perfect vibe. This will allow you to truly jazz up your place.

The colour combination you choose has a lot of importance. This is because even with the best décor if the colour is not right, the room won’t look perfect. It is the right set of colours that brightens the whole room and helps it look perfect.

The Interior Decoration Ideas

When you want your home to look perfect and you are mindful of every corner, the decoration tips come in handy. Everything from the furniture to the curtains, upholstery, and more; require the perfect style and design.

But this being said, when you are done with all these aspects, never neglect the colour combination. If your whole room is done in shades of coral and you paint the room in hues of blue, the combination will look awry.

This is going to be a major setback and will throw off the overall look and feel of your room significantly. So, you need to have the right idea and design regarding the top colour combination options that you should pick.

Here, we will talk about the best two-colour combination designs. Most of these colours are chosen to complement very well in pairs. Some of these colours are of a similar blend and style while others can be of very sharp contrast.

Gone are the days when rooms were done in monochromatic shades. These days, it is most likely that rooms are done in two-tone colours because it helps in improving the overall aura and scheme. Having two-tone colours helps to showcase the right personality and your mood as well.

Someone who is very chirpy and cheerful should opt for dual shades of yellow and beige or even coral and white. This balance of subtle and bright tone lends the right charm and aids in projecting the perfect impression. At the same time, someone who is an introvert should go for tones like beige and brown. So, based on your mood and tone, you can choose the type of two-colour combination which is likely to work its magic.

Let us now give you some of the examples that will allow you to understand the best combination to make your home WOW!

The Colour Categories

Essentially, the colour tones can be categorized into two broad sectors.

The Bold Hues

Earlier, most people didn’t like to opt for bold colours. These colours don’t offer an antique look and sometimes they can be too hard on the eyes.

Some people want their home to look cosy and subtle and, in such cases, the bold hues can often be a delimiter in achieving the target. This is the reason; it was preferred a little less.

However, the trends have changed drastically these days. A lot of people prefer bold hues, especially when using two-colour combination schemes. Having one bold and one subtle palette colour is a great way to make sure that the room has a balanced and even-out theme.

The important thing to keep in mind when choosing such a theme of colour is that the rest of the décor and the overall theme of your home should be well integrated into the equation too. When you do so, the overall home décor is going to look beautiful and on fleek.

The Subtle Hues

If you just don’t seem to be a fan of bold colours, you can opt for subtle shades as well. They are an evergreen choice and are always likely to be in vogue.

The good thing about the subtle shade of colours is that they lend a calmness of mind and make the whole atmosphere refresh and cool as well. Apart from this, choosing subtle shades makes your room appear bigger and it is lighter on the eyes and the mind as well.

So, if these seem to be your core concern and focus, you can surely try and opt for subtle shades. Once again when you are dealing with two colour combination choices, for the best effect and results, it is best advised to opt for a combination of bright and subtle colours. This is important because it tends to balance out the colours and give you the most amazing results.

Remember, colours aren’t all. It remains one of the important and core things you need to bear in mind, but in the end, there are a lot of other aspects that have to be taken care of.

Once you are settled with the two-colour combination choices you want to implement, the next step you need to opt for is to decide the décor elements and the styling things you can choose. Every single detail is bound to add to the character of the room.

The Two Colour Combination Schemes To Choose

Now, let us give you some ideas regarding the best two-colour combination.

1. Beige And Black

beige and black
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexel

This combination is best for those who want both subtle and bold colours in their room. The blend of light beige and dark black works like magic and it makes your room very elegant and appealing. When you are choosing these shades, you have the liberty of incorporating several different elements in your room as most other colours will go well with this theme.

So, if you are not too experimental in your approach and you want to go for a safer choice of colours, this seems to be one of the smart choices.

Both beige and black are neutral shades and therefore preferred by those who don’t want to fuss too much or fiddle with several new-age choices.

2. Blue And Brown

blue and brown
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexel

The family of blue has several sub-shades and therefore the combination of blue and brown will give plenty of room to innovate and explore.

Ideally, blue and brown will complement each other well and thereby jazz up the whole look and feel of your room.

If you are someone who likes to be experimental, you can choose shades of blue like sea blue, aqua blue, azure blue, and more. However, if you like to keep things simple and tried and tested, you can choose simpler shades of blue. Sky blue also works like magic with brown as the light and dark contrast truly rejuvenates the whole space.

