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How to Choose the 9 Best Vaastu-Approved Colors for the Exterior Walls of Your Home. Let’s have an excellent time reading!

The amount of positive that may be attracted to a location can be amplified even more by basing the architectural design of a structure on the tenets of the Vaastu Shastra. Similarly, having Vaastu for Home exterior work done on the exterior walls of a home may have a significant influence on the lives of the people who live in that house and can help those people bring about the change they want to see in their lives.

This article looks at the nine distinct colours that may be used for the external walls of a house, as well as the particular significance that each hue has, according to Vaastu.

9 Wall Colors Recommended by Vaastu

Wall Colors Recommended by Vaastu
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You should pick the right wall colour for your house as per the list below-

Blue colour – Boosts heavenly energy

Blue colour
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The colour blue is soothing to the eye and has long been linked with elegance and sophistication. Decide to paint your house a soft, light blue colour. It is generally agreed that This hue looks best when used outside, even though it cannot be used indoors. This shade has the power to draw in cosmic energy and ensure that your companions are always at your side.

Green – Assist you in making progress and moving forward

Green is associated with tranquillity, the natural world, and progression. It is a hue that has the potential to deepen the love that exists between a man and his wife. (Vaastu-Approved Colors for Walls) Following the principles of Vaastu, the colour green is said to bring about a sense of prosperity inside a home and to be more noticeable than any other hue you may choose.

Yellow – Offers you the utmost happiness

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After all, who doesn’t want to be around positive people? Those who dwell in a space dominated by this hue may experience an increase in their levels of optimism and contentment. Yellow is the hue associated with authority; thus, those who want to advance in their careers should paint their homes yellow.

White – Represents peace

If you want to steer clear of contentious issues at your house or place of business, choosing white as the colour for the outside walls of your property is the best course of action. By doing so, not only will impure energy be removed from your home, but it will also give the impression that the home is more significant. Aside from this, the elegance of the colour white has remained fashionable over the years.

Orange – Represents hospitality to those who are visiting

Orange is a hue that will not disappoint you if you are searching for one of the most beneficial Vaastu colours to use on the external walls of your home. This cheerful hue will not only make your house more appealing to the eye, but it will also make you feel more at ease and content there.

Peach – Foster closer relationships between families

Peach is a good option to go with if you are having trouble deciding what hue would look best on the external walls of your home when it comes to Vaastu. This hue will bring joy into your house and deepen the affection that already exists amongst your family members. Doing so may lessen the likelihood of disagreements and foster more peace among the household members who share living quarters.

Violet – Makes your house affluent

According to the principles of Vastu architecture, the colour purple is associated with wealth and a sense of dignity. Additionally, this hue has been used to convey ideas related to authority, opulence, and grandeur. Painting your house purple might help you stand out from the crowd and show your visitors the respect they deserve when they visit your home.

Grey – Best outdoor hue

If you want to spend a lot of time at home and want it to seem like a sanctuary, decorating with shades of brown and beige is your best bet. It is a dark hue, and in interpersonal interactions, darkness conveys solidity and perseverance. Because of its one-of-a-kind qualities, it is often selected to serve as the dominant paint colour for the external walls of houses and libraries.

Pink – Enhances the beauty

Source: Willian Justen de Vasconcellos /unsplash

In a world where hatred may be found everywhere, you can have a house that shines the light of love on everyone and everything. Your life will be filled with more romance and happiness thanks to the external walls that are pink in hue. Not only will they appear nice, but they will also bring you more of it. When painting the walls on the outside of your home pink, be sure to select a pink with a milder undertone.

Neutral shades – Help bring forth a positive attitude

Some of the most popular and successful architectural paint colours for external walls are off-white, beige, and cream. Because there is such a wide selection of neutral tones now available, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect one for you! These hues exude a comforting warmth and provide a pleasant energy vibe in the space.

Wrap up!

Since you are now aware of the many outside wall colours that are considered to agree with the Vastu principles of the home, you are free to choose the one that is most suitable for you. 

Finding the proper shade may help you open yourself up to the beneficial energies that will improve your life. 

Another piece of sound advice is to remember that the colour of the walls inside and outside of your house has to be complementary to one another.