The turquoise tone of blue will give a very modernistic touch and look to your home and will allow you to redefine the place the way you want.

3. Brown And Grey

brown and grey
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexel

This is a unique two-colour combination and something that everyone doesn’t choose. However, if you know how to implement it right, you might be able to create true colour heaven in your home.

Both the colours aren’t too bold and so when you choose this colour combination, you will find that the overall tone of the room is going to be subtle. If you like to mix and match things a little, you can choose to integrate different colourful décor elements.

Owing to the neutral tones of the colour, the individual elements can be of varied shades. Feel free to experiment or choose the services of an interior designer to get the right results that you want to see.

4. Green And Ebony

green and ebony
Source: Skylar Kang / Pexel

If you want a lighter tone of the room that has a little night mode to it, you can choose this shade. It is a great combination of colour choices and something that will truly make your room stand out.

The best thing about this combination of colours is that it is currently trending. The shade of olive green is likely to be the best choice as it truly jazzes up the place. Don’t expect too much vibrancy in the room with this colour choice. It will, however, reek of elegance and finesse.

This is why those who want their room to look classy rather than flashy, can opt for this colour combination.

5. White And Beige

white and beige
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexel

If you have a fancy for the colour white, opt for this combination of colour tones.

The combination of white and beige is pretty overlapping. It ensures that you will be able to maintain a somewhat similar tone in the room. Our piece of advice would be not to incorporate too flashy design elements. This will defeat the purpose of having an overall white look to the interiors of your home.

Remember that you will need to care a lot as the maintenance can be pretty hefty for this colour. This being said, one cannot dispute the fact that white makes everything look like a fairyland.

The overall whitish tone will get you tons of compliments as the room will look pretty magical otherwise. Make sure to keep the overall décor to the minimal side. This will allow you to retain the charm of the colour scheme.

6. Mauve And Grey

mauve and grey
Source: Eduardo Silva / Pixabay

Yet another combination of two subtle shades, this one too spells the right magic. Mauve is a very dreamy colour and when you choose to integrate it into your room, you will find the mirage sort of effect in other elements.

Grey is the colour that truly best complements mauve as it balances the tone and sets it right. So, if you have your heart set on mauve and you want to pick the right colour combination with it, grey is the safest choice to opt for.

We feel that with this colour, you will be able to reflect the overall mood and style in the right manner. This colour is best for introverts and even those who like to enjoy the calm and serenity that the place evokes.

Some people think that mauve can be a little girly however this connotation is not always true. So, it is upon you to understand and assess which colour is your preferred choice and then you can have the room painted accordingly.

One important point to keep in mind is that you should never choose a very bright shade with mauve as it is only going to defeat the purpose of picking mauve. Mauve also works great as a standalone colour and therefore the complementary colour should be sort of a silent one.

7. Royal Blue And White

royal blue and white
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexel

The dual-tone of blue and white is the classic example of what works best for a room. When you integrate blue and white colour, you will find the overall effect to be pretty magical of sorts.

The best shade of blue that tends to go well with white has to be royal blue. The royal blue is one of the prettiest colours on a room wall. The good thing about this colour tone is that it gives you plenty of room to engage in the finest décor ideas. The type of shades that will go with this colour combination is endless. You can choose to have a colour pop of orange and even red in your room and it is sure to look good.

So, make sure to rope in an interior designer if you want the finest inputs on how to do the room in a befitting way. We believe that the best designs will breathe incredible beauty into the room. 

8. Beige And Cream

beige and cream
Source: AddiGibson / Pixabay

This is again a striking combination of two overlapping and subtle shades. It gives a feeling of calmness and a relaxed atmosphere.

Both these tones are pretty subtle and it will help you get a whitish touch. Beige and cream are both far relatives of white. If you will like to have a colour pop in your room, you can integrate different colours. Owing to the similar overlapping shades, most of the bright colour elements are likely to look good in your room.

However, an important point that we need to add here is that don’t integrate too many colourful decor elements. This will beat the whole purpose of choosing dual subtle shades. The key reason why people opt for such tones is they want their room to have a light undertone. They are not looking for something loud or flashy. So, the presence of too many colourful elements will defeat this purpose.

Also, such rooms should be designed to be more on the minimal side. Then the purpose will be duly served in a befitting manner.

Mostly, this choice of colour is not suited for kids’ rooms. They should be a whole lot more vivacious.      

9. Brick Brown And Off White

brick brown and off white
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexel

A lot of Indian homes tend to sport the brick brown colour. This textured colour adds to the stunning beauty of the place and makes it all the more appealing and worthwhile.

The colour looks like bricks have been placed. It lends a rustic and earthly feeling to the room. The best colour to go with the brick red choice has to be off-white as this tone seems to balance each other in the best possible way.

You should go for this colour when you have more of an artistic taste. There are a lot of different ways by which you can choose this style and you can also mould it as per the overall theme of your room. The underlying idea is to make sure that your room can truly spell your personality. 

10. Turquoise And White

turquoise and white
Source : Max Vakhtbovych / Pexel

Turquoise is the trending colour at the moment and if you are looking to have your room done in modern-day shades, there is nothing better than this combination. A lot of people believe that the dual combination of turquoise and white lends the beach vibes as it is the sky and water theme.

So, if you choose this colour theme for your room, you should try to incorporate different aqua elements in your home. This theme is also great for water babies and the ones who seem to have a true calling at the beach.

Rest assured that the blending of these two colours is going to be spot on. It will allow you to truly get the perfect sea vibes.

There are a lot of different items that you can choose to integrate into your room. It will resonate with the aqua theme of colour. If you like to keep the aquarium in your room, this is the best colour combination for it.

11. Yellow And Brown

yellow and brown
Source: nuno lopes/ Pixabay

If you love colour tones that are bright and peppy, go for the sunflower combination theme.

We believe that this combination truly spells magic and it is sure to allow you to enjoy the freshness it will evoke. Every time you see yellow and brown in conjugation, it is sure to remind you of sunflower and therefore will help you feel the freshness of flowers.

The overall theme will be very sunny and bright and so if you want to add more elements to the room, try to keep the tones warm and subtle. Don’t take too flashy things or the room will get too bright.

This colour combination also works for the kids’ room as it helps in keeping the atmosphere energetic, bubbly, and happy. These aspects are all an absolute must in the kids’ room and will thereby allow you to have a good time.

If you want a tried and tested bright mode colour combination, nothing is better than yellow and brown. It is going to jazz up the space as nothing else can.

12. White And Ivory

white and ivory
 Source: Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexel

If you are looking for a classy colour combination that will work its magic, choose white and ivory. The dual tones aren’t complementing but they go well with each there. These are mostly alternate shades that tend to balance each other out.

So, if you want to have contrasting shades that balance each other well to make your room completely well set, this is the tone you need to opt for. Don’t have too many bold elements in your room because the theme needs to be subtle and classy.

This colour often calls for a stripped-out colour version. It is, therefore, a great choice for people who like to keep it calm and slow.

So, there are the best two colour combination options that you should choose for your room. We believe that with these options, you should be able to paint your room in the desired manner.

Always choose the type of colour that helps in bringing out the personality of your room in the right way. Colours do a lot more than simply being put on the walls. They reflect who a person is and what his/her choices are.


Are bold colours in for the bedrooms?

Yes, there was a time when people were sceptical of bold colours, but it is not so anymore. A lot of people choose to opt for bold colours now. They are a great trending option, and more so for kid’s rooms.

Are monochromatic shades not trending?

You can choose to have your room done in monochromatic shades. The trend though is to opt for dual-tone as the blending brings out the magic in the room. Of course, this doesn’t infer that you can’t colour your room in a monochromatic shade. A lot depends on the overall theme of your home.

Which bedroom colour will help in better sleep?

As per colour therapy, painting the walls of the room blue is likely to help you sleep well. It is believed that when our eyes perceive the blue colour of the walls in the room, they send a message to the brain that the overall environment is calm and safe. Then the body starts to kick the sleep mode. This can also aid in lowering the blood pressure and heart rate as well.

What colours are usually not preferred for a bedroom wall?

While the choice usually depends on a person, red, purple, and orange are usually not preferred a great deal. However, when used in a certain combination, they are likely to work and may give you a great effect. Always consult your interior designer for the best tips in this regard.

So, let us know which colour seems to be the right choice for your bedroom walls. The two-colour combination options we have listed are some of the finest tried and tested choices. They can help infuse the real beauty in your home.

If you have recently renovated your home or had it painted, please let us know which option you chose and how it looked.